Bynum: I’m going to play until I can’t

His determination is amazing. Kobe’s magic has rubbed off onto him.

ESPN: “I’ve played well on the knee for a while and the pain level is the same, it hasn’t increased,” said Bynum, who has averaged 7.0 points and 6.5 rebounds in the eight games since suffering a slight tear of the meniscus of his right knee in Game 6 of the first round against Oklahoma City.

“It’s just a matter of going out there and playing,” Bynum said. “I’m just going to play until I can’t.”

  • dawg

    more like “I’m going to play even though I can’t” lol

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    yea til we get bosh

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      keep playing Bynum- keep fighting and do what you can to help the team.. when you get a better matcup (if we win and play Boston) then guy like this will have to shut up. And i believe we will win the finals as well.

      All you guys that are hating on Bynum are pathetic. You were the same people who were saying:

      If he was healthy in 08 we won.
      and all that BS.

      The man had two FREAK ACCIDENTS and you want to throw him under the bus- (some loyal fans you are). Bynum we still believe you can get the job done man. KEEP FIGHTING

      • MSI2010

        I agree with JFK… he’s not actually hurting the team… so what if we had an off game, cause that’s all it was. Ain’t no way the Suns can handle what we can give.

        We just need to come out there today and prove to all the critics that game 3 truly was just a lucky game for the Suns. Shut down Horse Face Amare.

      • LakersFirst

        Its funny because people think Chris Bosh is the answer., but he’s not. He’s another power forward that has good offensive ability, but his defense is horrendous. Bosh alone is NOT the answer

  • Marwan Marzina

    Wow you people are so negative.
    Who ever said he doesn’t have heart for the game… well, this proved it didn’t it?
    I admire his determination to play even though he’s hurt. He is a warrior and you guys have to like that from him. Not everyone can do what he’s doing, not even Bosh!
    Bynum has so much potential and if we trade him and then it just kicks in, the Lakers would have made one stupid trade. Bynum is a true center, hard to find that these days with centers playing outside the 3 point line like Channing Frye and Spencer Hawes.
    Appreciate what Bynum gives us!

    • Gino

      i agree marwan. people are so damn spoiled sometimes. the guy is trying his best to help the team, it’s almost like people are just ready to throw the guy under the bus b/c of his bad luck. if anyone actually knows a little of sports science, bigger bodies have to exert more work than the little guys. bigger guys go through much more wear and tear, takes a bit longer to heal b/c there’s more tissues and stuff to heal. people shouldn’t really be surprised that big guys tend to get injured more often that smaller guys. it’s just some players are just able to put off that injury bug till later in their careers (a la garnett).
      i have a really big gut feeling that if this guy gets traded, he’ll be pretty damn good on another team. i’m having flashbacks to jermaine o’neal when he was traded from portland to indiana. who knows what can happen. just appreciate, don’t hate.

      • lakerman1

        Heres the deal these same people will complain even if we were to get Bosh which i think is really a bad mistake. The Lakers do not need another player who may start complaing about his touches and completely disrupt the chemistry of the team. I do not recall Bosh being responsible for bringing home the Gold. I believe that honor goes to Kobe Bean Bryant. Keep Bynum forget Bosh. Get rid of some of the other dead weight on the team. And stat comparisons don’t mean a thing its how it works out in reality that counts.

  • Robert

    I predict that we will see Bynum’s potential in the Finals. He will have to ‘beat down’ the Celtic’s center (Perkins? who?). Actually, he will have to throw down Rondo – keep him from making layups. He will have to swat them like flies. That’s what a good center does.
    I noticed the Celtics are playing very physical. Bynum will have to get very physical, and so will Ron-Ron. It’s going to be a blood bath. (and, watch for Fish to step it up too – there’s gonna be some fightin’ happening here). Kobe will NOT let the Celtics win this year. (I might even dare to say that the loss to the Suns will help them get even more serious about the Finals – just like it did with OKC helping them overcome the Jazz).

  • Varick Hudson

    I agree with all of the positive comments that have been made here regarding Big Drew. I believe and I hope and pray that his injury isn’t so bad that he wont be able to continue in these play offs. And if that be the case he will come through with such flying colors that all of you with the negative comments about him, will be extolling all the virtues of the Laker’s front office and the genius of Coach Jackson for continuing to allow him to play in these 2010 finals.

  • lakerfan106

    I agree with you to a certain extent, but the problem I have with the big man, is his maturity. Granted he is going out there playing but, he still has the mentality that he needs to score to contribute to the team, and if he doesn’t score than he won’t commit to rebounding and blocking shots. You can defintley read it from his body language. Basketball isn’t just about scoring, you can also do other things to win games

  • lakers are the bomb

    I think Phil has seen enough of this guy. 2 POINTS 2 BOARDS you can get that from AMMO.
    Kobe is just being diplomatic and dosent want to destroy this dude. If they do need to play him. Kobe dosent want this guy here. Its Pau and Kobe .Phil won to many championships with out a big center.
    And you can see what Boston is doing to D howard right now. And D howard destroys Bynum. So whats the point to keep him wait to see if he developes.
    Expermint is over even Kareem gave up on this guy.
    This guy will be like Benoit,Elden , D.C Coleman and losers that were big guys with no heart with a big mouth.
    Every sport writer in LA is saying trade him he s a Pussy and dosent bring it. We have plenty of them Mr kardshian ,Luke, Ammo,Sasha, all losers

  • rondo

    You guys who want Andrew Bynum traded for Chris Bosh. Remember something, be careful what you wish for. The grass always seems greener on the other side. A word of wisdom.

  • gus26

    i trade bynum for marc gasol and oj mayo… gasol is a true tough center, and oj mayo is the perfect combo gaurd to run our point for the rest of his career…

  • rondo

    Grow up kid stop dreaming. You guys are a bunch of bandwagon fans. You need to start wishing the Lakers and their player well. You guys act like we are out of the playoffs. Stop being so negative.

    • gus26

      this coming from a celtic fan… hey in 2007 were you one of the people at the garden chanting MVP for kobe??… idiot… on a laker site where laker fans discuss posibilities… where would the fun be if we all sat with out thumbs up our a$ses and just agreed with everything the front office did or didn’t do… part of the reason for sites like this is for us to express our frustrations when we are frustrated… i been a laker fan since before i was born… bandwagon??… no if i didn’t care… and only showed up win they win then you could call me a bandwagon… YOU are the bandwagon… “rondo”… please.. i doubt you were a celtic fan becuase biyches like you never said anything when you’re team was a lottery team… get out of here… you’re less than a bandwagon fan… you are a “player” bandwagon fan… you don’t have the balls to pick one team and stick with them so you pick every all star and when one of their teams does good thats you’re new favorite team… you KID are the loser… you grow a pair pick a team and stick with them for the next 25 yrs… just cuz i want bynum gone today doesn’t mean i won’t want him here tomorrow… i want whats best for MY team… and every fan on here is all they want… we all are laker fans who discuss real posibilities for OUR team… what the hell are you doing here??… grow up… get a life and go to another site cuz this is where true laker fans unite and talk, we might disagree from time to time but all of us want only one thing… WIN THAT TITLE!!!

      bandwagon… psssshhhh get the F uck outta here “kid”…

      • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

        his name might be “rondo” but he has a very good point.

        some of the Laker fans need to grow up and stop hating on Bynum. We are in a good position and he is trying to help the team. All this trade talk not what we need right now.

        Lets hope Bynum can come through for us when we make the finals. We need everyone playing well.

  • harmony_smurf

    You Bynum Lovers, were probably saying the same thing about Kwame and Smoosh when they were playing, you need to face the facts that this is a business of winning, and because of Bynum’s huge contract and his shaky legs (which he had problems with in high-school also), is a huge liability that hasn’t showed up in 3 consecutive play-offs! It is our job (fans) to hold the organization and players accountable for their play! After all, this web site was created for getting a better player for our team ( For those of you who say Bosh is not a good fit, doesn’t know anything about basketball! On the Olympic team Bosh played solid defense and was the leading rebounder while only playing 17 minutes! He does not want to be the man, but play with the man. Phil loves him also! He is just as good as Pau (if not better), having more players with high basketball IQ’s on the court is only a plus! Also Bosh is proven and not injury prone and is in his prime to help Kobe win at least 3 more chips!

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      On the Olympic team- what a joke- we were playing against countries that had NO RIGHT being on the same court as our team. The only other team in the Olympics were the Spaniards.

      Just the fact that you think Bosh might be BETTER than PAU shows your lack knowledge about basketball. Bosh’s post game is as good as mine, he is a jump shooter. Comparing Pau to Bosh is very offensive man. You need to understand the skills that Gasol have and realize that you make NO SENSE comparing the two.

      We don’t need Bosh.

      • harmony_smurf

        Also, by your own acknowledgment, you say that Bosh is jump shooter, well then, he fits allot better than two back to the basket guys that seemed to be a problem in the regular season for the lakers which is why Bynum was being shopped in the first place. With Pau’s inside game and Bosh’s outside game, they really spread the floor well, which is why the lakers are finishing games(when it counts) with Lamar and Pau.

        • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

          Pau is a solid mid-range shooter. At this point our biggest advantage has been our height. Bynum might not get 2-3 blocks per game, BUT he CHANGES SO MANY shots. We need a POWER player on our team. Bynum is that guy for us-not bosh.

      • harmony_smurf

        here are there stats when they both are the focal points of their team:
        If you know how to read stats, you will see that they are almost identical players, except that Bosh leads in more categorizes! And here is the countries that have no right being on the same court:
        The rest of the world has caught up, get a clue, it took a super focused US all-star team and the best player in the planet to barely win in Beijing!

        Bynum nowhere near Pau level, Bosh is at least an equal! Get rid of the Bum before the rest of the league finds out also!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    I just hope he can be productive if we get past the suns, I hate boston so much I dont know what i would do if we God forbid lost to Boston, on the biggest stage

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      Exactly. We have to beat Boston. No excuses. We are a better team.. we have to show it. Repeat or bust.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    That’s what I like to hear. Leave it on the floor! Rest in July! We will need your services against Boston.
    And that goes out to the entire team. We CANT lose to Boston. You will mess up my whole summer. I can’t take that again. Play like your life depended on it. Let’s keep the O’Brian in L.A.

    Go Lakers!

  • lakers0828

    I like the Move He is Showing Maturity Toughness He Is learning to be that Player we all want Him to Be He will be alright most you guys just Keep exaggerating about it !!

  • harmony_smurf

    No, you don’t know anything buddy! here are there stats when they both are the focal points of their team:
    If you know how to read stats, you will see that they are almost identical players, except that Bosh leads in more categorizes! And here is the countries that have no right being on the same court:
    The rest of the world has caught up, get a clue, it took a super focused US all-star team and the best player in the planet to barely win in Beijing!

    Bynum nowhere near Pau level, Bosh is at least an equal! Get rid of the Bum before the rest of the league finds out also!

  • anon

    more like “I’m going to keep playing and keep the whole team down”

    at this point and time his guts are admirable, but if its bringing the team down then you need to sit.

  • kivz

    get CB4 already geezz!!!!! Bynum is weak…. too much injury shit!!