Bynum: “I’ll definitely be back this season”

    A bunch of reports came out this morning talking about Bynun’s status but all had been written about one central concept…

    L.A. Times: “I’ll definitely be back this season,” he said.

    “I went to get on the court and see what happens if I start trying to do some moves and things like that,” Bynum said. “I don’t have a [specific] date. I just know in a couple of weeks, hopefully, I’ll be able to participate with the team a little bit more in practice, and a week after that, I should be back in game shape.”

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    • ScorpyDoo

      ohhh sh!t!!! here comes the BOMB!

    • mbenga

      its over

    • Joseph

      Too much hype! Just like last season… broken promises (2 weeks became next season). It never happened! I’ll believe it when I see him on the court in game shape.

    • lakerfan

      see to believe it

    • lakerfan

      [Comment ID #64767 Will Be Quoted Here]sorry haha see it to believe it

    • lakers2000

      This is great. We’ll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks. Go Lakers!!!!!

    • Dave

      [Comment ID #64765 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Well, unlike last year, this is a different type of injury and does not require surgery. So, why wouldn’t it turn out differently?

    • Beef

      Last year we thought that it does not need surgery,and see what happened…

    • lakerschamps09

      yea sounds good.. and we need em for playoffs not reg season

    • Andrew Rafner

      lies. won’t play another game this season

    • Dave

      OK, I think some people are creating patterns where none exist. We don’t even (yet) have TWO occurrences from which to draw a conclusion, or even a wild ass guess. So, are you now saying that every time Andrew Bynum gets hurt, he’s gone for a the entire season? Or is it just leg injuries that happen in January?

    • KB24ForLife


    • Nissan

      Great news!

    • Lker Roger

      drew aka boy man your a pussy like elden campell was big and soft. you ran from d howard like a little bitch

    • CtC8824

      i agree *KNOCK ON WOOD* and pray he comes back. Please god!!!! Not another going home empty