A day after having his fitness questioned by coach, the 20-year-old center equals his career high with 20 points in win over Warriors.

L.A. Times: Andrew Bynum had already ditched the stomach flu. He hoped to leave behind a few nondescript games as well.

All he did Sunday was match his career high with 20 points in the Lakers’ 123-113 victory over Golden State.

It was safe to say he was feeling better, mentally and physically, after a herky-jerky sequence in which he averaged 6.7 points over a three-game span, sat out another game because he was ill and, on top of it, heard from Coach Phil Jackson, who on Saturday criticized the 20-year-old center’s fitness.

“I just had to give him a little bit of a jolt the other day because he wasn’t at practice on time to work with Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]when he’s supposed to work with Kareem,” Jackson said.

Jackson was otherwise complimentary Sunday while providing the latest in-depth analysis of Bynum’s on-court development.

“One of the things about Andrew is that he’s completing at the offense end,” Jackson said. “He’s dunking, and we want him to keep working on his shot so we have a target to go in to. He’s a good passer in there and he sees the court and he’s willing to pass the ball, but he’s also got to be willing to score out of that position.

“That’s a great penetration position. To work on his offensive moves is going to be really important for him to be a threat. He’s got a real good touch, he’s got nice hands. Those things should start to come together.”

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  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    Bumble-B is going to ONLY get better & better! We have ourselves our next franchise player! :-D

  • AnthonY MusiQ



    DF/KB/RA/JO/AB(AND RA IS ARTEST).This is the team that will, if not this year definately next year take this team to the promise or DF/KB/LO/JO/AB,either way,CHAMPIONSHIP(S).

  • Michael_23

    Why are still people still wanting to get JO or Ron Artest? I have not even seen highlights this year from them on Sportscenter or TNT Overtime of them.

    All I know is JO is hampered with injuries and Artest served 7 games so it isn’t like we seen them play well lately.

    But … it’s also true that LO hasn’t been playing well either …

  • lakerfan81

    Artest is playing fantastic this year. He is averaging 21 pts, 6.5 rebs, 5 assists, 45 FG%, 38% 3pt, 2.3 steals, and PER of 18.96 (that would be second highest on the team behind Kobe and Bynum). Plus he is still one of the best defensive players in the league and can guard 4 positions (well if the PF is more of a versatile player like Nowitzki I wouldn’t put Artest on Duncan for long periods of time though he does defend duncan when the Kings play SA). He does take too many 3’s a game but…
    Heres a good indication of what he brings to the Kings


    With Artest: 103.5 points a game
    Without Artest: 96.4 points a game

    That’s a dramatic difference – and again, all the credit can’t be given to Artest; at least, not yet. Let’s take a look at the team’s scoring defense:

    With Artest: 101.1
    Without Artest: 106.4

    So, if you are keeping score with a calculator at home, here is the scoring differential:

    With Artest: +2.4
    Without Artest: -10.0

    Let’s put those eye-opening numbers up against some scrutiny. That +2.4 is much better than Sacramento’s overall number of -3.8. +2.4 would put them eighth in that category in the Western Conference and it’s a stat very indicative of where a team ends up come April when the matchups for the first-round of the playoffs are decided.

    The -10.0? That would be worst in the NBA.

    Obviously Artest is always one bad decision away from being a huge disaster for any team he is on and he seems to make bad decisions all too often. ALso there is the whole thing where he wants to be the number 1 option, which is why he didn’t like playing in Indiana with JO. But recently he says he doesn’t see himself as a star, and he respects Kobe so maybe that wouldnt be as much of a problem now if he played with the Lakers as it was with Indiana.


    It’s because a JO/AB connection would be force in the west then we wouldn’t have to struggle against eastern teams like Boston/Orlando etc.You can say what you want about JO when healthy,HE’S A STRAIGHT BEAST plus that would take some slack off of Kareem and JO can step in and navigate the youngin to SUPERSTARDOM.JO is a VET now and he and Bynum,would have an even better relationship than he and Kobe(power forwards and centers kinda stick together more).WHO WOULD EVEN THINK ABOUT ‘BRING IT INSIDE’WITH THOSE TWO IN THE MIDDLE.JO is our best option right now and all he would have to do is change from blue/gold to PURPLE/GOLD,CHAMPIONSHIPS!

  • http://thelakersnation.com YalalaP the One

    do this trade in order to help bynum in the paint…


    the lakers will be a dominant force in the west after doing this trade…..i think indiana would love this trade they will have 5 young talents..

  • ricky

    okay, so i think the lakers should not try to acquire jason kidd in a trade because we already have 3 point guards who can play and 2 are promising youngsters. if the lakers try to make a trade, their best bet is to make an offer to indiana because i truly think its time for jermaine o’neal to leave the pacers and join the lakers along with kobe.

    this trade should work out for both teams and i think its a fair deal considering jermaine’s injury prone and his discontent with how the pacers are not heading into the direction he would like them to.

    lakers trade:

    1. lamar odom
    2. kwame brown
    3. sasha vujacic

    lakers acquire:

    1. jermaine o’neal
    2. jeff foster

    so heres the numbers and visual lakersnation, now let me know what you think of this trade?


  • ricky

    with trade mentioned above, the lakers roster will be as follows:

    starting 5

    point guard: derek fisher
    shooting guard: kobe bryant
    small forward: luke walton
    power forward: jermaine o’neal
    center: andrew bynum


    point guard: jordan farmar/javaris crittenton
    shooting guard: trevor ariza
    small foward: vladimir radmanovic
    power forward: ronny turiaf/(jeff foster)*
    center: chris mihm/(jeff foster)*

    * denotes that foster can play either position depending on matchup purposes by coach.

  • Tim

    I dont think we should get JO i would rather have Pau Gasol, younger and isnt as injury prone as JErmaine oneal

    what we have to do is:


    with Pau and Bynum at the big men spots, we will have some great inside Defense and plus, we would have some great inside scoring and rebounding too

    start Trevor Ariza at the Small Forward over Luke Walton, so we would have great Perimeter Defense with Ariza, Kobe, and Fisher starting

    PG: Fisher/Farmar/Crittenton
    SG: Bryant/Crittenton/Vujacic/Karl
    SF: Ariza/Walton
    PF: Gasol/Turiaf
    C: Bynum/Brown/Mihm

    we can trade Mihm and Coby Karl and the rights to sign Sun yue and Marc Gasol for a more experienced Small forward too, what do you guys think?

  • Tim

    ^ aw shit forgot about RadMan

  • ricky


    i dont think the grizzlies will be as willing to trade gasol as indiana will be to trade jermaine. indiana would benefit more with odom on their roster than memphis and im sure that if and when indiana is gonna be willing to trade jermaine, they will talk with the lakers because they are the only team that makes any sense to develop a trade with.

    here’s the breakdown if the lakers send odom, kwame and vujacic to indiana for jermaine and jeff foster.

    indiana will acquire a very versatile forward in odom who will thrive as their 1st option because he is more effective than jermaine in jim o’brien’s offensive system. so far this season, both LO and JO are putting up about the same numbers and i think both would be better off trading teams. also, indiana acquires a defensive minded and strong center in kwame brown who also happens to bring along with him an enticing and valuable expiring contract. and finally, they acquire a scrappy, defensively energetic big guard in vujacic who has an incredibly good shooting touch.

    on the other hand, the lakers receive a disgruntled jermaine who has lost faith in indiana’s direction towards youth and rebuilding. he can bring what the lakers have needed for a very long time, a consistent and defensive minded power forward who can score, rebound, block and play excellent defense in the post. he would be better suited in the triangle offense and give kobe that consistent 2nd option that he has lacked for 4 years. jeff foster should also be included in the trade because it would balance out the salaries and he can still play as a terrific back up at center. foster is an effective rebounder and defensive presence and you can never have too many defensive minded players.

    the tandem of bynum and jermaine will be a force for any team to stop.

    starters should be:

    pg: fisher
    sg: kobe
    sf: walton*
    pf: jermaine
    c: bynum

    *i rather give walton the start because he plays better as a starter and can help facilitate the offense

    bench lineup:

    pg: farmar/javaris
    sg: trevor ariza
    sf: vladimir radmanovic
    pf: turiaf/foster*
    c: mihm/foster*

    *foster can play both pf and c as a backup

    the lakers should also look to sign a few veteran free agents to fill up some empty roster spots and give them some more seasoned players

  • Flush Odumb

    YalalaP – I could not read your proposed but when you mention “5 Young Talents” that sounds like a bad deal!

    Right on Ricky!

    Getting rid of Odumb, Kwame, and Sasha would be a huge PLUS and whatever we could get for these three losers would be icing on the cake!

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Ricky I love this idea but some how keep Sasha.
    I love Sasha because he shoots really well and play good defense.
    starting 5

    point guard: derek fisher
    shooting guard: kobe bryant
    small forward: luke walton
    power forward: jermaine o’neal
    center: andrew bynum


    point guard: jordan farmar/javaris crittenton
    shooting guard:sasha vujuvic
    small foward: vladimir radmanovic
    power forward: ronny turiaf/trevor ariza
    center: chris mihm/(jeff foster)*

    * denotes that foster can play either position depending on matchup purposes by coach.

    I see this trade (Brown/Odom/FIRSTROUNDER) for (JO/Foster)

  • keep24

    You can teach Bynum all the Xs and Os of basketball but you can’t teach the guy to have heart. That he will never have. You can improve your basketball skills but heart and passion to succeed are things that are inate. You either have heart or you don’t.

    KB is the perfect example of a kid who had a vision, heart and passion. Just go back and look at the the ways in which he demanded to be sent to the Lakers on the eve of the draft.

    Just go back and look at his early years with the Lakers.

    See the passion.

    AB has no heart, neither does LO – trade them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #19228 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea i agree with you, trade LO i hate the fu-ck out of him.And he still has the nerve to say that he was going to be an all star this season cause his stupid a$$ barber told him (thats rediculous) Bynum i think has shown a little more heart than last year…

  • 24allup inya

    I forgot to say how much i hate the way he yell’s like a bit-ch all the time he’s fuc-ken stupid and sounds like a fag…