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We heard rumblings of this during the Lakers exit meetings.

Andrew Bynum said during his exit meeting with the media the he expects to be a bigger part of the team this season, and will work during the offseason to do just that.

When told of Bynum’s comments, Kobe Bryant immediately made sure Bynum knew who the top dogs were on the food chain:

“Well, it’s tough to do on this team,” he said of moving Bynum up on the list of offensive priorities. “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line. Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s no. 2. And then [Andrew] will have to fall in line.”

Now comes this excerpt from Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest article:

Bynum has privately been heard to say this offseason that he wants his own team, and the chances of him getting that – in New Orleans or Orlando – have never been higher. Years ago, Kobe Bryant wanted Bynum moved for Jason Kidd, but Bryant’s been insistent all summer that he still believes in this core, isn’t interested in wholesale change.

Bynum has years to go to become the go to guy in Los Angeles. With sources close to Bynum saying that they expect him to be in Orlando, it is not far fetched to believe that Bynum would like a trade to another team.

  • Bummi

    I think he should play a whole season first before he talks about getting his own team. No team wants an injury proned player to be the guy. I bet Greg Oden isn’t saying that. Unless you are the focal point of a team right out of the draft, or work yourself into the position of being the man you can ask for that, but if you have spent as much time injured as playing, I think you should be glad you play for the Lakers and the whole load isn’t on you.

  • Christiki295

    Kobe needs to get realistic and remember how good he had it with the big man in the center, 
    and recall how difficult it is when he is double teamed and no one else can produce offensively.
    A-Bomb we want – and need – you!

  • Jason

    Andrew Bynum can’t even manage to stay healthy for a whole season. It would be a dream come true if we got rid of him and got Dwight Howard. On a good night, Drew would Average 15 and 10 and that’s not guaranteed.


    For starters I think Mr. Bynum should have his own team, primarily in Orlando. He seems to have stardom on his mind and he’ll never get that here. Secondly I think Mr. Howard would feel much more relaxed when he doesn’t have to be the number one scorer. Yes Chris Paul would be nice but I think at this point the change at center, especially with Dwight for Andrew would benefit the Lakers as far as chemistry. Secondly it would make the Lakers more of a defensive presence in the middle defined by Dwight’s abilities. I hope Mr. Buss will consider the immaturity that seems to be attributed to Anderew and his desires and weigh them against the chemistry between Kobe, Pau, and Odom as a core. Adding Howard would gilve the Lakers a very solid forecourt, and give room for the grooming of a PG.

    • Guest

      Exactly, i find Howard a great fit for the team. Hes not much of a scorer who demands the ball like Bynum does. (And he still scores more too) He gets his points off offensive rebounds  and assists from other players. We don’t need another black hole in this team.

      • Raigoo

        definitely not another black asshole

  • Rob

    I’m a huge Kobe fan but Kobe needs to get in place as the #2 guy on this Laker team, he needs to remember that the only reason he has 2 more rings is because of Andrew Bynum. When Bynum had control of the offense in the Finals the lakers were winning. And when Bynum faced Howard, Bynum won that battle and I dont think that will change. If Bynum is traded to Orlando, he will show what he can really do offensively and will make the Lakers regret letting him go.

    • Guest

      LOL i thought Bynum hardly helped in a championship run

    • Tyree

      Umm I guess yo dumbass don’t recall Kobe being with Bynum Before gasol came to team?

      We got nowhere……..We got it together when Gasol Came

      Look up Gasol’s Numbers in the finals Vs Bynum’s Finals numbers

      I can tell you don’t know shit about Basketball