Great great NEWS! Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left knee today in New York, it was announced today by the team.

The procedure, which took 30 minutes and was performed by Dr. David Altchek, consisted of removing some cartilage debris and smoothing some rough spots on the underside of the kneecap.

Bynum is expected to make a full recovery by the start of training camp.

  • airrics23

    1st. Get well soon Drew. Next year the monster will return.

  • kevio2000

    That is some good news there now let’s take our time and let it heal properly getting drew back next year is just like getting one of the top free agents so he can come back and help us win 70 games next year!

  • True Lakers Fan

    great news and yes take ur time drew lets beat the spurs asses PUMP UP THE VOLUME

  • Michael24

    drink lots of milk andrew

  • kb24 4life

    if we get artest, i say bring bynum from the bench next year…


    he`ll win 6th man of the year…

  • e

    good to hear that he’ll be alright =)

  • e

    [Comment ID #36591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah i would agree with this line up…it sets off a balance to both our starting 5 as well as our bench

  • Michael24

    [Comment ID #36591 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and most improved player

  • Michael_23

    Ah Darn! I was hoping it would be one of those 2 week things. Oh well, get well Drew!!!

    … All right, I’m off the Staples Center!

  • kbfan24

    [Comment ID #36595 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I am also going to the game. Thank god it was a succesful surgery fo r drew

  • pancho

    Seeya next year @ the center spot big fella,,,,,,,,,,

  • ignard

    get well Drew.

  • Mitch4Pres

    yeaaaaaaaa boy

  • Gelo

    One question for LakerNation.

    Would you trade Bynum for the #1 pick in this year’s draft and get Derrick Rose who is the next Chris Paul?

    Would you take a dominant center over a dominant PG?

  • RD

    [Comment ID #36616 Will Be Quoted Here]

    HELL NO! bynum is gonna be a BEAST! BYNUM > dwight, duncan, yao, oden, and any other big man for the next 10 years!

  • kaynam24

    let bynum take his time… dont rush it..

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #36617 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Never trade a big for a small.

  • bc18

    the only thing bad about this news is that he wont be back THIS season and we really need his big body this post season.

  • Ian Llanes

    bynum is gonna be a monster next year! hez only gonna get better, stronger, and possibly taller. who cares about the big three when we’ve got the fav. five!

  • Edward

    [Comment ID #36617 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t be ridiculous. He will be good, but the best? I haven’t seen that much greatness, he has just shown me athleticism. Plus, half of his spectacular plays are alley-oops, not much 1 on 1 strong offense like Dwight. Plus, Dwight can get better, they’re around the same age

  • MILO

    next season he will be even more hungry! to all guards in the league be very afraid of drivin cause Bynum is going to knock ur ass to the floor haaaaaaaaaaaard!!!


    Bynum will be our version of Hakeem/Kareem,footwork,strength,versatile(can pass),etc.

    Next year opponents will be very INTIMIDATED when…………LAKEZILLA MAKES IT’S DEBUT: AB/PAU/LO!!!

  • ricky

    once andrew bynum returns to 100% next season, the lakers can finally debut their 3-headed monster that everyone has been waiting for. NO, and i mean, NO team in the league right now can match the size, strength, length, and versatility of a front court featuring andrew bynum, pau gasol, and lamar odom. they will smother the guards on penetration and eat up all the rebounds. i say that all three of them just stand in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder, and spread out both arms. the sum of all their wingspans would probably be about 20 feet, give or take.

  • lakerferlife7

    bynum is gnna dominate next year….lakers will be unbeatable

  • Geloman

    Oden will be back next season as well. That would be an intriguing match-up. They have a pretty sizable front line but I think the Lakers have more versatility and better chemistry. And they also have the Black Mamba.