This is good news for Bynum. Here is an injury update:

Twitter: Bynum has a strained right elbow, according to an MRI exam, and is doubftful tomorrow vs. Memphis. Gasol doing some practice work right now.

  • sammie

    Bynum play against MEMPHIS?!?! oh hell no, lets not let him get hurt in the knee again!

    • WifelovesLuke

      Amen, brother!!!!! Preach it!!!

      Cool…..that means we get to watch Mbenga jack up some more jump shots from the elbow. Bring It Mbenga!

      • http://LakersNation Marwan

        I think Bynum isnt hurt and just doesnt want to play against Memphis. He wakes up in the middle of the night terrified “I had a dream I played the Grizzlies” xD.

        Nah but all seriousness, whatever it takes to win a ring this year, anything can happen for all I care, as long as Lakers win it.

        Kobe shouldnt go for too much this time, he shouldnt tire himself and plus this should be a good game for the bench to get it back together again. What happened to that bench mob of 2007 – 2008 season that everyone feared. That got us to the NBA Finals while Kobe was on bench for 40 minutes of the game (exaggerating that to make them look good and get my point across). Last season we won it without the bench and this year if the bench steps up… Oh Boy!


    Well There goes are Twin Tower and there Goes 20-1 record cause with out bynum or Gasol Marc Gasol Zack Randolf and Hasheem will kill us cause DJ cant do shyt and Powell or odom will fall

    • desecrator93

      Who gives a f*ck about 20-1?? Cant you guys just focus on the long term, meaning puting ourselves in the best position to win a title? If you wanted that you should be thinking that we should rest Pau and Bynum till they fully healthy and not risk more serious injury. COMMON SENSE!!


        Yeah I can care Less about the 20-1 record Sure but Do you care about HCA i mean do You think we can go into boston and steal one on there floor or go into denver and steal one on there Floor Sure we got did last year when both denver and Houston came in to our house and stole home court away but that was last Year and This is a whole new Season teams have gotten better especialy the Celtics and the Nuggets SO I Yes In a way you should worrie about a 20-1 record but its to early to determain HCA

        • LakersFirst

          HCA is overrated. No matter what seed you are in the playoffs, you have to win on the road regardless. No team can expect home court to save them throughout the playoffs. YOU HAVE TO WIN ON THE ROAD with or without HCA.

          • desecrator93

            Well Said.

  • KB24ForLife

    “good news” hahaha

  • shannon4mvp

    This is a sign from god not to play him if he wants to play the rest of the season. lol. we’ll be fine, we got kobe he just might go for 50 points on friday.

  • Randy’s Donuts

    Lamar better have a triple-double tomorrow! I wonder if the Lakers will run-n-gun tomorrow. Go Lakers!

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Dont panic we got sasha luke farmar and morrison,mobenga great bench .
    Mitch pull a trade for a kevim Martin from sac town,
    We need a shoting guard Shannon s a good point but still a little green.
    TRADE THESE WORTHLESS BUMS. This team is going to have problems no depth from bench .

  • Short Dog

    That will be on hit if Kobe goes for 50. I hope he goes for 81.