This doesn’t sound too promising; I’ve been optimistic, but it’s starting to get me a bit worried – how do you guys feel?

O.C. Register: It’s especially important because center Andrew Bynum is still not even on a treadmill yet in the recovery from his knee injury. The Lakers aren’t projecting a return date for Bynum anymore, but the best-case scenario is late March or early April – meaning Gasol might have to carry a heavy load to the finish.

  • Michael_23

    We don’t need to rush him so quickly. The doctors and medical staff are making sure he’ll be 100% and ready to go.

    If we’re worried about chemistry and team dynamics. We can have Bynum come off the bench and work with the same plays we had before his injury. The Lakers reached the #1 spot in the west without Pau and with Bynum before right?

    If he comes back in April and we hold the #1 or #2 spot I’ll be happy. But if doesn’t come back at all, I’d be kind of worried.

  • daboss1848

    For me the tell tale sign was when during the Heat-Lakers game, Magic said “if Bynum comes back”. Enuff said for me.

  • 1ofMany

    Dont worry… the team will hold down the fort until he comes back. And just when everyone thinks they know what to expect from the Lakers… Bynamite comes back and the twin towers unite to dominate the playoffs.

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    bynum is gay

  • lakerfan81

    “bynum is gay”


  • Edward

    What’s most important is that he comes back 100% as if he never had an injury. Ready to play for years to come.

  • kb24 4life

    we need him back, but the way we are playing dont rush the return, pau is doing great…

  • LakersFirst

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Bynum doesn’t come back until the start of next season.

    I believe playoff rosters have a max of 13 (someone correct me if I’m wrong), but if he’s still not ready by the time the playoff rosters are due then the Lakers may leave him off for someone that can participate. With the Western teams having made so many moves and filling up their rosters, then Lakers will want to have every healthy body available for the playoffs.

  • LA-KB-RD24

    wait is Bynum really gay? i dont see it?

  • BigThree2k8

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    Wow!!! For once LakersFirst and I are in agreement in regards to Bynum’s return.

    As for the playoff rosters the rule was changed last year. Rosters are capped at 15 players, total. A team can have 12 active players for any given game, and carries a 15 man playoff roster, of which 12 players remain active.

  • dsonlal24

    i didnt like the interview with Mitch when he said that they MIGHT consider shutting down Bynum til next year!!

  • DingleBerry

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    you are always the skeptic, stay positive!!!!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    father is playing mind games with other GMs, didn’t y’know? :-D

  • sepehr

    Bynum will come back this season for sure. Otherwise Kobe wouldn’t risk playing with a bad Hand knowing that Bynum will not come back. The lakers can beat anyone in a single game today without Bynum, but in a 7 game series we need a true center, and Bynum is the only person who fits that role.
    We’re getting killed on the boards and too many points in the paint. With Bynum we can go to the finals, but without him I think We can max make it to the western finals. Either way I still think He’ll come back by Mid April.

  • David

    This could be bad. We need Bynum to come back and have at least 8-10 games to get back into shape and play alongside Gasol. We also need Odom to play at the 3. Lets hope Bynum is only a little bit behind.

  • Ira

    I’m not worried, yet, until the day I hear he is out for sure, I will hold the positive attitude that he will come back at some point this season. This team is holding down the fort beautifully, they will continue to do so.

  • http://myspace LAKER_08

    WE NEED HIM TO WIN THE TITLE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    If the roster cap is 15, then the Lakers will definitely have Bynum on the roster, at least as inactive. The Lakers as a team only have 14 players.