This explains why Drew didn’t get any run in the 4th.

O.C. Register: What was up with Bynum’s foot discomfort that necessitated help from Lakers trainer Gary Vitti midway through the third quarter? It caused him to exit the game and not return in the fourth quarter, although garbage time isn’t necessarily the best thing for Bynum now that he needs to be taught to focus on execution and attentiveness.

It turns out that Bynum has some heel soreness, which is why he removed both shoes during the third quarter and had Lakers assistant athletic trainer Marco Nunez replace the orthotics in both of Bynum’s sneakers.

  • paulpierce_best

    hahhaha lol. you guys are done bynum is hurt odom is injured. kobe gonna get injured u guys are done lol

  • Celtics lost to the Clippers

    just like how celtics are done… with a big baby davis, cry baby pierce and cry me a river coach…

    can’t get worse than that, can it??

  • LakersFirst

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    Paul Pierce is going to tear his knee up tonight and Ray Allen’s ankles are going to give out in Game 7. The Suckdics are done. No more championships from you guys for another 22 years.

  • ab4sure

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    Obviously you didn’t read the whole article. I think Marbury’s stupidity has infected some of the celtic fans.

  • #1 Laker Fan

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    WHOAAAA! I’ve been reading your comments on TLN and all you’ve been doing is dickride paul peirce. Sooo funny… if you were to choose a player to dickride why choose PP? he didnt even make the 1st, 2nd or 3rd All-NBA team… and they almost got knocked out in the 1st round and about to get knocked out in the 2nd… good luck with winning another championship… in 22 years. HAH

  • 123kid

    big baby davis has been doin a lot better than pierce in these playoffs. (looks under the able) pierce aint even here! it has to take a baby and a guy that looks like hez 13 in rondo to finish a man’s job. your so good at sucking paul pierce’s dic, that you’ll have all summer long to do it when there out and gone fishin.