His status is pivotal, we need him more than ever.

ESPN: Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who played only 12 minutes in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday because of his injured knee, underwent an MRI and had fluid drained on Friday.

Before the procedures, Bynum said he would be “be ready to go” when the Lakers play the Celtics in Game 5 on Sunday.

“I got two days, I’ll get some treatment, pump a little bit of the swelling out and try to attack on Sunday,” Bynum said after finishing with only two points and three rebounds, and playing only two minutes in the second half.

The MRI revealed no new damage to his right knee, and the Lakers said that he had fluid drained just as he did before the Finals began.

The question now becomes whether Bynum will be able to be effective in what has become a best-of-three series to determine the championship.

After Game 3, Bynum said he was “questionable” after twice tweaking his torn right meniscus. In Game 4, Bynum did not start the second half, remaining in the locker room to do quad-activation exercises with the Lakers’ training staff. He came in for Lamar Odom with 4:03 remaining in the third quarter but exited for good with 2:13 left in the quarter, barely able to make it up and down the floor.

“It bothered us in the second half not having Andrew be able to come out and play the start of the second half,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “He tried a couple minutes, but it just wasn’t there for him. We’re glad we have a couple days off and we can kind of get him back hopefully in position where he can help us out again.”

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  • lakeb


  • lakerman34

    We only need him for game 5, really. With him in, we are CLEARLY the better team. Win game 5, he doesn’t need to play much game 6. LA is a MUCH better team at Staples.

    • lakers0828

      Yeah Man I agree dude the Bosh for Bynum deal is Stupid and Lame Honestly I hope he helps us win tommarow Night man Lets do this Lakers LETS GOOOOO

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    I hope the bynum for Bosh crowd realizes just how important Bynum is to this team. When gasol was playing center last night did you guys see how that changed our game? Him center for a few mins with LO is diff than playing the entire game…
    get well Bynum- we need you for game 5 and beyond…

    • yeah but

      Yes but in the end its the constant injury that turns people off about the guy.

      • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

        well this guy had two “freak accidents” and so i can’t say that he is injury prone. If he plays a full season and gets injured because of natural causes (like Yao Ming) then i can agree, until then i hope he gets well.

  • Laker s Army

    Bynum has had to many injuries at such a young age.
    A torn mincus is pretty serious. Him trying to play is courage but not realistic if he is hurt the damage to his knees could get a lot worse.
    I have a idea La mar you make 10 million a year why dont you earn the money we signed you for.
    At least Andrew on one good leg shows up.
    If we lose this finals its La mars fault. Ron Rons defense is good put his offense is a joke.
    The laker bench sucks Farmar what the hell.
    Sahannon you look lost.
    Play Luke and Sasha

    • http://lakersnation.com KOBE THA MVP 10′

      greg oden is by far worst since he was taken first pivk and played less games then dj mbenga

  • lakerfan_4ever

    Is it possible to use ALL the fluid drained from Bynum’s knee and injected on Odom’s heart? Just to see if that can help him to show some FU***ing PASSION!!!!….he should be ashamed of his half ass effort on the court…

    • lakerfan_4ever

      *inject it*…(sorry…)

  • 242LakerFan

    Suck it up, big man. Two more games and then you can go get fixed up for next season. Two more games . Hell, two more halves! If Phil saves you for the second half of the next two games we can take this in 6!
    Let’s do it, guys!!!

    • si pepe

      you are very right sir!

  • Robert

    Yeah – these guys get ‘paid’ to play. Get ‘paid’ to win. This is the toughest time of the year, when everyone is tired and injured.
    This is what the big $$$ is for. The money that WE pay out (by providing an audience to sponsors who pay the Lakers, the NBA, ESPN, TNT – everyone – $20+ Million per game).
    So – part of the game is sacrificing your body to win …. for US …. we’re the clients here.
    And, as a client, I have this to say: Andrew has really stepped up, and he needs to continue to do that. It has helped us win. The Lakers MUST win this series, or it will be hell for all Lakers fans from new ones this year, dating back to fans from the 1950s. This is a FRANCHISE LEGACY series. Our last chance to have one over on the Cell-Dicks, cause they’re finishing up their title runs. This is the last Kahuna for them.
    So Drew – wrap that leg up. Use a splint if you want. If it gets busted, spend $100,000 on a new knee for next year. Get it done. We’re paying you well! Thanks, and we’ll see you on Figueroa Street in 2 weeks.

  • Robert

    And to add to that …
    If Lakers lost this series, it would be because they ‘pissed away’ Thursday’s game. This would be cemented in the franchise legacy. It would negate the status of ‘Super Team’. It would taint Kobe’s legacy (unless they would win the next 3 years after this).
    As Kobe said, ‘it isn’t easy getting to the Finals’. This is not ‘boxing’. It can’t be done like Muhammad Ali (lose 4 titles, win 4 titles back). It’s win now or work like hell to erase the bad legacy. It would be difficult to overcome 2 Finals losses to the Cell-Dicks, even if the Lakers would win the next 5 championships.
    (still upset about Thursday’s loss).

  • si pepe

    lakers in 6

  • kb24mvp2010

    hope you will play better in game 5 andrew, you are one of the most important this finals, Odumb is playing out of mind w/ out you

  • dave1003

    Once again our championship hopes relies on the health of our big mans knee. First it was with Malone in 04, Bynum in 08, and now again in 2010. So far it’s cost us two championships. We are clearly the better team if we can get 20 quality minutes from Bynum. If he’s not good to go we are in trouble.