Great great news! No we just need to wait on Pau and this team will be deadly.

Twitter: @LakersReporter: Andrew Bynum said he practiced fully and would play on Thursday.

But any news on Pau? Yep…

Twitter: @LakersReporter: Pau Gasol did rehab work today and remains doubtful for Thursday vs Phoenix.

  • FeeltheHeat

    Amare will destroy Bynum on Thursday!!!

    • Short Dog

      Shut the fuck up. It’s going to be another walk on the park.
      Go Lakers

    • Aaron2416377

      I feel The Miami Heat Nigg@

  • KindSir

    This is really worrying me now.. Why is the strain taking so long for Pau to come back from??

    • brilliantn

      because it not a strain. strains dont take 2+ months to heal.

      • daboss1849

        Its actually a blessin is disguise. The more time Bynum gets plus Powell in the front court will help us in the long run. remember nobody has logged more minutes the last couple of years than Pau. The longer he can rest the better for the lakers. remember championships are not won in november…

        • LakersMike31

          I agree that rest for Pau is potentially a good thing, but not having him in the lineup puts an extra burden on Kobe, who ain’t exactly a spring chicken. Drew’s ok, but until he starts dropping those kinda numbers against Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, etc., I won’t expect much out of him. Championships aren’t won in November, but chemistry and rhythm can be developed in November…

        • Freshh

          Random Question but:
          Are you Phantom?

          • LakersMike31

            Me? If you’re asking me, no I’m not Phantom.


    yeah having Pau isnt A good thing while He might be resting Plenty the Lakers are missing one of ther Key Scorer and will Ultimatly tire out Kobe But I think pau wont return untill the Start of the 2nd season
    Thanks Pau for Fucking up our chances to repeat great job

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Wow, for a Laker fan, you sure are kind to the ones that actually won the championship.

      Man just sit down and be quiet. Pau played the first season for the Lakers made and the Finals and lost, then played the olympics and won silver, then his 2nd season started, he went all the way to Finals and won it, then played the Euro league and won that. That is 2 years with no break at all, Im sure thats why his Hammy is strained.

      By the way, why would Kobe tire out? He said he feels rejuvenated and by the way, as long as we have Artest on D then that takes burden OFF Kobe, not puts in ON Kobe.

      So go back and rethink what you said and also rethink if you are a real Laker fan. I am happy with the current bench whether they they blow the lead or extend it, I am happy with them. Thats what you call a fan, happy with the team no matter what happens.

    • WifelovesLuke

      You do realize that by spending so much time in the post and Artest guarding the other teams best perimeter player, Kobe IS RESTING!

      I hate the Celtics too, but ignorant Laker fans aren’t far behind!

      1-2-3 Ring!!!

  • lakers#1

    yes! this is great news! i am very excited to see bynum back on the court this thursday!

  • lakerbunny


  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    I just wish we could see both guys play at the same time sometime soon.

    This is like waiting for Christmas when you were 7 years old.

    Come on, Santa, make Pau’s hammy heal!

  • gugy

    yeah, I do hope Pau will be back before the end of November.

  • green flannel

    I’m going to a game on fri. to se lal and den play & i definatley wanted to see the whole squad. now, i hope pau takes all the time to heal but i wanted to see the most versatile nig man in the league play. :( oh well always up for a laker game no matter whos playing.

  • lakerman1

    Damn there are some IDIOTS on this blog. The LAKERS are 6 & 1, YOU HERE ME 6 & 1, why the hell are people complaining about Pau. Let the man rest, Mr Artest is taking care of business. ONCE AGAIN 6 & 1 you freaking NITWITS. We only want positive vibes on this site. Why don’t you cry babies go and play catch on the 405 FWY during rush hour. Everyone with an ounce of brains can see that the boys in Purple & Gold have it all together and forget that nonsense about 82 & 0, remember the New England Patriots went 18 & o and lost to the Giants in the Superbowl. Those Stats are great to achieve but are useless numbers if you do not win it all. Grow up people.

    • LakersMike31

      Agreed that the Lakers seem to be ok, for the moment. But other than Atlanta, they SHOULD have beaten the teams they’ve played so far…with or without Pau. Artest is doing ok, but he still seems awkward to me.
      Anyway, strictly positive vibes are for delusional fans. Pau should be a real concern. This situation is eerily reminiscent of KG’s last season. And for Laker fans who live and die with their wins and losses, it’s troublesome. By the way, doesn’t it ALWAYS seem like injured Laker players are out longer than estimated? They need to hire some of Phoenix’s training staff!

      • WifelovesLuke

        Reminiscent of KG? WTF are you talking about? KG had a SERIOUS knee injury and Pau is letting a muscle rest. Big difference, young man.

        And how is being positive being delusional? Coach PJ and the front office have NO CONCERN about Pau at all and neither should you, MR. FAN.

        1-2-3 Ring!!

  • gugy

    Pau will be fine, I just hope this is a lesson for him above everything. Next time he plays for Spain, he should be careful.

    I believe he will be here before the end of the month and slowly getting back in shape.

  • lakerman1

    I like positive vibes sir why would i want stress in my life, Basketball is a fan outlet and thats all it should be. There are way to many important issues then one player missing from the lineup. Ask the people who do not have jobs’ healthcare or any where to live how important that is compared to their situation. Treat basketball as what it really is a sport. If i want to be delusional then thats my business not anyone elses. Its better to have a bright outlook instead of looking for reasons to bitch. Live your life and i will live mine whether the lakers win again this year or not.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Just heard Pau is out til Xmas!

  • lakerbunny