Its great to have a healthy Drew, now to show him off in the playoffs!

O.C. Register: The past two years around this time, Andrew Bynum was dragging one leg behind. He was trying not to ask the draining “Why me?” questions and trying not to get asked the annoying “When are you coming back?” questions.

Those slow, long days made him fully aware that not everything blooms anew in the spring.

So why wasn’t he embracing the opportunity to run and play this year after evading his annual January knee injury? Why wasn’t he bouncing around the court like a big kid jumping through rainbows from the sprinkler?

Maybe it was the malaise that Kobe Bryant says hit all the Lakers, the real season of the playoffs close enough for them to start looking ahead. More likely it was the ache in his hip and his knee that left Bynum taking his greater health for granted.

It took a man wiser than Bynum’s years to get the 22-year-old spring chicken realizing he should be appreciating the chance to play and play hard this year.

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  • slimehead

    we need bynum, fact, he is a beast.. but…..we need bynum+gasol to play good together consistently..
    if only theyl know how to play together.. i mean bynum can face up anybody + gasol has post moves and hit it on the perimeter.. and defensively look 2 seven footers + ron2 + kobe = great d, fish nevermind i like this guy but nah i wont say anything coz u already know what i mean..
    bynum and gasol should date often times heheheh

  • rondo

    Beast are animals not humans. Stop calling people beast. You most be a young boy with no sense.

    • Green Flannel

      shut up and get over the fact that people use slang. it is an exaggeration of how good he is. he is playing like a monster, a beast, a tank, or a dominating force for you rondo.

    • slimehead

      You must be an english teacher? What a poor loser.. Just do yourself a favor.. Put a gun to your head and pull the damn trigger coz the world doesnt need people like you bunch of loser trying to dig on something well infact you already know what the heck it really means.. YOU ARE AN OLD MAN WITH NO SENSE AT ALL!! FREAK!!

  • Leo

    Not downplaying Bynum’s good play, but he didn’t really have anyone good guarding him against the Warriors and Kings.

    • Green Flannel

      true but getting him in the mindset of playing like that come bigger opponents.

  • Cody

    “rondo” shut up. That is the dumbest shit ever.

    ANDREW you are a “BEAST” keep up baby.


    I’m posting this on all the articles just to tell every LAKER fan to pull there head out today. It’s st. patrick’s day today and every LAKER fan better not wear green. That is a fagtics fan holiday. Just remember those dumb ass shirts made last year with the green shirt with a LAKERS logo on it. 100% disrespect.

    • gofeedtina

      Yeah anyone wearing gay ass Celtic colors isn’t a true fan

      • Green Flannel

        haha ppl asked why i’m not wearing green i just reply, i’m a lakers fan. i bet sasha hates this day!

      • Cody

        AMEN. I was asked why I’m not wearing green by about 70% of people I talked to. And I’m pretty sure you know my answer.

    • yash

      I cant do anything about it. my college colors are green :(

      • daboss1848

        there are other colleges . . .

        • 242LakerFan

          Good point.

  • airkobe

    it is nice to see bynum and gasol scoring that way but I want bynum as a defending beast like howard co’z if he do that he is better than d12 co’z he got the range and the ft. shooting.
    by the way BEAST is the intelligent mutant from the X-MEN….so bynum must be a purple to become a beast hahahahaha! just joking!

    • Green Flannel

      I think this year is his offensive aspect coming in to play. i would LOVE for him to work on D in the offense.

      • Green Flannel


    • Eidraq

      if bynum was playing defense at a high level and coming close to leading the league in rebounds and blocks, we’d be unstoppable..teams would be afraid to be in the paint

      • B Holland

        As a team we are one of the best rebounders. Our rebounding hasn’t been the problem. It is guards who can’t guard much.

  • rondo

    Slimehead weak men like you put guns to their head and pull the trigger.

    • 242LakerFan

      Let me apologize on behalf of all sensible Laker fans for the over-the-top comments of an obviously puerile and delinquent mind. Slimehead does not represent everyone, or even most of us, on this site.
      On the other hand, your comment was particularly obnoxious and vexing. Your intellectually dishonest attempt at rebuking the young man on the dictionary definition of a word obviously being used metaphorically served only to highlight your own pettiness. Your argument on a point of semantics simply reveals an inability to dispute any of the points that were made in the young man’s post.
      Very small of you.