Update from Lakers.com: Injured Lakers Center Andrew Bynum will seek another opinion on the right knee that has caused him to sit out since mid-January. Team spokesman John Black informed the media that Bynum will seek the advice of Dr. Steven Gecha of Princeton, New Jersey.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who has been out since January with a knee injury, is unlikely to return during the playoffs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I doubt there’s going to be a comeback this year,” Andrew Bynum told the Times on Friday. “I’ve got to get my knee straight. At this point, I’d have to train for a good month just to be able to go out there and play.”

The injured Lakers center is not planning to start practicing anytime soon. If the Lakers were to make the NBA Finals, the earliest start date for the series would be June 3.

Bynum briefly dislocated his left knee cap. He has a bone bruise in the same knee, which has caused him to sit out since Jan. 13. Bynum said the knee is no longer swelling but is painful.

“It’s frustrating because I can do everything but what pertains to basketball — running and jumping, defensive slides,” he told the Times.

Bynum averaged 17.3 points and 12.2 rebounds in six games in January before he was injured.

  • e

    its okay…hope he doesnt get too lazy over the summer tho..or else he’ll be back completely out of shape


    We’ll be even more dangerous when next season comes.Bynum will be healthier and him,Gasol and LO will be the most DOMINANT back court in the game,LAKEZILLA!

    …and Mickael Pietrus(he’ll help with offensive & defensive rebounding).

  • Airric23

    Rest up Bynum. No need to rush back until he is 100% healthy. This only means that we will be that much better next year.

  • lakaluva

    Come back strong next year Big Boy

  • xtro

    wil not be surprised if Drew suddenly comes back in the NBA Finals against the hated Celtics. Must be a ploy but the Lakers front office.

  • kaynam24

    this article is like 2-3 weeks ago..

  • dem0n

    “I doubt there’s going to be a comeback this year,” Andrew Bynum told the Times on Friday.

    I still believed that Bynum will be coming back for the play off. I will not given up on him yet until I see the final is over. As well as we all know that Phil is a type of guy that like to play mind games against other teams.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #34832 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think you meant front court not back court, either way healthy both are the best in the NBA.

  • fan

    yeah odom bynum gasol….thats a scary freakin frontcourt. with kobe and fisher in the backcourt, the lakers will be unstoppable. heck, even kobe and a pet rock could still work with that front line. i cant wait.


    OOOPS!Sorry,just getting over the win(HANG OVER that is).

  • Michael_23

    He’s seeking another opinion because he’s lost some faith in the Lakers training staff in getting him back in.

  • RD

    if bynum doesnt come back in the finals, everyone has to man up and raise their level of play even more. espeacially our front court. snatch some dammn rebounds and play some defense. but this is if we play boston. detroit, new orleans, and san antonio dont scare me.


    New Orleans does(gotta respect’em).



  • True Lakers Fan

    cant wait till next yr 08 champs and 09 champs rest up baby shaq


    Pau,we need to give OUR TEAM all the encouragement they need.You say because of one man The Lakers can’t beat Boston,NEWSFLASH!….The SMELL-TICS barely got passed The HAWKS(Much Respect)so they have flaws,a whole lot of’em.

    STAYPOSITIVELAKERNATION.com,only 2 rounds to go.

  • kPoAbUe

    you think Bynum will miss the NBA FINALS i dont think so. IF we (which we are) going to make the finials he would come back. HE had what 5 months of healing i probably think he will come back against the Celtics. Because he knows that we know we need his inside presents and boards too.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    The bench will be siick next year when Bynum will be at 100%.

    But if he can come at the finals.. that’ll be fine I guess.

  • LakerNation1

    its no problem big guy! youve done super well. looking forward to seeing u next season!

    twin towers!!!

  • domz

    I also think the lakers are playing mind games. They are keeping Bynum for precautionary purposes. If we put Bynum now, other teams might get ready for him. I think he’ll return after we beat the Jazz for the Western Conf Finals..I think our team is confident enough not to use Bynum for now. Look, we’re still undefeated. No reason to panic at all..right?

    And if ever the reports about Andrew is true. It’s still Okay! I believe we can still win the ship even if we face the Celdicks. I also believe we can sweep them. Yes! You heard that right (argue me if you want, but I am using “The Secret”, Im refering about the book). At the same time, we have able to preserve the future by resting Bynum until he’ll be 100 percent.

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • Rpoc

    I doubted he would be back if he was to have one setback. He looked good in the rehabs but a setback is a setback. Timetables are iffy with knee injuries. He seeked a medical opinion earlier than the Lakers expected from his personal specialist in NY and he was in agreement with the Lakers doctors. He’s not ready.

    I don’t think this next medical opinion he’s going to get from the NJ doctor will be that much different. Him seeking it just sounds like he wants someone to clear it and it’s not gonna happen.

    Sucks for the youngster but he’s gotta be patient!!

  • RD

    how are the lakers gonna suprise everyone and have bynum come back in the nba finals, if he hasnt even practiced with us yet? what, are they secretly training him in wilt chamberlains underground practice facility? george mikans summer training cabin in the woods in minneapolis? whats the deal?


    Y’all are forgetting about one guy……TREVOR “I just dunked all over Grant Hill”ARIZA!

  • http://swishtheball.net kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    i thiink that the lakers have the best chemestry in the league, and i think bynum will ruin it, so save him

    but what so ever, next year bynum will be waaaayyy!!!!!!!!!! more athlei than dwight howard, the best front court ever, lamar pau drew, and ronny

  • http://lakers.com laker_fan


  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    Bynum is going to come back when he’s 100%, not 99%, though I don’t see how it’s smart to put him in anyways when he’s probably out of shape after being almost 5 months away from a basketball court against players on an opposite team of his own, he’d ruin the chemistry of the team,and also, we don’t really ned him that much to win the championship, and, most importantly, he’s “THE FACE OF OUR FRANCHISE!” I don’t think it’d be smart to even think about putting him back into our rotation and possibly damage our chances of winning a championship, let alone getting to the “Big Stage” (NBA Finals). So overall, Bynum is going to be out of the playoffs and will play this year in October, and be better than ever because I already know he’ll work even harder to get even more better than he already is and we’ll be unstoppable no matter what happens! He’s not injury-prone guys! He just got one major injury, also he’s not as injury-prone as Shaq was when he was here, he’s even healthier. All he did was get one major injury and that should be it, basically! The chances of him getting another injury like this (or any injury that would sideline him for more than a month) would be as possible as Britney Spears becoming a better performer (“likely” and “possible” don’t have the same meaning, look them both up in a real-life dictionary or http://dictionary.reference.com/)!

  • kb24 !!!mvp mvp mvp!!!

    What is the point of Andrew getting a second opinion is he considering a comeback before the playoffs are over. He doesn’t have an injury that can be fixed with surgery Just wondering why

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers will be the best team in the NBA next season, mark my words

  • Clivethrives

    I heard Bynum is getting A SECOND OPINION ON WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK from a specialist in NJ.

  • Clivethrives

    Lakers C Andrew Bynum, who hasn’t played since injuring his left knee Jan. 13, will be examined Wednesday in Princeton, N.J., by Dr. Steven Gecha. “He’s decided to seek another opinion,” Lakers spokesman John Black said.


    [Comment ID #34862 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I believe it is because they have already ruled him out for the rest of the playoffs so now they need to see if he needs to get his knee scoped to further assess the situation.

  • zgum

    not good…for me we need bynum for western finals and finals…. we need some d inside…….badly!

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    “It’s frustrating because I can do everything but what pertains to basketball — running and jumping, defensive slides,” he told the Times. … Bynum is the one that lacks the confidence to come back at this time. I don’t believe there is a doctor alive that will clear any patient, when that patient is stating: “I can’t, I can’t.”


    Lakers 24 7,YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!

  • domz

    [Comment ID #34852 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Okay you are so correct bro. Be Glad. There’s a genious within you.

    What’s the deal? We have no deal lately, it’s playoffs time and trade deadline is over!!!

    Just kidding. I am talking from my own opinion. Do not argue anymore coz Im using my “FAITH”. Have faith bro. Bynum will be back for WCF!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • domz

    If Bynum wont go back this season, you can have Kurt Rambis’s mustache…

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  • Geloman

    With any injury that has not healed as expected or with any serious illness, it’s always good practice to get a second opinion.

    The question arises if the second Dr. says that Andrew is close to returning or even good to go, who will he and the Lakers brass believe? Will the just continue to play it cautious and hold him out since the Lakers are on a roll? Or will they get yet a 3rd opinion.

    I really think that with Bynum finally showing up to a playoff game and watching the team battle it out, while having fun, AB feels he’s missing out an feels useless and helpless. It’s a feeling that is expected when you’ve been out for so long and cannot be part of the action.

  • David

    The bottom line is this. Bynum isn’t going to play until he feels confident with his knee. If he’s in pain then it’s obvious his knee hasn’t fully healed. The length of recovery is worrysome because it has been far longer than expected. Hopefully it’s not a more serious problem than originally thought.

  • ek

    What a big disappointment!

  • ek

    I say we ship his a$$ out for JKidd!

  • Clivethrives

    Bynum has got to be getting a 2nd opinion so he can be cleared to play. He feels healthy enough to play one on one, but it’s the men in little white coats that don’t want to sign off on the liability given another injury. He thinks he can contribute off the bench 10-12 minutes a game. C’mon if he’s resolved about his injury and not playing for the rest of the season, why get a second opinion now? Why not wait for the current therapy to take it’s course through the summer? Let the kid play coach!

  • ek

    “In the Lakers’ postseason blueprint, Kobe Bryant is the master suite, Pau Gasol is the family room and Andrew Bynum is the crawl space above the garage.”

  • LakersFirst

    I read that Bynum is getting a second opinion to determine if he should get knee surgery, not to determine if he can come back this season.


    Some fool in the shoutbox is talkin”bout sign Kwame and trade Bynum,NO SMOKING ON LAKERNATION.

    Bynum gets nice contract because he was the one(besides KB)who put LAKERNATION in the position to be contenders and get Pau. 60-65 mil. will suffice.

    SIGNAIRFRANCE,MITCH.com,3 in a row(or JO).

  • Fantastic5LAL

    i’m kinda questioning Bynum’s heart here but it’s not my knee so I dont know how it feels

  • lakeshow88

    yo i think there just holding him back until the finals or western finals(when the truly need him). i dont think he would be getting a second opinion if he wasnt thinking about making a comeback for the playoffs. there is something fishy going on?

  • Geloman

    I know this is from a blog site but it’s an official Lakers blog site.

    Looks like some bad news:


    Only slight improvement after all this time. Wow. Get ready to go under the knife big Drew and see you next season.