Good news on Drew’s condition.

ESPN: The Lakers opened up the playoffs with a statement game from Andrew Bynum, who put up 13 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks against the Thunder in Game 1 of the first round after sitting out almost a month because of a strained left Achilles tendon.

The 7-foot center suffered a slight tear of the lateral meniscus in his right knee late in the series against Oklahoma City but wouldn’t let it slow him down, averaging 12.5 points and 12 rebounds in the first two games of the second round against Utah.

The knee might have finally caught up to him.

The 22-year old addressed reporters after Tuesday’s practice, which he did not take part in, with flip flops on his feet and an ice bag on his knee.

“I feel fine,” Bynum said a day after opening up the conference finals with four points and four rebounds in 19 minutes of play. “I just finished getting some treatment done on it, and [there’s] a lot less swelling.”

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  • Leo

    Good to hear. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to play too much today, and can rest until the next game on Sunday.

  • lakers are the bomb

    Man up Bynum put your skirt down reach between your legs feel your balls that god gave you and go kick ass.
    Kobe is hurt ,La mar is hurt you dont see them crying about a injury.
    You china doll hope to see you in a Toronto uniform
    because you are useless here. Every year you are hurt so what the fuck good are you ?
    Yaeh you are 22 years old 7 ft but cant stay uninjured
    join the losers like benoit,campell ,dc coleman,sam bowie all big man always hurt .

    • 242LakerFan

      WTF are you even talking about? HE’S PLAYING!!! He’s not sitting out and whining about it. If he’s not playing big minutes, that’s Phil’s call and, frankly, we haven’t needed big minutes from him, so what’s the problem?
      Did I miss where he started flinging powder, prancing like an idiot and wearing #23? There’s a pussy, if you’re looking for one. Bynum’s injury would have him crying and sitting out for about two months!

    • lakerman1

      This site needs to do something about all of the profanity its getting ridiculous.

  • lakerman1

    Hope Joe De Rosa does’nt ref any Laker games. Could you imagine Jack Nicholson being ejected because of heckling the ref. Joe tossed the Ball to the Orlando Fan who then tossed it back and the Fan gets ejected from the stadium. It is clearly time for Stern to be replaced because unless you throw something at the Ref no way you shoud be thrown out of the building. Its becoming a sad day folks when fans have no rights. Anyway i will concentrate on the Lakers showing Amare another lucky game. And i do feel that the League really wants another Laker/Celtic rematch that is why the Boys need to win decisively to remove all doubt much like they did with the Jazz.