Bynum could return to practice next week

Almost there Drew, take it one step at a time.

L.A. Times: “He’s running hard,” Jackson said of Bynum, whose rehab process has partly entailed running on ananti-gravity treadmill. “It looks like he’s about ready to do 100% load-bearing activity, which we think puts him on the court at the end of next week.”

  • John Robertson

    Wow good to hear that, take your time Drew.

    • lakerman1

      Precisely. If it aint broke why fix it. The Lakers are playing well with LO in the starting Lineup. The Lakers do not need recurring incidents where Andrew gets injured just befor the Allstars and is out again until April. If that occurs again then it time for the Lakers to cut there losses. Andrew only played a small part in the teams Championships in the last 2 years and that includes the massacre Boston handed out in the 2008 final game. Andrew needs to be the Dominate force he has the potential to be. With the current squad so far so good.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    he will take his time,thats what he does best.lazy.

    • LakersFirst

      I like when he dunked over KG twice in Boston last season. Remember that. That was great.

      • LakerNationCitizen

        Yeap!! I remember that fondly!! LoL

  • rondo

    Lakerman1 you hate Bynum so much would you trade him to the Heat? Because Guys like you get on my nerve. I am happy we have Andrew and to trade him sound real stupid. Who will you trade him for? What about Bosh for Bynum would you make that trade? Be happy you have Bynum, Miami fans would love to have him.

    • lakerman1

      You know what idiot. No one said to trade him. What i said if your dumb ass can read is the lakers are doing fine without him. At some point in time the realizatiom has to set him that he is just injury prone. Read what people say before you make your dumb ass comments.

      • lakerman1

        Also i want AB to succeed. I do not hate anyone. He is gettiing 54 mil SIR its time he starts earning it. Lash out at someone else.

        • lakerman1

          You pissed me off so much that my sentences are sounding as stupid as your ridiculous comments. Gotta start proof reading my own statements.

      • bostonSUCKS88

        yes they are doing fine without him. they also do fine with him (2 straight titles). so it wouldnt hurt having him back

    • rondo

      lakerman1who the fuck you think you are talking to? Stupid motherfucker learn the game. Punk Ass stop crying like a little bitch. They don’t need you negative ass as a fan.Punk.


        WHOW, WHOW….Man, why all the hostility?…Lets take a chill pill….get it a “chill pill”….I sell ice cream…Ice cream is cold and therefore chilled…..ahahhahha….whatever.

  • sancho

    I love Bynum, but I am afraid he will get injured again. Bynum needs to take his time. The Lakers are doing just fine without him.

  • The artist formally known as Brown Hater

    I agree we are playing fine right now so I would much rather have Andrew wait until he is fully healed rather than try to rush back and be out or injuried again during the playoffs when his size really matters.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      no one is saying he’s rushing back. he is obviously close to being fully healed. i trust the laker training staff wont allow bynum to play until he is fully healthy. but no he is not rushing back

  • Robert.

    He’s just gonna have to play with that brace all year long. He’ll be important in games w/bigs.

  • 242LakerFan

    Hey, I wouldn’t call this rushing. Don’t forget that the original prognosis had him back by the end of training camp. That got pushed back when they found extra debris and damage in the knee. Then it got pushed back again. This is just a readjustment based on his actual progress. This is a good thing.
    I do agree, though, that he should be worked in a few minutes at a time off the bench and slowly get into a full playing schedule, rather than trying to come back too rapidly.


    It’s scary to think that we have a starter that has yet to play and as soon as he comes back will make this team even better. Yes he is a big young guy that throughs his height around pretty well, and yes, he is another offensive and defensive rebounder that will only help us but I’m still 50/50 with him. I really can’t decide if I would look into trading him or just keep him and live with semi-seasons of production.

    It is a business so with that mind set, I would trade him BUT for only another great center or a good center w/ luggage. Bynum = Howard or Bynum = Kaman + ?….well the only thing I know about business is to never be too low on ice. My inventory will suffer….

  • rondo

    Also Punk what Bynum get paid is none of you business,


      I beg to differ….what Bynum gets paid is all of my business. You best believe that if Bynum walked up to my truck, first thing I’m going to do is get off the truck, move him to the side, grab my marker and add a couple of zero’s next to the amount. Then I will get back in my truck, look out the window and say…”Hot day today isn’t it my friend? So what would you like?…” Yes, ALL OF MY BUSINESS. Keepin it real.

  • Robert.

    Simply put: Bynum’s ‘mere’ presence in the post is a deterrent. He is ‘essential’ to the Lakers, but mostly in the playoffs (and against teams with bigs).
    Pau ‘cannot’ stop the O’Neal twins by himself.
    If anyone were crazy enough to trade Bynum, they would have to get Brook Lopez or Dwight Howard in return, that’s it. Nobody under 7 ft tall, and few centers would fit the bill for an equitable trade.
    BTW, esp. tonight with the 3 amigos, think how a trade, Bynum for Bosh, would have worked out …

  • Robert.

    For example – the Lakers would have won by more points if Drew were in the ‘post’ keeping the Raptors from getting all those takes.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Hurry back Bynumite! I’m sacrificing a roster spot on my fantasy team for you cause I know you’ll be a beast. I need you back on the court ASAP!

  • chris ekstedt

    he’ll be injured again soon.

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