It looks like Bynum could miss the early part of the season. But remember, when it counted, he played through the pain. Thoughts?

Yahoo: Bynum underwent knee surgery in July and will be limited in training camp and the preseason. If he doesn’t get much practice time before the season starts, the Lakers may choose to leave him on the bench for a while at the start of the year to let him slowly work his way back into game shape.

  • Topper

    Welp. There goes his aspirations of becoming an all star this year. *sigh*

  • Marwan Marzina

    Why are you guys already talking like he’s missing the season? Read it again:
    “If he doesn’t get much practice time before the season starts”
    Thats just someone speculating on what could happen IF he doesn’t get sufficient practice.
    Drew is motivated to make the All-Star team. This post is pure speculation on the possibilities of him missing time, it’s not saying he is missing time for sure.

  • laughoutloud

    WHAT THE FUCK. How is he not ready? he shouldnt have delayed his surgery man, he waited . he should have gotten it right after the finals. fuck man, drew

    you fucked up bro!


    • LOL

      I agree. He should have known better. Mitch should’ve enforced it as well.

      • 151rummer

        seriously….same crap Shaq pulled on the surgery with his big toe! Andrew should have gotten it done when the season was over and there would b no doubt he would be ready for the start of the season!

  • bostonSUCKS88

    no big deal. who cares if he misses a few game in october?

    • acgod15

      do you realize there are like 3 games in october -___-

      • bostonSUCKS88

        i do

  • LbC Ya562

    Jeezus…… Im about done wit Bynum, I like him as a person, n as a player WHEN he’s healthy…. Problem is he’s young and only has a couple 100% healthy seasons. (Most were when he wasnt even a starter) He’s missed some games due to injury more then some vets… I wouldnt be disappointed if we traded him for another Big man and someone else in exchange… Like a Tyson Chandler and another role player or somethin. If he could stay healthy I’d be for keeping him. Lets see if he can stay healthy for a WHOLE season.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      this article should not have been posted. now we have typical laker fans overreacting. you’re done with bynum? name me a few quality centers who play a WHOLE season, 82 games. tough to do cuz there arent many.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    read the article, not just the title.

  • VICTOR((:

    Character taking over….

  • Sir

    Come on dude, seriously? He shouldn’t be having to miss ANY time at all. Maybe if he had gotten the surgery as soon as the season ended like he should’ve then he wouldn’t be in this position. It really sucks how this kid has a ridiculously slow healing rate. Arghhhh…. >_<

  • drive-for-17th

    ARE YOU FUKKING SERIOUS. I ove andrew but damn i really wantted this guy to be dominant liek shaq was, but injuries fukked his career up, hes still young but, i don’t see a brighter future, i could be wrong but, He better not miss season games, fukk teh preseason!!

  • Robert.

    OK, the article didn’t say Drew is ‘injured’, he is simply rehabilitating from surgery, which is normal.
    What the article implied is that ‘since he will be missing some of camp’, they may choose to leave him out of a few games to give him a chance to ramp up to season status.
    The purpose of this is to ‘prevent injury’, which could occur from coming back too early. OK?
    It’s gonna be fine.
    Then again, Carmelo for Bynum — whaddya think? No, just kidding :)

  • NBAmazingKB24

    he will come back stronger!

    I believe in you Drew
    We want that 3peat and we need you.
    W/E it takes for him to become healthy again is all i care

    • Marwan Marzina

      Great to see some of you guys backing him up. Spoken like a true fan.

    • HATER

      Damn some of these peeps are freakin out already calm the f@&k down. Yall act like the season is over.

  • OaklandLakers

    Along with alot of you I’m sure, first thing that came to mind was that this opens up more time for yes of course Odom and Gasol but more interestingly our new comers.

    It would be nice to see more Caracter then we would have had Bynum not been in this situation which leads to the second thing that came to my mind. $58 Million dollar man…priorities dog.

    Now this is still just a possibility but I think that it’s safe to say if theres talk of him possibly missing some reg. season time then it’s a lock for him to miss some significant amount of training camp. Acceptable? Not at 58.

  • 242LakerFan

    This is all speculation and from what I remember reading at the time, the delay in having the surgery never made any difference. In fact, whereas he COULD have had the surgery in the days following the Finals, the prognosis would have been basically the same as far as the premise of this article. He still would have been rehabbing the knee through training camp and his practice time would still have been limited. Therefore, the contingency would still have been to bench him at the beginning of the season while he worked himself into playing condition DEPENDING on how much time he actually missed during training camp.
    He’s working his ass off right now to improve his core strength and rehab the knee and it could still be that he is healthy enough to get the time he needs in training camp to make it unnecessary to bench him. All this article says is that they have a plan in place if he isn’t. Either way, on either schedule, he still has plenty of time to work up an All-Star resumé by the break, which, let’s not forget, is almost two thirds of the way through the season.
    Take a breath, people. Chill a bit. It’s gonna be cool, alright?

  • LouisTaylored

    I’ve seen all the comments and I don’t wanna overreact, but seeing last years’ Finals we are gonna need Home Court throughout the playoffs to complete this 3-peat. Especially with, and I hate to say it, The Miami Heat looming out there and if we drop a couple early games that can be the deciding factor; that is if they make it to the Finals. I love Drew and have always believed in him and I believe he can get All-Star honors regardless if he misses 10 games or so but Im thinking ahead because we all know how the Lakers love to play lethargically in the regular season. With that being said, I have complete faith in my Lakers and believe we’ll get past any setback even though I hope Drew can be there for the seasons’ start.

    • 242LakerFan

      This summer saw a lot of talent shift from the West to the East. A lot of major improvements were made in places like Miami (obv) and Chicago and many analysts expect the East to be far more competitive than in previous years. That leaves the West slightly weakened.
      I don’t think there are as many really competitive teams out West anymore and this could easily lead to a situation where it is less likely for an EC team to pile up a huge record on the back of a bunch of weak sisters where a superior WC team has had to struggle against better opposition and lose that home court advantage.
      I don’t foresee Bynum’s possibly missing a few games (I don’t think it would even be as many as ten) as being a problem for the Lakers record-wise as it might have been in previous years.

  • F__K That!

    I will really think Bynum is that great once he can play a FULL season injury free.
    Yes he can be a force at times, but every year we miss him when we need him the most.
    It’s just getting a bit too old. We can never rely on him.

  • LakerNationCitizen

    Oh no the sky is falling!!!

    Geez people, take a chill pill. Drew knows what it takes now (after playing through the pain and what-not, last post-season). He’ll be there, he’ll show up FULL-FORCE. And he’ll be an all-star this season!

    He’s got goals now and he knows that if he works hard, it’ll payoff.

  • Leo

    I’m not gonna overreact just yet, but God damn, that mother f’er could have had the surgery a month earlier. Shouldn’t be a huge issue if Gasol and Odom are playing and healthy. Maybe we’ll get to see more of Ratliff.

  • daboss1848

    He “got hurt on company time, so he’ll heal on company time.”

  • The artist formally known as Brown Hater

    I’m sure Drew will be fine for the regular season, he might miss 2 or 3 games tops nothing major. And that will give us a chance to see more of Caracter during the preseason & the first few games to see how he stacks up against true NBA players. This might actually work out in our favor if he can impress Phil we’ll have another big to throw out there.

  • lakers0828

    Bynum dont stay healthy this year im gonna consider him a BUST

  • rondo

    Fake ass fans coming out of their holes.