NBC Los Angeles: Nobody wants to say it out loud, for fear of a jinx, but there are whispers around the Lakers that Andrew Bynum will be back by the end of March or early April. Sooner than most thought and in plenty of time for the playoffs.

Tuesday he showed up to a Lakers practice and was quick to show off how fast he is recovering.

“He said the swelling is minimum right now that he has,” Jackson said. “He’s walking without aid. So he feels pretty good about what he’s doing. We know that this first two weeks is going to be kind of sketchy. As he starts healing, things will start changing a little bit.”

After last season, when Bynum’s recovery dragged on worse than a Gray’s Anatomy story line, everybody around the Lakers is gun-shy about saying anything positive this time around.

But the whispers are there — he looks good. He’ll start rehab soon. And with a little luck he will be back with plenty of time to get in shape before the playoffs.

Just don’t say that too loud.

  • ilikebasketball

    more appropriate for this one:

    how do we feel about moore(especially if we don’t get bynum back sooner) and especially marbury going to the celtics? does this make us a bit worried?
    it’s a bit irritating. a crappy subpar team that won the championship by getting two hall of famers. and now when they are not playing well enough to get the ring again they try get marbury.

    but i’im wondering if there is a worry.
    or will marbury be to the celtics what iverson was to detroit?

    (1st post? yay?)

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    wow this is great news for the lakers if drew has no setbacks. he will give the lakers one hell of a player coming of the bench..

  • Matthew

    It always amazes me when people get frustrated with the fact that Boston got two HOFs as if it was something to be frowned upon. I remember the lakers doing the same thing all the way back to bob mcadoo to kareem to gary payton and karl friggin malone. They won it fair and square last year. They also were not subpar based upon the fact they had the best record and won.

    Regarding Moore and Marbury; Moore doesn’t scare me at all. He is no threat however Marbury could hit some big shots but thats with the given that he will be good by them. He hasn’t played for 2 years remember,

  • Mr. Fuji’s Funhouse

    I hope this is right but that story it is referencing on him showing up to practice was the update in the L.A. Times from Feb. 11

  • lakerfan81

    Moore is not very good. He gives them some depth and may provide a little bit more than Scalabrine does, but he does not give them anything near what PJ Brown did last year. And Marbury hasn’t played a game of basketball in almost 2 years, he hasn’t even been allowed to practice in a very long time. What kind of shape do you think he is in? He doesn’t seem to be the type of player that works on his gam ein in his own time. He is a bad locker room presence, doesn’t like to practice, doesn’t play within the team concept (never has I doubt he will now). Besides the guy is insane (literally mentally unstable insane). I am not worried about either player.

  • deafdefiant

    Good news for Bynum. As far as the C’s recent moves I’m not worried. If anyone is worried it’s the C’s. These moves aren’t because they know that we can beat them anywhere (we proved this already)it’s because they aren’t 100% sure the can get to the finals to have their chance against us. If they get their chance I’ll take the Lakers (ref: Bynum recovery + possible home-court advantage) against the C’s with their new players after a long series against Cavs any day.

    Am I worried about the Cavs?


  • Juilliard Dancer

    I’m looking at it this way.
    We beat Boston and Cleveland on their home courts and at the end of a long road trip with both of those teams on a streak…without BYNUM!..the cavs got a shooter back and the celtics are scrambling for some other players, but hey we have one of the Biggest, strongest, great player in the league in Andrew Bynum and he will be back soon.
    What’s more impressive..what sounds more dangerous? Celtics getting a few new guys or Old guys or the Lakers getting THE young Andrew Bynum back who has great chemistry with the team and is already proven?
    We have a Great record without Andrew already, so getting him back makes us even better.
    I just think it will be great for the TEAM, if he comes off the bench and our second unit turns into Orlando Magic style basketball without our great second unit shooters. This way Odoms and bynums talents can be used for effective. I do think we should start Bynum against some teams in the league, but when you look at Odoms game and you weigh the pros and cons of who should come off the bench… it makes more sence to have Odom getting our first unit guys going with his abilities and Bynum being the scoring threat in the second unit and doing all his D..the game will open up big time for the Lakers. that’s a powerful way to play a game.


    This story is old my friend. There was something similar said on LATIMES. But still until he is practicing there is nothing for us to be happy about. Once i know he`s rehabing and doing some drills ill be happy. As for the Celdiks they know they cant win a championship unless they gear up. They are soft this year and they need all the help that is possible. Hope they get eliminated in the first round lol

  • Diehardfan

    With Odom and Ariza comming off the bench I am not worried at all about the Celt’s bench. I’ll take our top 9 players against theirs. I am defenitely not concerned with the Cavs. In a tight game any team needs a player who is a closer who can hit the outside shot and believe me that is not Lebron.

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

    Good news!

  • gugy

    stay health Bynum. Come backs soon brother.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #62940 Will Be Quoted Here]

    good point.

    getting moore is fine, i understand getting another big man when you can. but getting marbury sounds like a scrabble move. oh crap, we aren’t the sure fire winners anymore, lets get marbury, it worked with garnett and allen.

    articles on sports illustrated.com http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/basketball/nba/02/25/marbury/index.html#?eref=T1

    seems to look pretty good for the non celtics fans.

    also, watching the last few games, does anyone else see doc rivers as the sasha vujacic of coaches? complains every call no matter what!

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    I’ve been saying this SINCE HE WENT DOWN! he will be back sooner than we think!

  • Smush Walton

    Who is this a-hole “Joseph”?

    Can we get his posts blocked? No one on this site cares to read his diarrhea anymore.

    Perhaps we can forward his posts to a Sukdic site where there are more people that share his single digit IQ.

  • bynumite

    We’re going to get bynumite back and the celtics are getting moore and starbury ready LOL! The suckdicks are such a joke this season…its cavs and lakers baby…with the lake show dynasty taking the series in 5 games.

    I estimate the lakers will win the next 8 rings…till kobe turns 38 and retires…and boston peaked last year and will be at the bottom of the league as the lakers win their 8th straight championship


  • MIchelle

    Joseph is a CELDICK FAN….who is patrollin a laker site cuz all the celtics blogs are busy suckin off marbury right now…he just wanted a break from the action and see what a winning teams site talks about!

  • Dave

    [Comment ID #62943 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Good catch. This news was reported on the 11th, 14 days ago.

  • imfasterthanur

    First Farmar, now this?

    Our physical therapists need a raise.

  • MIchelle

    Hey Dave…stop ridin LA4LIFE’s dick…some of us haven’t heard the good news on the ELEVENTH!

  • jason

    Why does everyone care what the sukdiks are doing…I personally could give a sht until we face them again..IF we face them again..and thats a big IF. For now with me its Boston who?

  • MIchelle

    you’re right jason sukdiks can sukdik

  • Banzai

    [Comment ID #62934 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #62976 Will Be Quoted Here]

    joseph why do teams make trades or sign more people? Because they want to get better, just get it in your head. The celtics suck…



  • domz

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    i would prefer magic johnson than wells. we need a back up big man. Go get joe smith

  • YellowPurpleFever

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    Hes just scared, cause LA is gonna kick Celt’s or Cav’s behind. Without Drew and we have been rank #1 like forever. also, every radio and stations in America talked about the Lakers and Kobe and Phil and the all-star(Shaq) and Buss and Magic and Jack and Danzel and Dicapprio and Flea you know what I mean…
    Moore and Steph that sounds “thuggy” = bad chemistry…
    So how is your playground ball these days? Smush

  • VL

    old news…

  • lainok

    if the irish are so scared that they would sign the cancer that is starbury to their team, then their originization is obviously scared. Not only by L.A., but by clevland as well. They are under the tremendous task to repeat, and if they take Marbury it shows how uncertain they really are.

  • LakersFirst

    Suckdics lost to the Clippers – HA!!

  • Smush Walton

    Hey Single Digit Joseph,
    I hope you had front row seats to the Clipper game tonight to cheer on your Sukdics! Hopeefully that was a preview of what we can expect from you chumps in the playoffs!

  • Dr Len

    Andrew will play his first game on April 3, 2009 at home
    against the Rockets.
    He will be full speed for the Conference finals.