monsterL.A. Times: Andrew Bynum was relieved.

It was time to move on to another playoff series, one in which he would make a bigger impact if the Lakers and their center get their wish.

If timing is everything, Bynum was solid Sunday against the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals.

He was pretty much a human pendulum against Houston, swinging back and forth between scoreless games, of which he logged three, and productive efforts.

In Game 7, he had 14 points on six-for-seven shooting. He also had six rebounds, two blocked shots and a steal in 22 minutes.

“Andrew played great,” forward Pau Gasol said. “His production was very, very good. He played aggressive, he controlled the boards and he was a presence. We need that from him consistently. We’re going to need that in the next series against a front lineup that is going to be a lot bigger than Houston’s.”

Indeed, there are no 6-foot-6 centers on the Denver Nuggets’ roster.

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    That was the beast we all remember. My favorite part of Bynums game yesterday was when he threw Brooks to the ground and got the technical foul call. Loved the attitude!