L.A. Times: Andrew Bynum is experiencing the vocal pro-Celtics crowd, the intense media presence, the NBA on its largest stage.

All that’s missing is the playing time.

Bynum’s seat is at the end of the Lakers’ bench, in a suit. He’s making the most of it, trying to soak in his surroundings while hoping to play a more active role in future NBA Finals.

“I would love to be a part of it, obviously, but I’m going to be able to get the experience and the atmosphere, at least, and be ready to come back next year,” Bynum said. “I think it’s obvious that you would be kind of upset a little bit, but you’ve got to deal with that. It is what it is.”

Sidelined since Jan. 13, Bynum underwent left knee surgery May 21 and began minor range-of-motion exercises at the team hotel Thursday, the first step in his rehabilitation after having cartilage debris removed and rough spots on the underside of his kneecap smoothed out.

“They found a couple of things in there that weren’t on the MRI and they took them out,” he said. “I’m fine. I’m just waiting. They said about four more weeks before I can start jogging and stuff like that. I’m looking forward to going to the track in July so I can start working out again. It’s been a long time.”

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  • Celtics0-4

    You know what evryone it doesnt matter if faker pierce faked it or not that was the past and we must look at the present. We are not going to let one win bring us down. We must believe in ourself as we have done since the start. Sure we lost one game, but we will WIN game 2 and than everyone we wll rock the boston at staples and at least make the series 3-2 in which we all need is 1 game!Come on Lakers fans we can do it and we are strong if you agree say “Si se puede!” it means in spanish yes we can!




  • LakersFirst

    Remember, Bynum was motivated at the beginning of this season, and we saw what he did, averaging 13 and 10 for the season (17 ppg, 12 boards, and 3 blocks in January alone).

    If he’s as motivated going into next, and it sounds like he is, then he’s just another weapon that will make the Lakers an even scarier team.

  • Michael_23

    You actually see em on NBA TV working light with the Lakers. That’s actually a pretty good sign.

  • David

    Let’s just wait and see how strong he is when he comes back. His injury was a lot worse than expected. Hopefully it won’t have any lingering effects.

  • sammie

    Bynum is going to be SO ready for next year, i can’t wait to see what this kid is REALLY made of, he’s going to destroy Boston next year

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    If we don’t get a record winning season next year I will be disappointed.

    If you need tickets just write me @ vivavegas112@aol.com


    It’s all on Bynum’s shoulders. This is his Money Making year. If he comes out MOTIVATED, DETERMINED, PASSIONATE, etc. His performance will demand top dollar but if he comes out hesitant, slow, non-confident then his future paycheck will suffer.

    Big boy it’s up to you. You come out strong, Lakers benefit and so do you. You come out weak, we all loose out.