Good news on the Andrew Bynum front: The young center began running on a treadmill Tuesday, and there have been no negative repercussions thus far.

The news is at least a tad surprising, since in Portland on Monday Phil Jackson had informed reporters that there would be little to talk about until April.

Last week, we learned that Bynum had begun doing cardio on a stationary bike and a Precor machine, which was progress from Jackson’s comments just after the All-Star break.

Just after the injury, we spoke to Bynum in New York City, and he already was in high spirits. With the ongoing news all suggesting that he remains on schedule, chances are that his mood hasn’t changed.

  • LakersFirst

    Bynum: The Final Piece to the championship team. The rest of the NBA better pray he doesn’t get better.

  • Margo

    They can pray all they want…I’m saying it again…he will return “sooner” than expected!

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #64356 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And we gotta pray that he DOES get better. Because if Bynum is back and in rhythm, it’s bad news for the NBA.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Lets Go! Lakers 09

  • 123kid

    well if hez on schedule, phil is just giving the media a time table as to when bynum will be 100% ready to go and to be back in the rotation to be heavy minutes. obviously, if bynum makes it back at the end of the month, phil is prolly gonna want to reserve him to maybe 15-20 minutes a game until the playoffs come, so he can set off drew like A BOMB!!!!!!!

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Defensive presence in the post, the ability to alter shots, the ability to block shots. Come back please.

  • ShortDiezel

    woohooooo…. bring back the A BOMB

  • Ko-Pau19


  • Mitch4Pres

    if bynumite comes back just hand us the trophy

  • Lker Roger

    this guy has done nothing but get hurt. he a boy man
    like elden campell was. big no balls runs from dwight hrong oward kg how you going to win with a boy.
    should have trade the fool like kobe said.
    he s not theral deal.proof me drew

  • Dave

    Bynamite the A-bomb. Me likey.

  • mr.clutch101

    Come back Bynum! Your squad needs ya, and its about time your ass plays in the playoffs!

  • sketch

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    Hey nice disguise Joseph, you fcukin celdick lover! He ain’t afraid of KG or Howard. This dude asked for the ball on the next play after Shaq went over the back on him and froze Shaq in his stance and spun into a 2 handed dunk on Shaq then runs down the court and fore arm shoves Shaq and you think that he’s afraid of those 2? Your take is just so laughable!

    Go Bynum! Go Gasol! Go Kobe! Go LO! and most of all…Go Lakers!