Amazing in the heat of the NBA Finals two of the future greats in all the centers in the NBA plan to work out together!

bffO.C. Register: Andrew Bynum has talked about working out with Dwight Howard before, and now Howard is suggesting it will happen. The two young centers both go to Atlanta, Howard’s hometown and where Bynum’s trainer is headquartered, during the offseason, so it’s logical.

Bynum is also good friends with Howard’s high-school teammate, former Laker Javaris Crittenton. Even though Crittenton was traded by the Lakers in the Pau Gasol deal last season, Crittenton showed up during the Lakers’ playoff run at one of the games.

“We’ve already talked yesterday (during Game 1) about working out together during the summer,” Howard said. “He wants to get a little bit more toned up, and I’ve got some workout regimens for him.”

Howard said he noticed Bynum shooting that nice jumper early this season and asked himself: “Is that really Andrew?”

Although Howard referred to himself and Bynum as “dinosaurs” given how few traditional big men exist in today’s game, Bynum said: “I see us as kind of the rebirth at that position. It gets people to the Finals.”

  • Yoke Lee

    Very nice to read indeed!!!

  • 123kid

    if bynum shows up to training camp lookin like dwight howard, then sorry k.g. you wont see anymore championships.

  • crazypostman

    i think both of these guys could learn from each other. bynum can teach dwight how to shoot some free throws and maybe bynumite can learn some power post moves from howard. i think this sort of comraderie in the nba is a great thing. a big man rivalry between these two could be a great saga in the nba a few years down the road. i am totally for this.

  • Showtime

    Man I hope this does happen. Working with Howard would do wonders for Drew’s game.

  • gus26

    right now i hate howard.. i want nothing to do with him and i just want to smack that stupid smile off his face…

    in the offseason.. its a different world and i hope he does indeed workout with bynum because if bynum can get stronger and bigger like howard has each of the past few off seasons.. forget about it!!.. he’ll be unstopable..

    because remember.. he is 2″ inches taller than howard.. and i think it should really be counted as 3″ cuz howard has a longer head and bynum has a shorter head..

    on top of all that with drews wing span.. those long arms.. with muscles like howard..

    ladies and gents forget superman 1 (shaq) and superman 2 (howard).. we would witness the birth of Doomsday.. aka the guy who killed superman!!..

  • barcalakerfan4life

    maybe howard can teach him a thing or 2 about not being lazy.

  • pio2u

    That’s great! This could develop into the next “big man rivalry” ala Wilt v Russell. Good luck & go LAKERS!!


    Why are they really going to work out this summer? They are both in love with each other and will probably have a summer fling together. I think Bynum is gay. Do you guys see how much Bynum smiles at Dwight? Dwight is Tight. I want some of that action. OHHHHHHHHH!!!! MORE VASELINE MOM!!!!!!!!


    ^^^^Classic wussie_fvcken_ pussie, hanging on to someone else’s balls! …What’s the matter, can’t cope with your own reality? …Still chasing someone else’s Thunder? …How good does My_Warlock ass taste?

  • Robert

    That’s like Kareem working out with Wilt. I think there was a mutual hatred back then, or I could be wrong (maybe it was just on the court). Well anyway, Kobe worked out w/LeBron, and Carmelo (in the Olypmics), and look what happened to their games. LeBron and Carmelo stepped up their game. Kobe gave them a little of his mojo. Kareem is a ‘finesse’ player, so he’s teaching that to Drew. DH wants to be the next Wilt. If some of that transfers to Bynum, then his game can only improve. He does need another perspective outside of Kareem’s (who is great, but just one aspect of a big man’s game). Drew should work out with Birdman, and learn some better shot blocking.

  • KB24ForLife


  • gugy

    [Comment ID #74821 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Man, KG and the Suckdicks are done!
    another 20 years until then get another ship.

  • JCbiglessworth

    HAHAHA it gets people to the finals!?!?! lol im a huge lakers fan but Maybe Howard but not u bynum, we have had to carry u the whole playoffs. After seeing him play in this run, I see that at the most he will avg 15/10 in his career. $13.8M was ridiculous for a guy that never proved anything but just a couple good games.

  • Dwight Howard

    Andrew and I are just friends. We are NOT going to have a summer fling. Go Magics!

  • Kevin Garnett

    Hey Gugy! Who you callin SUCKDICKS? Next season…beware of the GREEN MEN.

  • lakers#1

    This is so cool. The Next Wilt/Russell

  • Toobz20

    I don’t like this off the field friendly-ness

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    I had great baseline seats for Game 2 and, besides getting to see a great game, the one thing that is absolutely clear is that Andrew’s knee is not right. As is, WAY NOT RIGHT.

    I pray it is simply early in the healing process, but he’s dragging that thing and has almost no hops whatsoever. This is why he gets so many really dumb fouls: he has to reach since he can’t move his legs fast enough.

    Worse still, he now has a rep amongst refs as a “fouler”, so they look for it.