ESPN: Ten games into the regular season, I appeared as a guest on Colin Cowherd’s radio show. At the time, Andrew Bynum was averaging just over 20 points per game, along with 11 rebounds. Colin asked me, what, if anything, could slow him down.

“Pau Gasol,” I joked, “when he comes back, Andrew might have to share.”

I was kidding, but it’s not a joke any more. When Gasol returned, Bynum went backwards. After picking up eight double-doubles in the first 11 games, Bynum has none since. It’s almost as if Bynum has been deferring to Gasol, and is willing to take a back seat. Kobe Bryant explains it another way.

“There’s a pecking order,” Kobe says. “I eat first, and Pau eats second. Everybody else can eat what’s left.”

But on Sunday, Gasol strained his left hamstring, and will be out indefinitely. That opens the door for Bynum to move up in that pecking order.

Bynum is fully aware of all of this. When he was asked how his role changes when Gasol is out, he didn’t hesitate.

“I’m going to be more featured on the block cause we’re going to need good post up that provides penetration, for the offense,” Bynum said. “On defense, I’m going to have to get my boards and really, really, work on loading, because with two 7-footers in there it’s a little bit better than one.”

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  • daboss1848

    I really wish he would stop saying that: “I eat first, and Pau eats second. Everybody else can eat what’s left.”

    Reminds me too much of that PIG we traded.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..


  • 242LakerFan

    You know, I got blasted back in November for making the observation that Drew does not leave his feet and actively go after rebounds and that he often defers to teammates when they both have a shot at a ball. I also noted that under the basket he tends to do this little bunny-hop thing and try to flip the ball over the rim instead of lifting and flushing it.
    “Hey,” said my detractors, “the guy’s averaging a double double!”
    I knew that then, but as I said, he could take the step from really good to great if he just gave that extra effort to become a real rebounder.
    Well, here came Pau and all of a sudden everyone is saying just what I was then. I want to take him and one of those little pit-bulls in the red and yellow uniforms and perform some kind of Frankenstein lobotomy procedure on them.
    Yes, he is young and yes, he has been hurt twice already, and badly, under the basket, but that kind of tenacity and aggressiveness would put him over the top and he could seriously become the premier big man in the L.

  • 342p0undcakersspam

    Is that your weight 242 lakerfan? because you look like about 342 lakers fan.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Man, why you gotta give him hate for? The dude was giving his opinion on Bynum but you go ahead like that and take a shot at him. You wanna tease someone, tease the Celtics. Thats the only kind allowed on TLN.

  • Robert

    I said this before: Bynum better come up with another move besides ‘dribble with back to basket, and baby hook’. Maybe Kobe should teach him a good ‘post up’ move. Or, he needs to get creative – look at the greats – watch some film of Kareem, Hakeem, etc. Try something new. Mix it up. Think like a center. Think! Think!

  • B Holland

    Bynum thinks the game before he reacts. He is still learning and can only get better. He is making all haters look like dumb ***** for doubting him. Those ppl don’t know the game. To whoever doubted him you guys are dumb *****.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      I agree with you. You can talk all you want about him but when he puts up the numbers he does, people seem to shut up. We know that Lakers can go to him with Pau out and can trust he will step up and fill the void, and we certainly know that Pau can do that with Bynum out.
      So give this kid a break, he is afterall, a kid. He has a long way to go. He has a future with the Lakers whether you like it or not. I sure like it, Bynum is one of my fave Centres besides Dwight and Shaq. Give him his long due credit. Kobe went about face on Bynum after criticising him and so should you.

  • http://57.amklac KOBESWALLOWS

    kobe isn`t, wasn`t a doubter?

    • B Holland

      Kobe was a doubter but isn’t anymore.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

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  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Look Marwiod you fag nobody wants to follow you on twitter get asshole.
    Bynum is a 7 ft pussy lazy no desire kid.
    He has the attitude Still get paid , dude is a coat rider
    he has no balls and is never going to be a force.

  • Robert

    I think what happened the last two years is that Bynum got too big for his britches. He was a bit scrawnier when he first came in the league, then worked out and put on some lbs. Then he got injured, prob. because his knees weren’t ready for the added weight.
    And this is also why I think he doesn’t ‘jump’ too much.
    First, because he doesn’t have to jump (he’s taller than most players). Second, because if he lands wrong, it could be another injury. He’s still coddling the hurt knees. Recall that he sustained injuries the last 2 years in a row, ‘right about’ this time (January 2008, 2009).
    But, he STILL needs to work on other moves, or improve his post up, even if he plays flat footed.