So I saw this interesting statistic over on There are only 4 players in the league to average a double-double, to go along with two blocks:

1. Dwight Howard – 23.6/15.3/2.7, 38.7 minutes
2. Chris Kaman – 18.3/14.0/2.7, 38.9 minutes
3. Yao Ming – 21.8/10.3/2.3, 37.3
4. Andrew Bynum – 11.1/10.0/2.1, 27.2 minutes

This is a great stat considering he is averaging 10 minutes less than the others on the list. Great stuff!

  • MILO

    Yes and i think now we can dump Kwame and Lameass for cap space and pick up a decent player in the end of the season.Next season will be great for the Lakers OOOYEAAA!!!

  • Jack

    I still think people are getting ahead of themselves. Every player on this team is what makes this team successful. We can’t have too many star power where everyone wants the ball. Lamar is unselfish and yet has the potential to take over the game when he has to. Kwame brings defense. I’d resign Kwame next session if he takes approximately 5 mil/season.

  • LD2k

    The thing that I love about Drew’s numbers is that he’s averaging them ONLY playing about 1/2 the game – if that.

  • The Nugget

    Bynum is the greatest center in Western Civilization! Nothing can stop his epic powerness!

  • 4 20

    guys drew will be the best center in a couple of years

  • lakerfan81

    The nuggest I will change that a little bit. Bynum is the greatest center in western civilization not named Dwight Howard.

    After reading all this stuff about baseball players taking human growth hormone. It makes you wonder about Dwight Howard.. Just kiddding. THough he is a freak of nature.

  • LakersFirst

    When people compare Bynum to Howard, you have to remember, Howard is a pure power player (no outside game at all). Bynum has the potential to be BOTH a power player and a player who can post up and shoot from the outside (Bynum needs to start shooting the skyhook like the Captain did).

  • IMmichael

    and bynum is just 20 barely

  • lakersfan17

    Bynum=Beast, the guy is amazing.