Well, we still KNOW he’s here… right? Gasol may not play, Butler is now likely…

Washington Times: The Lakers created a buzz yesterday with the blockbuster trade that brought in Pau Gasol for Kwame Garbage. But don’t expect to see the 7-foot Spaniard on the court at Verizon Center on Sunday. Gasol had to fly to L.A. to take a physical and hasn’t practiced with the team. Wouldn’t be too great an idea to throw him into a complex offense like the Triangle without a little prep work.

Caron Butler — the man that in a roundabout way made it possible for the Lakers to land Gasol (bamboozle swap of Butler for Kwame) — has a shot at ending his three-game absence. The All-Star forward strained his left hip flexor in Sunday’s overtime loss to Milwaukee, and the Wizards are 1-2 without him this week and 5-22 the last two seasons combined when he doesn’t play. Tough Juice took part in a shootaround today and is listed as a game-time decision. He said in the locker room Friday night that he plans on playing against his former team.

  • Frank

    dam it!

  • lakerz

    damn, i was hoping to see him play tomorrow!

  • lakerz

    wait, is this a thought or is it official?

  • http://myspace.com/nugge7 The Nugget

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    Looks like just speculation. But I guess will just find out tomorrow morning.

  • Frank

    I think it’s someone’s opinion… He should be in uniform, I think he will come off the bench.

  • http://bustedquad.com/forum Caleb

    forget the triangle, this is pau gasol and you cant afford to mess around in the west, every game matters. if he has a pulse, he should be playing.

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    this is a rumor

  • LAKing

    Well, I just read that John Ireland spoke to Phil and he said that Gasol will play tomorrow.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    I think this is bull as KCAL9 said Gasol would play and they’d of taken into account the things he had to do before he got to the team.

    This is only a blog post.

  • Sopi

    come on, it’s from “Washington” Times!! lol

    cant wait to see gasol in lakers uniform!! Especially the golden one~ too bad we are on a 9 game road trip. have to wait 2 more weeks to see gasol in staple center

    welcome to LA~

  • Frank

    washington is scared!!

  • MILO

    When did B!th ass Bucher say Bynum is doubtfull for the rest of the season does anyone have a link???

  • Frank

    Kupchak said NO DELAYS on Bynum during an interview… dont have link…

  • Phant0M

    Its da washington times.

    I say he PLAYS!

  • megaloco10

    fucc bucher but is true i heard all the words from his big mouth on espn videos..

  • lalakerfan

    There’s an article in the L.A Times that reports Gasol is with the team in Washington tonight. I think he will come off the bench and play tomorrow. Also, Ric Bucher is a faggot. He was the one who said Kobe will never play in a Lakers uniform. Now he’s saying that Bynum might be out for the season. That’s bullshit. Here’s the link to prove it:


    And a excerpt from that article:

    Lakers public relations director John Black said an ESPN report that the Lakers traded for Gasol because Andrew Bynum could be out for the remainder of the season is erroneous. Black said the original time frame, in which Bynum would be out six more weeks, hasn’t changed.

    Ric Bucher is a bitch. So is Stephen A. Smith – that loud obnoxious and annoying mofo said the Lakers will never win 50 games. These ESPN analysts are shitheads. oh, and F*ck Doug Collins – the most anti-Lakers national broadcaster. F*ck Bill Walton for calling San Antonio the class act – they’re old and they’ll be decimated by this Laker lineup. Go Lakers – f*ck the rest of the NBA.

  • dson24

    hes going to play i have no doubt

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    right phil told gasol will play, remember when trevor played for the first time as a laker, didnt have any idea of the triangle offense and look at him now before he was injured, gasol will be ok with this offense, cant wait to see him tomorrow

  • ab4sure

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    what is your favorite word you say alot??? “owned”???