They said we weren’t tough enough. They said we didn’t have the heart. They said, we didn’t have a chance without Bynum…

Point, counterpoint…



  • vibe


  • megaloco10

    i still can’t believe those punks are crying for the last call which wans’t a foul..well what can i expect from boston Fans..

    Go Lakers!!!

  • ilikebasketball




    and we missed 12 free throws.
    and we didn’t have bynum.
    and kobe didn’t even play that well!!!

  • L.odom

    Where you at Smush Walton and all you other Odom haters? Do you think we would have pulled this one out without Lamar? I don’t think so. Give the man some fking props! GOOO LAKERSSS



  • KOBEMVP24/7

    That is how you look at fear straight into the eyes

  • Lakers 24 7

    GET ON OUR LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This should have been an easy win for Boston. We played horrible, we didn’t have a legit Center, and we missed quite a few at the free throw line, and we still managed to pull it out.


    BEST WAY TO THROW THE TRASH OUT…they definetely learnt their lesson. Now the next game is the one that decides where we really stand among the east elites… LETS GO LAKERS… and that last play was NOT a foul… they were trying to fake like Pierce does all game long… they can kiss my a$$ … GOD is great

  • KING-BQ1981

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  • zgum

    damn! what a game!

    kudos to gasol and odom… SOLID game!

    bryant’s getting a lot o crazy looks, but common hes tired..
    defending pierce, ray and rondo….
    credit the clutch 3s in the 4th!

    Good momentum for the entire team…
    Great W…

    wohoo… we rock!

  • ilikebasketball

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    hell yeah!!

  • Chris Manning

    Odom slapping KG on the ass was classic. This is an intense rivalry. These two teams HAVE to meet in the finals man.

  • Mitch4Pres

    kobe would have murked rondo and odom would have dropped bitchass garnett. hes from south side jamaica queens he dont play that shi t haha

  • Michael_23

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  • bernzter

    Excellent win by the TEAM!!!

    And the good thing is that the bench mob stood up!!! Eat your wheaties Celdicks.. The Lakers win!!!

    Props to LO and JoshP…

    Nuff Said

    (For Now)…

  • wowlakers

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    odom slapped KG pretty hard. ahha.

    great win. GO LAKERS!

  • lyk13

    They are tough. We just got tougher. Let’s move on! 23-0 Quicken Loans Arena is next.

  • Kobe Banks

    WIth Bynum the Lakers will win hands down. I just can’t believe how mcuh the celtics got away with!!!! Just this game alone, how were any of the technicals double technicals… all the contact and retaliation was initiated by the celtics!!! and their so called coach DOC RIvers, who does no coaching had the nerve to say they werent getting any calls???? THEY GOT ALL THE B.S. Calls!!!

    LAKERS 40-9 BABY!!!!

  • zgum

    ODom played great so as Pau!

  • Margo

    We have slayed the celtic beast… for now…next up…THEM 2ND GUESSING THEMSELVES!and I love it…

  • José Huitron

    As the ‘Big Ticket’ himself would say…




  • Adamas

    NOW WHAT ALL YOU HATERS?!?!?! WHAT CAN YOU SAY NOW?!?!?!? i’ll tell you what to say…SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  • L.odom

    Waiting for you Smush Walton….. WHERE YOU AT?? Odom with the clutch freethrows to win the game baby!!!

  • mon lim

    yes! what a game. those celtics deserve to lose that way. 1pt in overtime. hard to digest that

  • penistone

    one thing lifted us “heart”!

    kobe and odom showed alot of it tonight…

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Great Win. I hate Pierce(Flopper) why don’t the NBA fine his Asss for FAKING A FOUL when driving. Play like this in Cleveland then I have no problem with this roster. Lets BANG!

  • gj


  • Greg

    Im proud of Odom and Gasol today! They showed heart and grit. Good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L.odom

    Here’s a great look at the last play!


    GO ODOM!!!


  • LakersFirst

    The Lakers are the better team They won without Bynum and they missed 12 free throws (we spotted the Suckdics 12 points) and still won. Face it NBA, the Lakers are the better team.

  • LakersNo1


  • jatty


  • Makaveli3

    I always respected Odom, but walton I didn’t. But I have to admit Walton did very good. Much respects to him +1 respect to walton.

  • lakerschamps09

    had we dont this crap in finals we be world champs… damn…. and we won as a team…. kobe hit the 3s that we needed and pretty good D at times… the OT kobe was not a factor at all….. LO and pau did they thing in OT…. come on ppl LO hit two clutch free throws…yay we won…lol… great game

  • L.odom

    A good luck at the last play for the Boston fans.


    SMUSH WALTON… still waiting for you brother.. if lakers would have lost.. you’d be hear in a heartbeat talking crap about odom. What do you have to say now?

  • SliqRiq

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    Hahaha Yeah man I always respect Odom and his game and you’re right where is that biased punk ass Smush Walton or all those Odom haters at no comments when the man has a good game huh!!!!!
    LO is the perfect compliment to this team

  • Fundefined

    I’m glad this is an intense rivalry again.

  • Luke4Lvp

    odom slapped KG’s ass and KG got pissed haha..priceless! way to go odom!

  • fred0s

    KG is a douche. He seems to think just because he won a championship that he can punk anyone and everyone around. If you look at him whenever he plays, he just never shuts up. And I don’t know why Pierce is so cocky. He wins 1 championship and he thinks he’s the best player ever. Son, you can start talking when you have at least 3.

  • havasu jorge

    Great 2nd half by Odom. Great road trip.

  • ODOM:How does ur ass taste?KG


  • Eidraq

    kobe telling rondo, “fck you”

    lamar telling kg, “ima woop ur ass”

  • Lakers 24 7

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    No foul.

    It looks like Allen slipped, thats why he didnt get any lift in his shot.

  • roscoe

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    Well I’d imagine if KG were to respond, he’s say, “I have a ring.”

    But still awesome win the for the lakers esp. cause I had em moneyline +240. Whooo!

  • bdbui


  • Lakers2416

    Hey Chris, you should also put a picture where Josh Powell and Leon Powe was getting into it.

  • sketch

    I LOVE IT! Our boys were right up into those D!cks faces! Those Mofos actually think that they can just punk us around, but they underestimated the growth and pain that we harbored over all off season! We turned that into motivation to fuel the fire of vengence! We now own these guys! We’re in their heads and psyches and we’re going to kick their asses from now on until those big 3 retire!

    Even though we didn’t play the best game, in fact a blundering game, we’re able to pull those out at the end during all the adversity and in their home! By the way, it’s actually our home now! boston might as well paint their floor purple and gold!

  • Chris Manning

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    Do you have the picture?

  • JC

    Thats Right! – REPRESENT DOGGS!! – Lakers Got Heart Baby! – YEAH!

  • portman

    and this was “just another game on the schedule”.

    celtics just can’t accept it.

  • celtic killa

    what’s in store for the finals? call this a sneak peak
    the c’s came weak, so we ended another streak
    we stay flossin, did it at home, now we did it in boston
    Odom with the clutch free throws…nail in the coffin
    kg got in his face, so Lamar had to blast back
    made the big ticket look little, as he got the last laugh
    lie about another injury, that’s what “the truth” ought to do
    bring out a wheelchair, maybe he would’ve made a shot or two
    this was for Bynum, cuz even without him we gave a hard fight
    kg calls him superman, but for pierce it was a dark (k)night
    with a man down, Gasol had to man up, now let’s be honest
    in june we going to the promised land, and that’s a promise
    despite a bad shooting night, Kobe played hard from the start
    hit clutch 3’s when they mattered, put the dagger to their heart
    rondo thought he was hard, so Kobe had to put him in his place
    told him next time it won’t just be a finger, but a fist to the face
    big baby probably cried again, he couldn’t handle the emotions
    made one of eight shots, there’s a reason you were left open
    third game in four nights, yet it was the c’s that looked tired
    it went down to the wire, but we won it with heart and desire
    so at the end of the day, a “no call” was the “fair call”
    mr. “all-star by default” came through with an air ball
    just good hard defense from Fish and Pau, fcuk a foul
    I got a question for kg…”whatcha gonna say now?”

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60882 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Did you see the 1st half?

    Yes Lamar played a great last half of the 3rd and 4th. Come back and talk at me when he puts in a consistent 48 MINUTES! Until then, you are just NOISE clown!

  • Smush Walton

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    You are so right.

    We were damn lucky that the Suckdics played a subpar game. We missed 12 FTs, Sasha sucked big time (I used to really like him but I’m losing faith in this guy), Ariza was a big disappointment, Lamar was horrible for most of the game (in spite of these Lamar Blow Hards) – maybe he got his butt chewed at halftime? Luke was simply pathhtic out there. Even Kobe forced some extremely bad shots. There was a long stretch in the 3rd where he had maybe 2 points.

    The play of the game was KG fouling out (and frankly that was a pretty weak call – but I’ll take it!).

    So yes its great to win – HURRAY! but the fact of the matter is much improvement is needed if we want to win it all at the end of the year.

  • Smush Walton

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    I’m glad one win is all some simple minded folks need ti forget last season’s humiliating disasterous finals debacle. Some of us though do not forget that so easy. When we finish the job in June then we can celebrate – until then you are just passing gas.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60905 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As was pointed out during the broadcast, for the year the “Versatile One” is 36% from the field (considering that most of his shots are layups – that’s ATROCIOUS!) and 61% from the line (which is not much better than 1 for 2).

    So yes, great last half of the 3rd and 4th. Let’s see it for 48 minutes on a CONSISTENT BASIS!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #60918 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m right here LoudMouth!

    I really hope you are crowing this way in June! You were pretty quiet after the Charlotte game when your boy lost it for us with one of his Brain Farts, but that’s ok brother. It’s a 48 minute game and the whole halftime discussion was about your boy’s horrendous 1st half. Maybe the coaches chewing his butt finally did some good!

    Whatever they did at halftime to wake him up I hope they keep doing it!

  • purple’n’gold

    [Comment ID #60890 Will Be Quoted Here] this is the not the first time Odom does that, i have seen do it to other players and including refs, i think odom got into KG skin thats why KG acted that way and am glad Odom didnt back down from it. We have broke Boston 19win game streak , did again last nite snapping the 12win game , now its Cavs home streak to break.

  • gugy

    F U C K YOU! Boston
    F U C K YOU! @sshole Garnett
    F U C K YOU! @sshole Rondo.

    Take it bastards,
    I really want to play you guys back in the finals and kick your motherf•cker @ss!

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!

  • carsea74

    Odom slapping KG on the ass was classic. This is an intense rivalry. These two teams HAVE to meet in the finals man.

    I guess Odom was just trying to be nice,but that a&&%ole didn’t think so…to hell with the Celts I knew we were the better team last year but we couldn’t match their physical intensity,they punked our a&&es…this year is another story,we mean business and as Kobe said it ” enough is enough”,we didn’t play our best,we missed a lot FT’s,Kobe took a lot of bad shoots.But looking at it from a positive perspective,we won at their doghouse,we beat them at their game,we penetrated it and scored it from the paint instead of setting for jump shots,we got the rebounds,fought them and show them that this time won’t be like the last year…bring it on!!!
    One more thing,I’m sick and tired that the refs are not calling all those illegal screen from the Celts,one example here:Allen cuts from under the basket and Fish is chasing him only to be knocked down with an illegal screen done by Perkings,is illegal because you are not supposed to move your feet,as you have to stay still,also you are not supposed to lean you shoulders or arms and use them as weapons to stop the momentum from an apposite player.Result of the play:a wide open 3 point shot by Allen(of course,Fish was busy mopping the floor).KG does it all the time and he always seems to get away with it,and now the rest of those scumbags are catching up quick.You want to see a perfect screen?Watch footage of Duncan and Parker or go old school and watch footage from Malone and Stockton…

  • RonLakers85

    This reminded me of the showtime Lakers, they said they were soft until they went into boston and KICKED ASS! NOW! if LO can get to playing consistant ball there won’t be a problem, lets see what happens in Cleveland.

  • Ethdude

    I feel it necessary to point out that Kobe has lifted another part of Jordan’s game for himself. The “back off bitch” finger point :D. Rondo displayed how full of yourself you can be after winning a title for being in the right place, right time.

  • jason

    Are Boston fans REALLY complaining about the final no call? Where’s the foul? there might have been some contact prior to Allen elevating, but the reason he fell down and airballed was because his shoes slipped on the floor when he tried to stop and elevate (he broke free and even nudged the defender with his off arm). They should complain to the fool who was supposed to be keeping their court dry, because he failed.

  • gugy

    Rondo, you fuc-king kid, prove something before you push the MVP away.
    Little b•tch, kobe fuc-ked your @ss!

  • louie

    why cant Fish ever make a lay-up, yet still tries.

    Even on a clear fastbreak open court, he does not have any confidence at all. Just throws it up and get out of the way.. isnt he suppose to be a Professional player

    Will somebody teach him, and give him videos of tony parker doing it

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #61102 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The problem is at this point in his career he has about a 6 inch vertical leap.

    He needs to stay OUTSIDE! Inside the paint he gets in big trouble. Keep hitting those clutch 3’s but NO LAYUPS PLEASE!!!

  • Magic “Big” Johnson

    I’m still watching replays of the game and man.. Boston and L.A. both did not have their best nights yet we still pulled in out.


    Way to man up Odamn… Pau.. Josh.. Keep doing the damn thang and let the haters keep on hating..

    Ha, ha… Trade who?.. Phuck outta here with that mess.