So Buss is still upset at Odom. Fish and Kobe both have reached out but have failed to settle the issue. The decision is on Lamar… discuss.

L.A. Times: Another day has gone by and Lamar Odom remains a free agent without a team.

The Lakers lost interest and pulled their deal off the table when Odom and his agent didn’t respond quickly enough to the offer. Essentially, the Lakers offered Odom a guaranteed contract worth $30 million, depending on the length of the deal.

Odom prefers a five-year deal but appeared willing to accept the Lakers’ offer if they had guaranteed all four years. The Lakers’ offer before it was removed was for four years at $9 million a season. But only three years of the deal were guaranteed.

The Lakers held the option for the fourth season and had guaranteed Odom $3 million if they decided to buy him out.

The Lakers also offered Odom a three-year deal that would have paid him $10 million a season.

Either way, at least in the Lakers’ eyes, Odom would have been paid at least $30 million with the opportunity to earn more.

Lakers owner Jerry Buss withdrew his offer Tuesday because he was unhappy that Odom and his people waited so long to respond to the team’s offer and because Odom spoke to Miami Heat President Pat Riley to discuss a deal. Buss is still upset.

Odom had conversations with the Heat about signing for the mid-level exception of $5.8 million. The Heat would have given Odom a five-year deal for $34 million, and probably the opportunity to opt out after three seasons and become a free agent in 2012.

Calls to Odom from teammates Derek Fisher on Thursday and Kobe Bryant on Wednesday failed to settle the issues.

Odom and his representatives are expected to make a decision this week on his future.

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  • EL10

    If Odom doesn’t resign cause there is no offer, Buss will have made a big mistake. Come on Lakers…. find a way to make a deal. Odom, stop being such an idiot.

  • TJ

    This is what Odom get’s I guess… If he played with fire, and tried to get better etc… he would have a ton of teams after him and he would make major bank… But like I said before, he takes games off, fades, and his energy is off at times, and now he’s worried about mo money, etc… I think not, Odom sign the deal and get back to your summer of fun, like last off season…

  • Pistol Pete

    Dr knows best, but cmon jerry you need the “great mismatch” to help you build probably your final dynasty before you leave this place. None of these nobodies, may etc, can fill his shoes and yes you have amazing track record and we are fortunate to have you as a stellar owner but pleeeeeeease swallow your pride and make this work.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    this is just getting ridiculous, this article did not help- it was horrible- saying a bunch on nothing,,,,,

    but can we blame LO for wanting his 4th year guaranteed? yes yes- BB is a business and lakers have to look out for the team..LO has to secure his future as well…..

    the team could trade him whenever they want- we have seen good players get traded to CRAPPY team before…so he is protecting himself….

    i love LO and his game (pisses me off sometimes- so does KOBE and he is the GOAT) and i want to see him stay with us….but all you fans out there who keep saying how stupid he is- think again…there is a life after basketball and LO is making sure that he and all his kids will be fine after he retires- it’s business right? unless u r the one that gets screwed- ask ARIZA

    LO sign and lets repeat babiiiiiiiii

  • Anon

    hahha MLE from the heat? talk about fail.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    I am so tired of this sh!t

  • Jr0c2910

    The deal the lakers gave him, probably is the best he’s gonna get out in the market.

  • Jayswun57

    [Comment ID #80212 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He game is off when he doesn’t get his candy fix. With it, he’s great. Blame his personal assistant for not getting him his candy.

  • david

    what’s done is done at least odom is trying to rebuid his relation with buss. So now it’s up to buss to put another offer on the table before we lose lamar odom. If buss is smart as people say then the talks should start again if not the cavs or the celtics got next year for sure. So if lamar goes to the heats then that means buss is still butthurt.

    Lakers for life

  • realityczech

    protecting yourself isn’t taking less money from another team than you could have got of you were smart enough to take the original offer from the Lakers – ask Ariza!

  • juneboy

    you are right david. Now its up to doc to start the talks again and hope he does because if not then say goodbye to repeat. Stop being a cheap owner and put the offer bsck on the table because you are already over the tax anyways

  • Robert

    To be honest, if ANY of what has happened the last 3 weeks is true, then this has got to be the worst negotiation ploy in the history of the NBA. If there were ‘no responses’ by either the LO camp, or the Lakers camp (Buss), and long silences during the negotiation phase, then in my view the whole escapade was quite ‘unprofessional’.

    This isn’t Muhammad Ali negotiating for the cut of a great fight in Manila. It’s a ‘decent’ or ‘pretty good’ basketball player negotiating for a few extra bucks on a team in the NBA. Even though the agent appears as the ‘scapegoat’ in this process, everyone knows what agents do and so it’s no surprise that all these negotiating ‘antics’ come to the fore.

    This is also not the same as Buss and Kobe meeting in Spain (remember? a few years back?). Kobe is a top 50 (or top 10), like Magic.

    Buss is a bit ‘older’ now, and may be a bit more stubborn. LO should have now, or should have had something up his sleeve when he called Buss, other than “Hey, sorry dude, let’s talk – my agent didn’t know what he was doing – can we still have a deal?”. I know that we don’t know all the facts, but we do know that Buss plays hardball (e.g., another top 50, Shaq, had his a** shipped out in 2004). LO actually seems like a nice guy, mellow and with decent intentions. Cool cat. So if he wants to stay with the Lakers, he better have a bigger piece of commitment carved out of his performance, to offer Buss & Co. Something like: “Hey dude, I’ll guarantee that I will be ‘fully conscious, and playing my A-game each day’ for the next 4 years, and get your star player Kobe and your club 4 more rings. A 5-peat. Not even Jordan and the Bulls can claim that. The Lake Show will be the best franchise in HISTORY, man, bar none (no Celtics, no Bulls, no Bull****)”

  • juneboy

    It’s sad that the lakers gave broke down machine his money and the injury prone bynum his money and they cant even give lamar his. this is sad. If we lose lamar i hope they trade sasha cuz he freaking sucks and they also got to get rid of walton that guy is the turnover master. Nowonder his dad is always disrespecting him all the time.

    but all and all laker fans for ever

  • juneboy

    el10 is right how can odom sign with the lakers when stubborn fake doctor buss haven’t put another offer up

  • archer24

    Lamar, pls stay with the lakers! Dr. Buss please don’t let him go! We waited so long to win another ring, and now we have a big chance of repeating again..what more could you ask for LO? Your teammates need you! So, please resigns with the Lakers!

  • trbo823

    Odom, stop eating candy for a minute and beg Buss to take you back.

  • Evil Empire

    Consider Odom gone. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about him. He only played hard because it was a contract year. Where was he last year or the year before that. Gasol was really the difference maker. Our team is stacked. Morrison is healthy, Josh Powell is more then capable of filling Lamars shoes. Don’t forget about Artest. Our team is intact. Just minus 2 players. Artest actually being and upgrade over Ariza. Don’t you guys remember how difficult he made it when we played against the Rockets in the play offs. And that was without Yao or Mcgrady. And that was with a team that had less talent then what we have here in LA. I say let LO him go. And keep the offer off the table. That 10 mil NOT going to luxury tax.

  • juneboy

    The lakers need odom with out odom a piece of the puzzle is missing and that spells no repeat unless kupchuk makes another amazing trade but that will not happen. You are wrong with morrison and josh powell cuz morrison is another sasha and powell is pretty good but not no lamar odom if then he would of start when bynum was out instead of odom. The only reason why the rockets kept up with the lakers because they were smaller and quicker. bynum and gasol couldn’t even keep up. and i love artest but the reason why he came to lakers is to play with kobe and his best friend.

  • Jpus

    [Comment ID #80229 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thank you for making sense and telling it like it is, LO is not the Savior of the Lakers. And everybody saying that Buss is cheap or just give LO his money doesn’t understand anything about the luxury tax, Buss offering Lo 10 mil was crazy to me because it will come out to 20 mil a year on him including the the tax since its dollar for dollar. So everyone ask yourself is Lamar a 20 million player?

  • lakaluva

    Dont let the door hit you in the ass… you lazy fuccc

  • chad

    This has played itself out. Sounds like portland is out and they were only ones that could have offered as much as the Lakers. Miami is a great place to live and the fact that there is no state income tax is nice on the pocket book. But Odom to Miami doesn’t make them a contender and that means when Wade’s contract is up next year then he is out. Do you want to play for championships or for fun…. we’ll soon find out.

  • lakerboy

    This is the lakers we are talking about not the freakin clippers. You know what if jerry buss is worried about going over the luxury tax to repeat then that’s on him. I don’t see the mavs owner worried or the celtics and even cleveland. If you wanna win you gotta put the money up front.

  • Lakerfan

    Im a big fan of LO but if he wants to go i say by-by Odom you lying and greedy mofo.

  • celtichater

    We need lamar odom. If buss is scare to go over the luxuy tax then he should trade to sorry players like walton,sasha, and morrision cus they are over paid. The lakers messed up. They pay the wrong cats a now it’s time to pay lamar but they chose not to. The lakers won cus of ariza,odom,gasol,byrant, and mr. clutch d. fish. Not sasha or morrison and yet there still on the team. It’s time to get rid of these overpaid sorry players and get some cap space back for the future.

  • thriller

    If you want to win then the luxury tax is of no concern. Look at the Knicks and the mavs they are already over twenty million+ and they haven’t even won one yet. The lakers just won if they won’t to keep winning then they should’t worry cuz if they do then there no better then the players that settled for more money on a weak team.

  • matthew

    lamar odom and his camp should have just took the offers that were beingg offered to him. if he did take it, none of these problems wouldnt be occurring. but it is what is and i hope lamar comes to his senses and signs the new contract. he is that leader off that bench, someone who will provide matchup problems to other teams, and someone who will step up when bynum is in foul trouble. so LO, make that right decision and make your fans of LA happy, so we can call it a summer and look forward to the 09-10 season.

    well said on my part, you guys agree?!

  • LOLkers

    Hope Odom gets his strike three if he joins the Heat.

  • Jpus

    [Comment ID #80242 Will Be Quoted Here]

    In today’s economy luxury tax is a concern because signing LO at a high price is gonna hurt the Lakers yearly profit. They Lakers last season were only 7 mil over the luxury tax and signing LO would bring that to around 25 mil and the Mavs are able to afford the tax because Cuban is a billionaire and the Knicks owner’s net worth is around 500 mil and Jerry Buss is around 380 mil. Just Like all the people in the NBA say “its a business”, and you own a business to make money not lose money. LO would be nice to have but at what cost to the Lakers future because Pau’s contract is ending soon and he is gonna get paid

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    We don’t need this Jive Talking Turkey. He would fit in perfect with GS, do a sign and trade and bring Ronny he’s only making 4 mil per for the next 3 years. He would be a great backup to Pau and Bynum…

  • FarmarAllStar

    Buss has every right to be upset.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #80250 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Isn’t anybody else annoyed by this jive talking turkey???

  • rissa missa

    this is just taking way too long. either way, Lamar just needs to make a decision already.

  • thriller

    JPUS can you show me the link of where you got this from cuz if your talk about net worth the lakers are 8 billion but if your talking about team worth it is 586 mil. Plus you dont even know how much jerry and 30 percent owner Philip Anschutz is profiting. If they cant pay for it then why did jerry offered it in the first place.

  • thriller

    jpus when you put jerry buss net worth is 380 you thought the lakers owner was just the buss family but your wrong. You also failed to metion the name of the knick owner which is J.dolan (cablevision) means you dont know nothing and also when you said Mark cuban the mavs owner is a billionaire thats why he could go over the luxury tax is really stupid. Your a mavs fan aren’t you?

  • TJ

    [Comment ID #80239 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Lakers don’t need Odom, they need Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and we’ll see about Artest… People who say that the Lakers have no chance to repeat without Odom, are way off base with that notion…

    I would like to see Odom back, but the fact that he didn’t take the deal Dr. Buss offered says something about Odom’s mind-set… I’m not sure about Morrison but could he fill Odom’s role coming off the bench, for now?

  • cams

    The lakers should get rid of sasha and walton. Sasha always take bad shots and commit too much fouls. Luke
    always turn the ball over. These two guys are overpaid and all they bring is bullshit. Get rid of them please!!!

  • Victor

    C’mon guys, LO is not your ‘Jesus Christ the Savior’ for the Lakers. Yes he may be part of the so called ‘puzzle’ – whatever that is but i believe that repeating for a championship doesnt rest largely on odom. Things CHANGE. This is a new season. Odom can go wherever he wants. He is an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT right? Lets deal with that. Dont be such a loser saying that the Lakers are lesser of a team without LO and they wont win. A puzzle is a puzzle. There will ALWAYS be replacements. Who is your puzzle master? Coach TEN – PHIL JACKSON. Give him a decent line up and he will make it – “The Team”.. Dont be whiners and suckers.. PLAYERS COME AND GO. When the Lakers won in 2001 2002 and 2003, check the line up changes. Period.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Too much sugar and the ickiest of the stickiest have warped LO’s brain.

    I like LO, but only for 3 years at $9 per.

    I hate LO at 5 years for $9 per.

    At 4 years for $9 per, I start getting shaky.

    If LO does not come back, it is not the end of the world.

  • touching myself

    Would Dr Buss stop acting like a little biatch?!? Why’s he still “UPSET”? Just let it go! It’s all just business right? If that’s the case then he’s gotta respect LO trying to get all that he can even if it turned out to be a mistake! LO didn’t say anything derogatory about the Lakers or the Busses during this process… so what if he spoke to the Heat about a possible deal? Don’t tell me that Buss wouldn’t entertain the thought of talking to Arenas or any other great player if they became interested or available! That’s part of it! JUST STFU and make another offer and take the EMOTIONS out of it! Stop acting like the little cheerleaders that you usually date you friggin lucky bastard! LOL!



  • stucktrader

    Buss knows what he is doing. Obviously the Lakers are better WITH L.O. than without… But have you seen our line up?

    Possible Defensive Team:
    1. Brown (no disrespect Fish, ur minutes go down)
    2. Kobe
    3. Artest
    4. Gasol
    5. Bynum

    1. Farmar/#2 draft guy (can spell his name, but much upside)
    2. Sasha/Brown
    3. Walton/Morrison (i still don’t think Morrison can defend)
    4. Powell
    5. Gasol/DJ

    Obviously, we can see how L.O. would make the bench that much better. But if Bynum plays 20/10… this team is still scary to match up against. Both Powell & Walton are underrated. Sasha needs to get working on his 3 ball again (mentally).

    Repeat is still possible… but obviously more difficult without the option of Lamar coming off the bench. The Lakers are also famous for mid-season trades, so who knows…

  • there07

    I don’t think Miami is really going after LO…they’re over the cap..all they have is MLE. Will Odom be stupid enough to go for that instead of $9-10 mil from the Lakers?…

    Besides…WILL DWAYNE WADE STAY IN MIAMI AFTER THIS SEASON?…Odom will be stuck there if ever..

  • Bill

    LO turns his talent on-and-off. Lakers need more consistency than he offers. He’s never played to his potential. Time to look beyong LO!
    Jerry’s right!

  • TJ

    [Comment ID #80282 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Man I’m with you on that…Odom smokes way too much weed, we all know that when we watch him play, and how he plays… that’s a given…

  • Toon

    For LO to come close to considering the Heat’s MLE deal is idiotic. He can still make more money than that even if he signs a shorter (3-4 year) deal plus another contract after that. Heck, even the 4 year 36 mil deal is better than MLE. Simple math! He can make more in 4 years with LA than 5 years with Miami!


    Jerry Buss take off your diaper and grow up… it’s in the past! SIGN LAMAR ODOM!

  • Victor

    Maybe Lamar Odom is suckin his agents cock right now and putting sugar in it. Dumba$s Odom, his mind and judgement is waaay off – add this to his inconsistency. If Odom comes back, then fine.. Start the work and training camp. If he doesnt come back, there will always be replacements.

  • Logicguy


    Notice how other teams unload stiffs like Sasha, Morrison, and Sun Hue. We are talking about the best rebounder on a championship team(per Mr Bynum) Something has changed in that front office. Homeboy Ariza wanted to stay here but was made to feel that he was unwanted. Hardnosed and insensitive. Things are heating up in Portland this weekend since they lost Milsap. When you consider “No state income tax” Miami may not be a bad move.

    LO made the mistake of letting media people know how much he wanted back. This discouraged many GM’s who did not want to waste time building up the price and the Lakers explioted this by lowballing him. Consider the following list of stiffs that got over 10mil per year or 5 years this year. BOURGNANI,TURKOGLU, VERAJOA(Cleavland), OKUR(Small market Utah over the cap) and MARION. I would rather have Lamar for this team (Championshiop) than any of these guys. When LO saw what these guys were getting and what the Lakers were offering, he felt hurt. Other teams get rid of guys like Sasha(owners favorite), Morrison and Sun Yue to make key guys good offers.—- As a Lamar fan I would like to see him end up in PORTLAND, even for the same or less money. He could probably make a bigger contribution there and have a little more respect. How happy will he be coming back to a lowball. As a LO fan,I think the mood says “LO, get out of LA” Season ticket holders will not appreciate this.

  • Victor

    For as long as the Lakers win the championship, i dont care about their line up that much. A little change here and there is normal. PLAYERS COME AND GO. This is the reason why we have a GM. So please STOP THE BS.. ODOM JUST INCREASED HIS OVERRATED-NESS DUE TO ALL OF THIS NONSENSE AND DUE TO ALL OF THE FANS WHO KEEPS ON SUCKIN AT ODOMS GUMMY BEAR COCK AND THOSE WHO HAVE CANDY SIZED BRAINS SAYING THAT LAKERS CANT WIN WITHOUT HIM. Dumbasse$

  • Anonymous

    ^^^Gotta agree 100% with Victor,
    Nevertheless, it feels stupid replying in my real site name to all of these dumbasses’s (prolly 12/13 year old mentalities) who can not see this for what it is.. So I won’t!
    Having to read constant idiotic criticism of a highly intelligent, wealthy & beyond generous-but not stupid, Dr. Buss, crying out as if they were better equipped to know better than he!
    Statements on how The Lakers must sign O’dumb’ to a contract or else the Lakers can’t win!
    I Say: What a bunch of ignorant, childish-whaling, so-called logic, gets foolishly thrown about here at The Nation!


    [Comment ID #80229 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ur right

  • Robert

    What are we going to talk about after all this drama is over? If LO signs, then the Lakers are set for a few years, and we prob. don’t even have to think about adding players, matching up with teams that are getting better, etc. Then, things will calm down in LakerLand.