Great article. Gives new hope that the Lakers organization is headed to good times in the future…

O.C. Register: Consider the following comment from Lakers owner Jerry Buss, because it speaks to so much more than the Lakers being NBA favorites again:

“It always feels comfortable when I’m on top. It feels uncomfortable when we’re not.”

When I’m on top. When we’re not.

This is why Buss understands Kobe Bryant better than most. They are, in fact, more the same than different.

Within each is the massive ego to believe that he is a fundamentally a winner – and a loser only when others let him down. Perhaps that degree of self-absorption makes kind-hearted average Joes out there shake their heads. Whatever.

It’s the kind of self-confidence and self-reliance that has driven Buss and Bryant to tremendous success.

Buss conducted a sit-down interview with select reporters Sunday night before the Lakers moved to 5-0 by routing the Houston Rockets. Buss made clear that after all that he went through with his star player in 2007 there remains a unique appreciation.

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