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L.A. Times: The best owner in the history of professional sports is strolling through his sprawling hilltop home when he comes upon an ornate wooden door riddled with three gaping holes.

It is the door to his private elevator. It is also, perhaps, the portal to a philosophy.

“Let me tell you a story about those holes,” Jerry Buss says.

On a recent Saturday, while Buss was inside the elevator, it jolted to a stop between the first and second floors.

A man with a presence as sprawling as the Southland was suddenly stuck in a small, dark place.

“What could I do?” he says. “I sat down and I waited.”

And waited. And waited.

He talked pleasantly to his houseguests as they scurried for help. He was polite to the firemen who were baffled by the elevator’s mechanics.

But, finally, after 40 minutes of black isolation, the man needed to move.

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  • Jack

    read the article last night. great write. esp:

    Their team. Our team.

    once a laker, laker for life.

  • WebJunkee

    WOW! That was a great article! Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to be a laker fan and read such material. GO LAKERS!!!!

    Laker 4 life!

  • ab4sure

    I think this article will do alot to the misperceptions that have been said on lakernation. That buss doesn’t care about winning and that he won’t do what is necessary to bring LA another championship. It doesn’t erase the perception that he likes young women though. Good for you, Jerry.

  • gugy

    I am happy Buss and Kobe understand each other now.
    Go Lakers!

  • Lakers4Life

    Sh… if I was old I would want a young girl too. Go Buss!!!

  • Lakers2410

    Hey guys, you know what fans are the most loyal in the NBA? I’ll tell you, it’s Laker fans! Whether we’re the worst in the league, in the middle, or the best, we’re always sticking to only one team, and that’s the Lakers! Unlike my cousin, Joel (I’ll bet all I have that in 2 years or so, once the Suns suck, that he’ll like the Lakers the best, LOL!). He’s a Suns fan, and I don’t know why I still socialize with him, especially since I really hate the Suns and “have” to talk about them whether it’s good or bad, or “have” to listen to him bag on the Lakers and talk trash on them, and talk about only the positives about the Suns, though he does (now!) respect Kobe, before he said he hates him, but he’s cool, but talks about “oh, once Shaq’s 20 mill is out, we’re able to sign a good player”, then I went “but Nash will be 35 very soon, and there’s no PG in this year’s FA that can replace him, in which this is the best opportunity”. He said nothing, after the Suns’ 76ers loss, I didn’t talk about it to him, nor did he bring it up! Is this funny or what! LOL, Shaq sucks, Nash sucks, D’Antoni sucks, Suns suck!!!!


    Talking about suns fans…Just for kicks, I like to visit when they don’t win. Those fans get all upset it’s priceless. They blame everyone even the lakers for there stupid running game not working any longer.

    Oh how beautiful it is when the lakers win.
    wise man once said…”He who is not happy when the Lakers win has nothing to worry about for he is already dead.”

  • JCBiglessworth

    WOW……very very well written article


    DAMN RIGHT LAKER2410! I’m still geekin’ after the game,wish I had TIVO so I could watch it again,again and again(OK,that’s too much). The game should’ve went into OT but because of missed free throws and lays ups and THOSE DAMN REFS,they kept Dallas in it but THE LAKERS PREVAILED ANYWAY!,WHO THEY TALKIN ‘BOUT NOW,LAKERS BABY!!!

  • LA-KB-RD24

    I LOVE LAKERS I THINK THEY GONNA WIN 3 in a row again…