Buss is listening to Jackson’s advice to keep Bryant!

Big news coming from the New York Post. Read the whole article, it’s about time is all I got to say…

New York Post: Jackson is the lone person who has any shot of disarming this dispute. Both sides trust him more these days than ever before, I’m informed.

Buss is listening to Jackson’s advice to keep Bryant if compliant. Bryant may not be a true believer but, for the moment, Jackson has his attention; the Zen Hen is trying to persuade Bryant everything is being done within reason to boost a roster that boasts noticeably more positive qualities than given credit.

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  • MILO

    Good at least someone in the Lakers still has not lost it!!!!

  • shawn

    I know go jackson screw u buss

  • foxxy


  • ihatejcool

    Yeah Kobe is listening to PJ…but how much longer will PJ be around?

  • r3dempti0n

    I hope Kobe starts wanting to be a Laker as much as PJ is wanting to keep him. Takes two to tango.. otherwise Kobe would be a distraction to the team.