This is just a wonderful story. This city is united within the purple and gold. Major props and thank you!

mayorL.A. Times: Mayor says no city tax dollars will be spent on Wednesday’s celebration of Los Angeles taxpayers can enjoy today’s victory parade for the newly minted NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers without worrying about the bill.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Monday that private donors have pledged to pay the estimated $900,000 cost of providing police and fire protection and city street services for the celebration, ensuring that no tax dollars will be necessary.

The cost of the parade created a dispute at City Hall over the weekend, with some City Council members and public employee union leaders saying they opposed using public money when Los Angeles faces its worst fiscal crisis in decades. The city plans to lay off 1,200 employees and furlough those who remain.

A defensive Villaraigosa said a group of generous donors, the Lakers and the owner of the Staples Center agreed to pick up virtually all costs. Villaraigosa said the Lakers’ celebration is needed more than ever, providing something to cheer for when Los Angeles is squeezed by high unemployment, home foreclosures and tough economic times.

“We’re going to come together as a city,” Villaraigosa said. “The reason why so many people from the private sector came forward is because they know this town deserves to revel in itself for a day. We need it.”

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  • Nabil

    Wow….THANKS!!!! :)

  • willow

    Thank you for making this day the most memorable day. I’ve heard a lot of talk saying that nothing like this has ever been done for another professional franchise. I don’t know if that’s true with all the major sports but damn this is very impressive having the rally at the coliseum.