Bryant continues to deliver on the court, and his best option might be to stick around.

L.A. Times: Normalcy returns to Lakerdom.

As if.

The Lakers don’t do normal and if they ever do, you won’t like it. However, a week or two without civil war would be a relief and may not be out of the question.

For all the skepticism surrounding Kobe Bryant, he has been as brilliant as always after calling down the thunder on his own head, averaging a league-leading 30.4 points, 7.6 rebounds and five assists and shooting 50% this season. Of course, by now you could be getting a little tired of the whole subject.

In her book “Ain’t No Tomorrow,” Elizabeth Kaye wrote: “For readers of the local papers, the Kobe-versus-Shaq struggle was familiar to a point approaching tedium. Since their first season together five years earlier, the Los Angeles Times columnist Mark Heisler had been noting troubles between the players he called ‘the Golden Child’ and ‘Shaq Daddy.’ ”

That was in 2001 so I’m way past tedium and could be inducing comas. Nevertheless, for anyone who’s still with me . . .

Teammates and coaches say Bryant is again acting like one of them. Even if he still wants out — and he does — he’s being as discreet as only he can be when he feels like it.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, Bryant isn’t even the issue. It’s kindly paterfamilias Jerry Buss, who’s up to here with his rebellious franchise player.

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  • TheEclectic

    Heisler is the only reporter I will actually give credence to. Wankers like Rick Bucher errrr anyone who works for ESPN need to be put down. They have really become the Enquirer or the Fox News of sports journalism.

  • DeepFrost

    2 The Eclectic – you like Wyclef dude? :)

  • Jrich

    Jerry West will get bored sitting on his ass in Malibu and will come back to the Lakers soon—-hopefully!!!!

  • Butch

    I’m with Jrich. Bring Jerry back. Quick!!

  • drake hunter

    I know Jerry West and all the Lakers organization has internet access so they can actually read these comments. Mr. West, your a genius and a very smart man when it comes to re-making a roster into a championship team. You obviously know going through our current roster of players, 1-15, that we are a very deep team with decent talent and we are stacked at every position with quality 2nd tier players. Only you have the knowledge and know how to transcend this team into a championship contender all in the same season.

    Unfortunately when you left, you took your magic wand with you, because Mr. Kupchak apparently either lost his, doesn’t know how to use it, or like he states, doesn’t even have one. I agree with him that we have a good, I rather say “decent” team, but we have many quality players who can be moved to bring in veterans or other players that can take us to the next level so I cannot understand why moves aren’t being made. Everyone keeps talking about this years team being better than the previous ones and going farther into the playoffs but if I’m not mistaken, we’ve had almost the exact same roster for 3 seasons now. If memory serves me correct, the outcomes have been the same and are getting worse every season as we progress with this current roster.

    I speak for myself and hopefully for all of the Laker Nation that you can come back before the trade deadline and clear everything up with Kobe and the Laker organization and make some bold moves that are desperately needed to become that championship team again that you built. I’ll take this as an early Christmas present coming from a die hard Laker fan…. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • sandra742

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