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HOOPSWORLD: Informed NBA sources say the Chicago Bulls are down to two real candidates for their head coaching job, the first is Tyrone Corbin, an assistant with the Utah Jazz, and according to some the front runner for the job.

The other is Lakers’ assistant Brian Shaw.

The belief is with the Bulls bringing one of the youngest teams in the league onto the court next year, a young energetic, offensive coach may be exactly what the Bulls need to get back in the thick of things

One informed source says the Bulls are not going to abandon the defensive approach, but rather have keyed in on candidates with a strong offensive history. The Utah Jazz were the 2nd best offensive team in the NBA, and Corbin is considered to be a great “player” oriented coach that knows how to teach and reach young guys.

Shaw has worked with Phil Jackson and the “Triangle” offense for a number of seasons and is known around the league as one of the up and coming coaches, so much so that Phil Jackson called the Kings last year on Shaw’s behalf, and it’s believed he’s given his blessing of Shaw to the Bulls.

There is no timetable for a decision in Chicago, but it does seem with the Jazz out of the playoffs a decision could be coming sooner than later.

  • Anonymous.

    As much I would hate it to see Shaw leave, I would really like it if he got the job. Just to see some Lakers alumni have a big impact on the game coaching wise is great. First Byron Scott and now Brian Shaw! The triangle would be back in Chicago with a young coach that matches with a young team.

  • zgum


  • killo

    hell no! i love brian shaw. he’s been with the organization for a long time. i’d hate to see him go.

  • pancho

    I wish Brian the best of luck,he’s gonna make a great coach.