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This is more of a Bulls article but it would involve the Lakers if some of this stuff that talks in the article does happens.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: The most exciting thing in professional sports is when a marquee players changes teams. For example, what news this offseason has been bigger than Boston’s acquisition of Kevin Garnett? Early last season every NBA fan on the globe spent countless hours reading about potential destinations for Allen Iverson. Even the more recent trades involving Ray Allen, Jason Richardson, and Zach Randolph garnered enough interest to power about 100 straight hours of TV analysis about the deals.

Yet fans still want more big moves, and we in the Chicago media can’t help but to prod the ol’ cow. Or Bull, if you will.

And that’s where big names like Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol keep showing up. Chicago is perhaps the deepest team in the league, going a legitimate two players deep at nearly every position, and a majority of those promising guys are in their low-to-mid twenties and relatively inexpensive. This is why the Bulls are continually mentioned as the team in the best position to make the next big deal.

The problem is that Chicago has shown nothing but reluctance in making so huge a transaction. Bulls GM John Paxson is a known conservative on the trading front and has shown a strong commitment to retaining the core he put together in the post-Krause era. He’s concerned about maintaining what he’s worked so hard to build, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take a superstar at a bargain price. He’s just not giving up 80% of his promising core for Kobe.

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  • lakerfan81

    not sure how this trade would work unless they chicago trafded Wallace or HInrich and I don’t see Indiana wanting Wallace and Chi will not trade HInrich. Technically it could work with Nociones but Indiana has enough long, large contracts why would they want another.

  • rpouncy14

    Not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kb24 4life

    john paxon will never do this trade…

  • keep24

    There is no way that they will break the core they have now for JO.

    Paxon is too smart for that move. He will sit idle and do with what he has so that he will be in the perfect position to sign KOBE.

    And mark my words … he will.

    When it’s all said and done, the Bull will have retired # 23 and #24 in their arena.


  • magicbalala245

    [quote post=”807″]And mark my words … he will.

    When it’s all said and done, the Bull will have retired # 23 and #24 in their arena.

    BULLS WILL NOT GET JO.[/quote]
    keep 24 u r wrong kobe will retire as a lakers and he bleeds purple and gold right now AND ALWAYS WILL BLEED PURPLE AND GOLD

  • Justin M.

    Not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bulls have a great team, they are not going to mess it up.

  • kb24 4life

    hey keep24 for what you wrote, it looks like you don’t want to keep kobe , you are always saying that he will go so please change your name to:

    trade24 instead of keep24 if you want..

    you are not a laker fan

  • loza210

    Yi The Key To Kobe Deal?

    Okay, Jerry Buss, are you ready to transition from the former World Champions into the new Los Angeles Lakers? Retooled and ready to put “show” back into your “show business?” Well, clean off your glasses, Dr. B., because it’s time to envision the future. And the future is a two-letter word: Yi.

    If ever there was a time for an international (Chinese) star in Los Angeles, it’s right now at the beginning of the “China Century.”

    Beyond Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, the dynamic duo of this year’s draft heroes, there is only one player with the marketing potential to fill the seats at the Staples Center. Yi Jianlian, the 7-foot power forward who already looks ready to light up the nets in the NBA.

    Not only does Yi have the potential to be a star (and admittedly, potential is a two-sided coin), he is a marketing opportunity just waiting to be tapped. Think of the worldwide hype, the demand for seats from Hong-Kong and Shanghai businessmen, the heightened attention of Asian-American communities of Southern California. Think of all those wide screen tv’s tuned to the Lake Show. And ask yourself, with the Southland all abuzz about Yi, how long before Jackie Chan puts him into one of his movies?
    Will the NBA’s international presence benefit from having Yi in LA? You bet. How about Nike? Think they’d like to get a bigger foothold in the China market? The Lakers are already showing interest in Yi, as has Yi’s agent in them. Conveniently, Yi has been holding all of his work outs in Los Angeles.

    With Kobe Bryant already paving his yellow-brick-road out of Los Angeles, the timing couldn’t be better for Yi. The catch is, there is only one team in the NBA who can make this dream come true for David Stern, ahem, I mean, Jerry Buss. The Chicago Bulls. Fortunately the heavens are converging onto just the right team. The Bulls are one of three teams Kobe has said he will consider. New York, one of the others, doesn’t seem to have the pieces and certainly can’t get their hands on Yi. The Clippers or Suns are likely the third team, but no one believes Buss will give away Bryant to a conference rival.

    That leaves the Bulls, who just happen to have the #9 pick in this year’s draft. It is up to the Bulls (and to Yi’s agent Dan Fegan) to get their hands on Yi at #9 , or above, if necessary. That way the Bulls can offer the Lakers two stars in Yi and Ben Gordon, two excellent role players in Andres Nocioni (sign and trade) and Thabo Sefolosha, and future picks and spare parts creatively crafted to match salaries. The Lakers would likely have to give the Bulls back their first round pick this year, #19, so that Chicago can complete their front line and be competitive enough for Kobe to want to land there.

    This is the moment, Jerry Buss. It’s all coming full circle. Look West toward the East and get ready for a brand new day.

  • keep24

    [quote comment=”11825″]hey keep24 for what you wrote, it looks like you don’t want to keep kobe , you are always saying that he will go so please change your name to:

    trade24 instead of keep24 if you want..

    you are not a laker fan[/quote]


    I bleed purple and gold and always have and always will.

    KB is a special breed of player that only comes once in a lifetime. We have all had the fortune of watching him play since he was 18.

    All I’m saying is that we have to do whatever we can to keep him!

    Yes, he does bleed purple and gold. At the moment, I think he has bled to death. What he needs right now is a blood transfusion that he can only get from Dr. Buss!

    My loyalty to the lakers is not in question, it’s Dr. Buss’ loyalty that we should be questioning.

    Like most of you, watching the Lakers, and especially KB for the last 11 years, is the only consistant element in our lives.

    If I wanted to trade 24, I would have picked trade24 as my name and not KEEP24.

    I’m among family here!!!!

    KEEP 24 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keep24

    And another thing:

    Did you guys see the Paul Pierce article today? The one in which he said if we had not gotten Ray Allen and KG “I would have demanded a trade”.

    How do you guys feel about that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    PAUL F-ING PIERCE (the most over rated Celtic of ALL TIME) gets that sort of a treatment from his team owners and look at what KOBE gets.

    SHAQ was all about “show me the money”!!!! – remember?

    HAs KB ever even mentioned money? Ever? Not once!

    All he said was “I want to win” and “get me some help”. I believe it was his famous “do something and do it now” that inspired this website right?

    When Kobe demanded a trade Dr. Buss got arrested to DUI and then went to Europe for vacation.

    What did the Celtics do when they thought, JUST THOUGHT, Pierce might be thinking about demanding a trade? OH! That’s right, they got KG!!!!

    I think we’re past the whole “bleeding purple and gold” thing.

    Where would MJ be without Paxon, Pippen, Armstrong, Kukoch and the other dozen support players he had?

    KOBE AND SHAQ in their prime could not win it by themselves.
    Remember D-Fish and Big Shot Bob and Fox?

    KB is left with Kwame, Smush and Odom.

    These are the same people that did not come to Kobe’s aid when he got clothe-lined by Bell, remember?

    See what I’m getting at?????????

    Loyalty is a two way street. The problem is that Dr. Buss is on the other side of the street like a deer in the headlights; DRUNK!!!

  • somelakerfan1

    paxon made a great team they only nead a big man like jo or webber and they will definitally win the east

    but no way kobe goes to chicago no way

  • foxxy

    where ever kobe ends up…i will root for him and his team…lakers org have messed things up bad ….losing shaq and kobe in a matter of 4-5 years is major!!!!! 2 future hall of famers gone!!!!!! not good at all!!!!!



  • Ed

    Getting JO w/o giving up LO
    I tried this on espn trade machine

    lakers give up: kwame, sasha & vladimir

    pacers give up: JO

    this works w/o giving up LO

    that leaves Lakers w/ 3 go to guys!!!!

    title contenders again!

  • lakersfan17

    Do something and do it now…….

  • Fred A.

    If the Bulls want Kobe they have to give up 90% of there talent not 80%. That would put Kobe in a spot were he is on a 24-58 team.

  • kb24 4life

    i agree with you fred a.
    if kobe wants to win its going to be here in la because if lakers trade him, the other team will have to gut their team and it will be a worse team..

  • Ed

    I found this interview of Lamar Odom.

    His name is being mentioned in trade talks, but Odom says he wants to remain a Laker.

    His cell and home phones ring constantly, and he gets countless text messages daily.

    All his friends and family have the same questions for Lamar Odom.

    “Yo, L.O., you getting traded? Yo, L.O., you going to the Pacers? Yo, L.O., what’s up?”

    Odom can’t go anywhere without hearing his name being mentioned along with Lakers teammate Andrew Bynum and the team’s No. 1 draft pick (19) in a deal for Indiana’s Jermaine O’Neal.

    “Of course I’m getting called all the time about that,” Odom said in a phone interview. “It’s flattering. But I want to be a Laker.”

    Odom had surgery last month to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder that will require four months to heal.

    He will get an MRI next week on his right knee to determine if he needs surgery for a sprained MCL.

    Having a surgery — or two — wouldn’t necessarily prohibit Odom from being a part of a potential blockbuster trade this summer.

    “I hope they don’t have to do the surgery,” Odom said. “But if they do, it’ll be done in time to be ready for the season.”

    Recently, Odom listened intently to teammate Kobe Bryant vent.

    Bryant demanded to be traded, rescinded that and asked to be traded again, leaving Odom to say “that was a wild week.”

    Odom said he spoke with Bryant late last week.

    “I couldn’t tell if he was frustrated,” Odom said. “But for us to have a conversation, obviously something had to be up.”

    Could Odom gauge whether Bryant wanted to be traded or remain with the Lakers?

    “I have no idea,” Odom said. “Nor would I ever ask him that.”

    Odom, who averaged 15.9 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists last season, injured his shoulder March 2. But he missed just five games, playing in pain the rest of the season and in the playoffs.

    He has been traded before, coming to LA from Miami as part of the Shaquille O’Neal deal in 2004.

    Odom wants to play for the Lakers but said the business of sports dictates that players have to move on.

    “I’m 100 percent down for the Lakers,” Odom said. “But you have to understand that this is a business. Nobody likes to be traded off their team. But if you do, hopefully your game protects you and puts you in a situation where it’s comfortable, as far as being accepted by the other organization.”

    Odom, who has two years and $27,397,192 left on his contract, said he would seek an extension if he is traded.

    Odom has been getting treatment for his shoulder three days a week and said he hasn’t talked to the Lakers about the trade talks.

    “I don’t think it’s like that for me to have to talk to them right now,” Odom said. -

  • D. Imhoff

    The reprint of the Lamar quotes makes me wish we would hear the same desire to remain a Laker from Kobe. Right now I really want Lamar to be a Laker for life. I understand Kobe’s position that the Laker FO has misled him. I think they did misled him. The FO has to do something to let Kobe know they were wrong and will make it right. Whatever they do I hope it does not involve trading Lamar. I really think he is going to be an all star this year and had he not been injured last year he would have been one. Plus he really wants to be a Laker for life.