I know this isn’t Lakers related in a bit, but the Lakers were one of the six teams rumored that Camp Yi would like to call his NBA home.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: While it’s difficult getting a clear report when filtering Chinese news reports through translation software, it appears the Milwaukee Bucks have finally landed Yi Jianlian.

Bucks owner Senator Kohl made the trip personally to China to resolve whatever issues were causing Yi’s hold out.

For awhile it seemed like the Bucks would have no choice but to trade the player they took with the sixth pick in this year’s draft, but they were patient and persistent.

A press conference was held in the wee hours of the morning (American time) but details are quite sketchy.

More on Yi Jianlian and the “gigantic male deer team” (courtesy of Babelfish) as it develops . . .

  • http://myspace.com/crunklilgangsta LiL_K

    Does this mean were not getting him and whoever started the rumor is a fake

  • xpunx23

    yeah were not getting him

  • fatty

    Whether the rumor was true or not, the situation was Yi was rufusing to sign with the Bucks. The owner and GM flew to China to talk Yi into signing and were successful in getting Yi and his reps to change their mind.

    It could’ve been, the Bucks shopped Yi, got offers from teams and then went to China for one last chance to get Yi to change his mind and were sucessful.

    As one who frequently blames Mitch, this one I can’t because Yi was never really available. In the end it was just another rumor, with ‘little legs’.


    oh well its first round and out again this year. great job FO!!!!

  • Michael_23

    That’s why there’s something called a “SIGN AND TRADE”

    hehehe …

  • MILO

    Guy’s, dont give up hope just yet.There has got to be a reason why the Lakers signed Larry Turner.I think that when push comes to shove the Lakers will make some moves (and yes i know were @ that point already) im trying to stay possitive!!!

  • MILO

    I think that at least the Lakers are looking to make some trades, at least come deadline that probably include shipping Bynum out.That would explain their reason to sign Larry Turner.

  • MILO


  • lakerfan81

    Larry Turner is not going to make the team. He was just signed to come to training camp. its not a guaranteed contract. Teams do it all the time usually 17-18 players come to camp and then after camp 14 players have a guaranteed contract.

  • MILO

    Lil_K, I personaly think that the rumor was nothing but that, just a rumor.I also think that we are better off going after JO.The thing is that in order to make a real push for a championship you need veterans, not rookies.If you take into consideration that when we were wining (2000-02) we had alot of veterans who were all contributing.Look at the Spurs they have alot of veterans like Finley, Barry, Big shot Rob, Bowen and that’s how they got it done.They pretty much have an all around team.That is what the Lakers lack experiance, the only one that dont is Kobe.

  • MILO

    lakerfan81, i’ll tell you what at this point id rather take my chances on Larry Turner and watch him grow.As far as Bynum if i were the Lakers id ship him out, he had his chance and blew it.But that’s just me the Lakers seem to think they have a goldmind in Bynum PUL (POINTING UP LAUGHING) what would you do if you were Buss???

  • cyrus

    It’s done a done deal.

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Cyrus you’re right. ESPN is reporting that it is a done deal. Yi has signed the paperwork. So, it looks like the ONLY thing left to do is to trade for JO.

  • MILO


  • MILO


  • MILO

    Anyone with me???Give up LO and BYNUM for JERMAIN NOW!!!

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    I totally agree with you MILO. I want to see a change on this sorry ass team. Trade LO and Bynum for JO.

  • MILO

    I realy hope that someone who talks to MR. BUSS and company read’s what we are saying LO and Bynum for JERMAIN NOW!!! before Boston or someone else messes this up for us.Dam! Buss and Mitch should learn from Danny Ainge (dont know if i spelled that right)but who cares the guy is geting it done for the Celtics C,MON “DO SOMETHING AND DO IOT NOW”

  • xxlakerxboixx

    Trading Bynum and LO is too much for Just Jermaine…

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    [quote comment=”12893″]Trading Bynum and LO is too much for Just Jermaine…[/quote]

    I know it’s too much, but I’m sick of seeing this sorry ass team. I am willing to give up LO and Bynum for JO, for the sake of change.

  • MILO

    xxlakerxboixx, just look at it this way, we will be tradinng Lamar for JO.As far as Bynum, he is not worth anything, so why not???You know im actualy a fan of Lamar but the problem with him is that he is inconsistent.I wish he could bring it to the court everyday like he did in the last game against Phoenix.But the fact of the mater is that he as well as Vladi is another space cadet.There are day’s where he’ll score 20 point’s and then he’ll comeback the next game and score 3.And everyone is oblivious to the fact that he went thru surgery.Quite frankly no one know’s how he will be when the next season starts.So realy i dont see it like giving up too much for JO, it’s a risk that i personaly would be willing to take.

  • MILO

    Ed, i totaly agree with you, is it just me or does someone else notice Bynum’s swinging of his head from side to side like an idiot as he walks off the court after geting into foul trouble.His whole demeanor while he is in or off the court bothers me.I am realy sick of seeing his face period, so hopefully the Lakers get rid of him.

  • MILO

    Maybe Bynum is taking steroids because he dont have any balls

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    All is lost. I’ll see you all in 20 years when we finally have a contender.


    as homer and the lakers FO would say ” Dope” This is more evidence that we miss West. he knew how to get things done. right now i think bad trades are better than no trades. if we go in the season without making any trades our hopes will be diminished and the lakers play will probably be flat. I swear if i see Kwame one more time play like he is on dope I’ll run him over with my hummer!!!!!

  • lakersfan17

    We need JO man this off season is making me want to hate the Lakers.