ESPN: Kobe Bryant has held fast to his radio — and TV, blog, dot-com, newspaper, magazine, semaphore — silence concerning his future with the Lakers. That’s good, since speaking out didn’t exactly motivate the Lakers nor endear him to the how-dare-an-NBA-player-complain crowd.

The Lakers, meanwhile, have been silent, too. That’s not so good, since it’s their inability to make any significant moves that prompted Kobe to ask out in the first place.

Just understand this, in lieu of Bryant telling you himself: If he was boiling about the Lakers for not jumping at the chance to get Jason Kidd at the trade deadline, he’s now at the stage where the water has evaporated and the bone-dry pot is scorched and rattling, after having a firsthand taste of what playing with Kidd is like at the Team USA minicamp last month.

Kidd, by several accounts, was an absolute wonder during the three-day training session and equally thrilled about playing with Bryant.

“No question,” said someone close to Bryant, “his frustration was made worse by Vegas.”

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  • Rpoc

    What an agenda. Go frak yourself Bucher.

    Silence by Kobe does not help the Lakers nor does rampaging around the media demanding a trade.

    What does help is confirming his commitment to the team so that other stars aren’t wondering if he’ll even be there like KG!!

  • Faith

    I hate to say it but this is exactly why Ric Puck-er is doing this gossipy thing…because I’ll read it, we’ll read it. Darn it!

  • gstoneballer

    i dont like bucher at all.. and i hate to say it.. i agree with what he said. THe Lakers are making his case for him!!!

  • Fred A.

    This artical is old. I saw i a couple days ago.

  • double

    I don’t know the details of Kidd’s contract… but is it possible to revisit the idea of acquiring Jason Kidd?

  • truelakerfan32

    what wrong with the front office of the lakers,there not making any moves, we shoulded not sign coby karl,put him to the la defenders and why did lakers resign chris mihm.

    lakers shoulded payed derek fisher to a vet min.
    they should use there mle to get webber or pj brown,or varejao.

    lakers front office do something,do it now!!!!!

    [quote post=”702″][/quote]

  • keep24

    LAKERS FO: The lights are on but nobody’s home !