First segment only — Ric Bucher discusses Jermaine O’Neal and what’s the possibility that he will be traded… Not too much information give. Interesting, nevertheless.

  • Rpoc

    There’s the saying of not looking too much into expressions but look at Bucher’s mug when he says Kobe would love to have someone like JO. He looked displeased at the notion. Fraker. Motherfucker.

  • double

    I don’t see the JO trade happening anytime soon since the Pacers have until Feb. to make a decision. However, once Bird witnesses the unfolding of another losing Pacers season, he’ll be forced to reduce his asking price for O’neal. O’neal softly threatened to opt out after another unhappy season – which is the direction the Pacers are heading. Bird would be smart to make more reasonable demands before all leverage is gone.

    If we can manage to keep Odom in the process of a possible trade with Indiana, the Lakers front office will receive some level of praise from the media, which will absolutely have a positive effect on Kobe’s position.

  • rpouncy14

    Lakers need 2 get em!!