Ric Bucher of ESPN reports that Lamar will make his decision within 48 hours. What do you guys think? Additionally, here is his latest tweet.

Twitter: Relief! LO will make his decision in next 48 hours, source says. Wants to stay in LA, Lakers making it hard.

  • lucid

    I’ll believe it when I see it.



  • Lamar_Biatch

    Ric Bucher is a Laker hater.
    Fu-ck him.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692278347 Young Im

    So, the Lakers are making it hard when we offered him 2 good contracts and he did not accept them? and then your the one who starts this BS by wanting to sign with mia. at this point i wouldnt care too much if you left cause i know that mitch will work his magic to get someone as good as you LO…

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    hopefully it will be miami im getting tired of odumb.

  • M0Z

    Didn’t Ric Bucher report that Kobe had played his last game as a Laker and was going to be traded….HATER…

  • Ric Bucher

    I suck.

  • LakersFirst

    Honestly, I see it as a no brainer.

    Either $25M over 3 years (plus incentives) on a championship contending team (i.e. the Lakers) or $17.4M over 3 years (MLE $5.8M per year) from Miami?

    Miami is also offering a deal of 4 years (5.8M per year) with the option to opt-out after the third to resign with Bird rights.

    Either deal from Miami is stil LESS than what the Lakers are offering. Plus there is no guarantee that Wade will stay in Miami after next year.

    To me, it’s a no brainer to say with the Lakers but in all honesty, I think LO will choose Miami.

  • WifelovesLuke

    These are the Days of Our Lives!

  • gugy

    Bucher is an @sshole.
    Every time he has an opportunity to say something bad about the Lakers he will do it.
    I just hope the only truth on his statement is that Odom will make his fu-cking mind in 48 hours. This is getting so fu-cking old.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81996 Will Be Quoted Here]

    BTW: I am aware that Miami’s offer is 5 years for $34M but if you compare the first 3 years, the money from the Lakers is more.

    Time Value of Money Theory: You want more money up front now, rather than later.

  • Robert

    By this time, if LO does sign with the Lakers, he will be unhappy. Not sure how that will translate to ‘game time’. We would have 3 years of a player who doesn’t feel he is getting paid what he deserved. And Buss & Co. might see him every once in a while, and say “Hey Lamar, how’s it going?”. That might not sit well.

    Check out this page:


    Check out each player on the Lakers. Almost every player on the Lakers plays ‘a lot’ better when paired with Odom. Even if Odom doesn’t make baskets, he facilitates others playing well. That is worth a lot, actually. I hope Buss can tuck in his ‘pride’ and give him 4 guaranteed years.

  • Lakers 4 Life

    As long as we got Mbenga were going to win it all again! Congo Cash! Lakers for life, KB24 best player alive!

  • http://thelakersnation stay or go

    choose already, so over this

  • kevin cheng

    stfu ric. your news is ALWAYS bs. You yourself claimed L.O. was gonna sign on a tuesday last week. LOL. Go f()ck yourself in the 4$$. You piss all laker fans off. Quit your job. Your not very good at it

  • xtro

    ho-hum. yawn. blah, blah, blah. zzzzz.

  • CUBBON21

    i talk 2 lo last nite he wil be back cause kali got the best KUSH lol

  • Robert

    I don’t know if I’ll be over this, even after the decision. If LO stays, I’ll have to wait until next year’s Championship parade (on Figueroa) to be over it. If he leaves for Miami, I’ll have to put up with a full year of dumb a$$ media speculation about who will ‘win it all’, from ridiculous media types like Puker and BS. Artest will have bust his a$$ to help the Lakers win it all.

  • ShowtimeEra

    Ric Bucher once said that Kobe Bryant would not suit up in a Laker uniform ever again, and he was bound for Chicago, Well that didn’t happen now did it Ric! You’re really killing you’re professional career, and hurting your ratings!

  • Anon

    No matter the outcome I won’t think highly of LO.


    Please everyone enough with the negativity. You all know that you want ODOM to remain a LAKER, and how we need him on this team bad. So within the next 48 hours lets all stay positive and hope that LAMAR ODOM signs with us, THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • LA

    It’s all coming down to pride now and somehow I think both are going to lose. Buss will lose Odom and Odom will be stuck on a team barely contending for a decent playoff spot…earning a lot less than if he had just taken the $27M!!!

  • toon

    Lamar is the one making it hard. At a time when people are out of jobs or business, free agents like him from all the years have the nerves to say, “I got a family to take care of.” How insulting. If single parents can feed their children with 20-50 thousand dollars a year, why can’t Odom feed his family with 25 million in 3 years? Hell, 25 million in 3 years is more than what average people make in a lifetime. Phuck that.

  • toon

    [Comment ID #82008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tell me about it.

  • http://deluxpro.com LakersBack2Back

    Big Lakers Party tonight at Incahoots Fullerton.

    1401 S. Lemon Street
    Fullerton, CA 92832

  • The Labe

    I keep saying… LO is staying…. Smelltics suk!

  • pistol pete

    Anyone know best website to send email encouraging buss to stop acting like Tony Soprano and get this done. Sure he would care less but make me feel better to send email.

  • Lex

    i feel like something too similar was posted 1456453 hrs ago


    Yawn…..and another one.

  • Lakers 24 7

    The decision shouldn’t have took this long in the first place. It’s LA. The champions. A team that’s already set to repeat. You got the best player in the league, a great supporting cast, and your homeboy Ron Artest. You take that deal before it’s even offered.

  • The Spector

    Ric Bucher IS a laker hater.


    So LO,

    You need another 23 hours and 59 min. to think about it?

    Think about what?

    About what you haven’t already thought about for the past 4 weeks.

    Oh, I get it, you need the extra time just in case you have a sudden epiphany.

    I have no doubt you’ll use these 24 hours like none ever before.

    It should have already been a “No-Brainer” weeks ago, coming from a NO BRAINER!

  • jag

    LO and his agent are seriously pissing me off. we should have dumped him, signed artest, and kept ARIZA. doesn’t LO know we let ariza go for him? SHlTS weak!

  • T. Rogers

    The emotional ways of Lamar Odom looks to make this a lose-lose for both parties. Remember when Kobe and Buss had their little media feud two years ago? Once the season started Kobe put it all behind him (I’m assuming Buss did the same) and the Lakers went straight to the Finals. But that is because Kobe doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve like Odom does.

    Even if Odom stays he will feel slighted by the organization. He is the type of player who could very well be impacted on the floor by those kinds of things. I just wonder will we at least see the same LO as before. Or will we be getting an upset, emotionally distracted Odom. Has such a long holdout and tough negotiations done permanent damage to the the relationship between management and Odom?

    I hope he stays. My gut feeling is he will end up in Miami.

  • toon

    [Comment ID #82026 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It would not have been ideal to sign both Ariza and Artest. Both would have competed for playing time at the 3. Artest could play PF, but then he’s too short for the likes of KG, TD, Bosh, Stoudemire, and so forth. Unless almost every team has a small lineup, you can’t really play Ron Ron at the 4.


    Sorry LO,

    My bad, they gave you 48 hours!

    Damn dude, with all that extra “thinking time” now you can make the wise decision and probably cure cancer all in one weekend!

  • RicBucherisadouche

    I like little boys!!! Lakers in 2010! Holla

  • toon

    #1 LO is a liar for promising to take less money.

    #2 He is greedy. That excuse of “I got a family to take care of” doesn’t work. NBA ballers make more in 1 year than average people make in a life time.

    #3 If Lakers aren’t overpaying him, something’s up. It must mean that they have a plan B. Odom isn’t worth his demands. Talent he has, but divide that talent by 2 for his inconsistency. Mitch will make another blockbuster trade. Lame joke: Fluke Walton and Sasha Vujabrick to Memphis for Rudy Gay.

  • TonyFisch

    Bucher Fucher, whatever, he is a hack that is saying 48 hours for, I think the 3rd time this month.

    I am tired of Odom, but would hope that Dr Buss signs him, uses him until late January then sends him to Podunk. I think that LO is a disingenuous spoiled NBA millionaire who’s head has gotten fat. He is a douche bag that may leave the best place for him. Guys like Odom get old. He whines, shows up half the time and wants more.n You, or I would get fired.

  • Lamar_Biatch

    The more time Odom has to think the dumber he gets.
    Stop eating candy and sign this fu-cking dotted line.

  • toon

    I’m pissed. Odom should just sign with Miami and have a threesome with Wade and Riley.

  • http://lll.com 2pac_is_alive


  • S. Azar

    This is all said and done with. Do a sign and trade deal and get the most you can for Lamar. Taking so long has already left Lamar with a sour taste, Buss with a disappointed heart.

    What happened to taking less to come back to the LAKERS Lamar? Does your word not mean anything anymore? Is $9M/Year not enough? Shame on greed. Be a man and stand by your word.

    We want you back, but we want the Lamar of old, not the Lamar of today. Best of luck with whatever decision you make. It will be something you have to live with the rest of your life.

    P.S. You think Pat Riley cares about you? You think Wade cares? What did they do when they had the opportunity to trade you? they TRADED YOU.

    Shame on you for not knowing who your true friend and family is. It’s right here in LA (and it’s not the Clippers I’m talking about).

  • Stephen

    You guys the only non-Laker hater on ESPN is Jalen Rose, that’s it. Everyone else hates us but it’s all good we like it that way, especially cuz it makes winning that much sweeter! Come on LO sign! I’m going on vacation in 2 days and I wanna know before I leave!! I want a peaceful vacation dammit!!!!!!

  • Lakers 4 Life

    The Candy Man is back! He is signing a 4 year deal! It’s on espn news

  • dvdman

    Espn 710 radio is saying that Hollinger of ESPN is reporting that the Odom and the Lakers signing is imminent and that it’s a 4 year deal. We will see if this is another bull cr@p report.

  • lalakesir

    [Comment ID #82039 Will Be Quoted Here]
    what r u talkin about

  • dvdman

    JA Adande is saying the same thing!

  • TonyFisch

    Adande, gee now there may be some credibility to the latest rumor. If true this may get announced today, but as we know don’t trust hype.

  • lakerman1

    Fun isn’t it. Lets face W/O the LO drama we would all be having withdrawl symptoms by now. If nothing else its been interesting. What ever happens its only one more month until preseason. Lakers NBA Champions again in 2010.

  • lakerman1

    Whoops its withdrawal

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    ODUMB is back!!! 4 year 33 million. 2 weeks ago he turned down 4 year 40 million!!! Wow!! he lsot $250,000 a day!! A bad descison, tough economy, and a great poker player (Dr. Buss)!! Go Lakers!! after it all, LO welcome back!!!!

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    Lamar is back ..check BSPN

  • lakerfan13

    L.O. is back baby

  • Phony Ric Bucher

    Once Again, Ric Bucher is wrong.

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso
  • Lamar_Biatch

    Once Again, Ric Bucher is wrong.

    That fu-cker and hater. What a fu-cking idiot that guy is.