Here is the latest from Rick ala ESPN…

  • shawn

    Come on Mitch dont let Buss ruin the franchise agian

  • shawn

    I hate Ric Bucher watev go Jackson and Mitch Busses suck

  • DavidLe

    Ric Bucher said (of all people Bucher?)……”He foresee’s Kobe Bryant suiting up for the Lakers at the beginning of this season”….at the end of the interview…I think we are in trouble…..Bucher said before…”Kobe Bryant will never wear a Laker uniform again and will not show up to training camp”…..but Kobe showed up…Bucher was wrong on that one…He might be WRONG on this one as well….Dude is always wrong! (I hate that fool)…I’m getting kinda worried….”The man who signs the paychecks feel it is time for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant to part ways”……..

  • hZm

    What we have right now is one guy saying that Buss is listening to Jackson and another saying Buss wants Kobe out no matter what.

    Who is telling the truth? Do you trust Bucher?

  • fatty


    If Bucher should always be taken the opposite? We are indeed in trouble. Wait, if the guy who signs the paychecks wants Kobe out, them he really must mean, he wants him to stay?!
    Okay, now I’m getting confused.

    Bucher makes up another story? The guy is too much.

  • magicbalala245

    no damn it this can’t happen and im agreeing with bucher this time Kobe will be a laker opening night and last time i check you can’t make personal things effect business maybe that why we got crap for shaq cause personal issue got in the way we cannot let this happen mitch bring JO now before it’s too late forget jerry buss and jim buss i seen the light the reason we didn’t get those players now is cause you were handcuff by this once great family who cared about winning now they care about money come on mitch save the day no wait save this franchise from trading Kobe please mtich save this franchise right now for all laker fans

  • Newtdog

    You know, I just wanted Kobe to stay with the Lakers because I love LA and Kobe is my favorite player. Everytime I hear Ric Bucher, it just makes me want Kobe to stay to prove Bucher wrong.Where does he come up with this stuff??..he is such a Kobe hater, and has no real info. How does he still have a job???

  • kingkb

    dis is the way i c it.. mitch as we know blew off trade deals like ron artest or baron coming to the lakers.. but buss is the one who traded shaq.. then he took a break and then comes back and wants to trade kobe.. wtf is wit that?? we need a new owner,, and someone with the last name that isnt buss

  • kb24 4life

    please guys
    dont believe anything that bucher say, he is a liar and wants kobe out from LA.. Dont Believe him..


    where does bucher get his info from? how can we even kno if he’s a reliable source?

  • fatty

    Bucher gets his info from Vecsey, who gets his stuff from bloggers like us. So it must be true.

  • LAKing

    OK, to the people who are running this site. Why are you guys posting articles or rumors that comes from Ric Bucher? Everyone knows this guy is trash and that’s all that comes out of him. He’s pathetic, he’s constantly making stuff up about the Lakers just so he can save his own job. I have no idea why you guys are posting Ric Bucher reports.

  • ihatejcool

    Just because it’s posted, doesn’t make it true. The purpose of this site is to post Lakers related news/commentaries/ideas etc…and that’s exactly what it is.

  • hZm

    We can’t tell you if any reports are true or not… we don’t know. But we do want to make sure that you guys get that info and judge it for yourself.

  • MILO

    WOW!!! i agreed with Mitch, that’s scary! LOL LOL LOL

  • kobe_or_not_kobe

    I get tired of evan hearing Ric Bucher’s name> i wish he would get bored of Kober and move on to someone else that does not interest me!!