His track record speaks for itself… nuff said right? Well since he did come out and give another one of his propecies, why not laugh about it en route to our dethroning of the champions tonight?

ESPN: “Bucher: The Spurs have structured their contracts so that only Parker and Duncan are under contract for the summer of ’10, when a dozen or more superstars — Kobe, who has great admiration for the San Antonio organization, included — could be available.”

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  • gugy


    Poor Bucher.

    F U C K I N G I D I O T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Why would Kobe, who himself will be 32 in 2010, want to play with an even older Tim Duncan who is going to be getting worked by the monster 23 year old Laker named … ANDREW BYNUM (Bynum will 23 years old 23 at the start of 2010/11 season.

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    Please excuse me while I throw up.

  • vida8

    Hahahhhah dont u just love BUCHER…..men i would love to kill him….!

  • double

    Do you guys screen what you post?

  • Thuggishdeer

    barf! dream on puker! Maybe u didn’t hear kobe the first time in the summer, “i want to be a laker for life.” i never believed that guy again after kobe was never traded. what is he, 0 for 3 when it comes to laker rumors? kobe being traded, lakers getting garnett, lakers getting kidd… etc! why would kobe trade bynum lamar gasol phil jackson for duncan and parker?

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  • Michael_23

    Why would they want Kobe. They have Ginobli and Bucher is a dick as we all know.

    Kobe will entertain the opt out deal but he’ll be a Laker for life (which is after next season)

    Kobe has already answered the question of staying in LA in his MVP press conference. He is staying and I’m sure the Lakers can work out a contract deal that will have him stay for the rest of his career.

    My concern is how they are going to keep Odom and Pau.

  • Geloman

    Bucher rhymes with Puker. All his comments make me puke. Enough said.


    Is crack making a comeback?

  • daboss1848

    wow u guys still hating on Bucher for being KB’s and Pelinka’s mouthpiece . . (don’t kill the messenger)

  • Bhpreppy

    Bucher was right when he broke the news months ago that Bynum is going to be out for the rest of the year and we all laughed at him about that…I wouldn’t be too surprised if Kobe bounces by 2010 if the Lakers aren’t able to win at least one Ship.

  • Painless

    Did you guys even read the article? The title of this post is misleading. He never actually says Kobe is GOING to the Spurs, only that he’ll be available in 2010 and the Spurs can make a run at him. Two years from now who knows what’ll happen on the Laker team. Maybe Bynum never gets to the level he was at before his injury.. Maybe Lakers decide to cut Pau and/or LO loose. Who knows? Though all of us hope and pray that Kobe stays a Laker for life, it’s not guaranteed. Two years from now is a long time away…

  • sK

    That will only happen if LeBron comes to LA, which is not far fetched… Lebron will either be on NY, LA or Chicago after his current contract.

    Lakers have a knack of picking up the superstar.

    with that being said… I want Kobe here for life.

  • ab4sure

    NEVER …. EVER ….

    NEVER will the lakers be a championship contender this yr. Never will Bynum prove he is a legit center. Never will Buss or Mitch bring talent here. Never kobe will win an MVP this yr. EVER… EXCETERA…..

    Will kobe be a spur??? HIGHLY UNLIKELY

    But NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!! ………….. EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • HereWeGo

    im going to throw up. that will NEVER happen.. bucher is on crack

  • ab4sure

    i think bucher is off here after reviewing kobe’s contract. Kobe has an opt out after next season 2009. He will have to resign with the lakers then or go somewhere else…. Spurs will have room in 2010…

  • T.A.


    and Chris Paul and Lebron are about to be traded to the lakers for Newble and Mihm!!!

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    haha i also heard tiger woods and roger federer are coming to the lakers … hahaha

  • jouny

    Hell Noooooooooooooooooooo

  • ab17

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    oh yea also kinbo slice and mike tyson as well hahahahaha

  • JC

    KOBE will be a Laker for Life!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    honestly if i saw that guy on the street i would punch him. dont even give him credit by posting this.

  • True Lakers Fan

    WTF! Will he say next haha god i want to run over hiss asss

  • Luis24

    Buchet is am idiot, he was saying Kobe would be traded and he Would not be a Laker the start of the season, wrong. He also said he woudnt get any other superstar also wrong. He is a Laker hater

  • xtro

    LeBron to the Lakers to team-up with Bynum. Rebirth of the Showtime then!

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    Here’s my prediction. This dummy will have no job by the 2010 season. I guarantee it.

  • tradekwame11

    Yeah right

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    I’m pretty sure he’s like best friends with Jay z which makes his next team the Nets the most likely

  • http://andrewbynum.com Andrew Bynum sucks

    [Comment ID #37413 Will Be Quoted Here] phil jacksn will be retiredi 2010/11

  • e

    i have started to disregard almost everything that comes out of bucher’s mouth after the beginning of this season…kobe will hopefully remain a laker for the rest of his career

  • lakerschamps08

    yea wont happen cuz we winnin 3 straight championships..

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    u guys forgot about and the geico cavemen http://msnbcmedia4.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/070520/070520_cavemen_hmed_4p.hmedium.jpg and the michelin man http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1173/774789874_7cee7c85b9_o.jpg too! roflmao!

  • zgum

    hmm..coz they want to invest money in San Antonio… a broad/ not boring tv coverage…

  • Superstar Basketball

    Bucher needs to get butchered for saying things like this.

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    bucher spelt backwards means retard in arabic…. rehcub

  • Rpoc

    Dude’s timeline is stuck in last summer. Lmao.

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  • Keep Odom

    As long as the Lakers Organization are committed to winning now and they continue to sorround him with good players we should be okay. Kobe is not going anywhere!

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    barf on Bucher plz! :D

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    btw, wasn’t Kobe quoted as saying that he’s a Laker for life? ;)