Still singing the same ol’ tune are ya Mr. Bucher? Kobe’s passion from last game especially does not go hand in hand with your predictions…

RealGM: Bucher then worked as the sideline reporter for Friday’s Lakers-Pistons’ telecast, where the story was briefly mentioned but laid off on a Detroit radio station.

Of more interest was Bucher’s conclusion:

I was told today that as of now Kobe’s distrust of the front office remains, and he would like to be playing for a championship elsewhere.”

Lakers’ officials now insist they’re even more resolved to keep Bryant — but no one from Jerry Buss down will come out and say he’s not going anywhere this season

  • gugy

    Butcher is a B•tch!

  • magicbalala245

    alright listen up people never ever listen to ric bucher he is a laker hater and a Kobe hater first thing of Kobe or anything of Kobe he reports why is that cause he is trying to destory Kobe reputation and ruin the lakers franchise by himself well let me say something to mr bucher it ain’t going to happen mr bucher cause this coming June imma see Kobe hold a finals trophy and a finals MVP trophy

  • MILO

    Bucher could go suck a dick!!!

  • Caleb

    Bucher is a Bulls fan.

    Kobe is all about WINNING. He would not hold a grudge against the Laker front office and get traded to Chicago where he would be in a even WORSE situation with the Bulls (who suck).

  • MILO

    Tonight the Bulls (especialy Gordon) are going to play their hearts out.Let’s hope that the Lkaers can contain them because their is tons of motivation for the Bulls. They are playing with a chip on their shoulder after those Kobe chants in Chicago.Every time a team is playing with a chip on their shoulder they are more dangerous then usual…

  • MILO

    Let’s not count our chickens before the eggs hatch!!!

  • lakers4life

    can everyone stfu with bucher being a lakers/kobe hater?

  • MILO

    Actualy i just checked out yesterday’s scores, the Bulls beat that other LA team.They should be a little tired so the Lakers should beat them easily.But you never know???

  • MILO

    What! Deng is not suiting up tonight wtf???

  • MILO

    Vale verga eso, the Lakers should beat them easily then.Is Deng injured or what???

  • MILO

    Ok i read the artical, he injured his back what a shame.

  • DoDoBallz

    Kobe uses this guy for a reason I don’t know yet but he has been close to Kobe.

  • ab4sure

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    Yeah…Kobe’s B*atch..

  • lakers4life

    milo y do u leave like 6 differnt comments? just put them as one

  • lakers4life

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    yes they are close friends, people just cant handle the truth. even after the suns game kobe gave him a hug

  • Alvin

    If this stuff is true, Kobe is a woman. He is mad that the front office was dishonest with him? He’s mad that they lied to him? I think my woman was mad at me for the same reason last week.

    Kobe needs to ditch the deep feelings, the pride and grow a pair. I mean seriously, what if he’s on his period and starts bleeding on the court?

  • Jrich

    I’m gonna fu*k up Ric Bucher if I see him. I’ll punch that wig off his white ass head. Fu*k that b*tch!!!!

  • kyler_hay

    bucher needs to die

  • dson24

    bucher is a douche

  • MILO

    lakers4life, sorry

  • MILO

    lakers4life, i did’nt think it would bother anyone…

  • MILO

    lakers4life, do you get the picture

  • MILO

    lakers4life, ??? lol

  • MILO

    lakers4life, there bullsh!t aside do you have audio problems when you go to the Lakers site???i could barely hear it the interviews it has very little volume!!!

  • Jrich

    Milo get off lakersforlife’s nuts

  • daboss1848

    For those who obviously didnt have time to read the wholse article before bashing Bucher:

    “Bucher set himself up last summer when he announced Kobe would never wear a Lakers uniform again. However, having known Ric a long time, there’s one thing I’m sure of:

    He’s not making this stuff up.

    He’s close enough to Bryant to get it firsthand or, at Kobe’s direction, from Rob Pelinka, Bryant’s agent.

    Bucher isn’t allowed to quote them, which can leave him dangling, especially if he takes them at their word, which they often overstate.

    Nevertheless, exposed as he was through Bryant’s rescinded vows of summer and the failed trades of fall, Bucher keeps coming back with stuff about what Kobe’s thinking, which I believe.”

    So, really you’re animosity should be directed to Bucher’s puppetmaster – KB.

  • BEC

    Bucher is a b*****, but from all other sources, radio talks and articles and such, who talked to Kobe personally, THIS IS TRUE. Its not about what happens on the floor, its not the guys on the floor, his anger and distrust is all on management. The problem is with management.

  • lakers4life

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  • lakers4life

    milo, i didnt know ur a fag

  • lakers4life

    milo, do u get the picture?

  • fred0s

    Bucher is a prick and he needs to shut his ****** mouth.

  • lakersfan17

    Bucher is crap, over the years I have develop hate toward him.Kobe is a Laker and that is all that matters.

  • ab4sure

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    But their anger can’t be directed their while they grovel at Kobe’s feet begging him to stay.

  • MILO

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    Yea i do, i have a picture of you’re mom sucking my dick!

  • MILO

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