GREAT STUFF from the ESPN podcast this morning. We’ve provided a link a full transcripts. Sounds like Kobe has one goal – WINNING. And with the recent fall of the Bulls, it seems perhaps Kobe is seeing Bynum progress and perhaps is ready to win in Los Angeles afterall…

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Bill Simmons’ new podcast features Marc Stein AND Rich Bucher. When the topic of Jermaine O’neal comes up, Stein thinks that a team with Kobe as the main scorer and O’neal as a second option and defensive anchor can win a championship. On the topic of Kobe, Bucher goes on to say that from what he’s been hearing lately, he’s not sure now that Kobe wouldn’t be satisfied if the team picked up O’neal without giving up both Bynum and Odom. Bucher goes on to say that Kobe “might be” reconsidering his options based on how poor Chicago is playing, and also how good Bynum looks.

Furthermore, 2cleva has provided us with transcripts of the podcast:

ESPN Podcast: Simmons with Stein and Bucher

: He feels Kobe is workmanlike, hints he’s mailing in the games. Then asks will it be resolved in 2 weeks.

Stein: Says it will drag unless a bad losing streak. Phil and Mitch don’t want trade to happen. We don’t know where Dr Buss stands – looks like he’s ready to trade him. Gotta bet on longer.

Bucher: Longer. Even though Kobe is “slugging” through it. Bucher agrees with Simmons. Can’t name another player who can want out and still play workmanlike as well as he has. Compares to JO who obviously isn’t happy in Indy and wants out and it shows.

Simmons: Do you think JO’s hurt?

Bucher: Has a small back issue thats contributing to it but he’s also not excited about being in Indy and wants out. Impacting his play.

Simmons: Chemistry on JO and Tinsley is killing a team.

Bucher: Bill’s expectations are too high….

Blah, blah, blah on Indy.

Simmons: At 20 mil who would want JO.

Stein: C’mon. Defensively he’s one of the best…. If he’s your #2 and defensive anchor you can win a ring.

Blah, blah, blah

Simmons: Back on Kobe – Why doens’t LA package Bynum and expiring Ks for a vet to win?

Stein: Part of it – would that make Kobe happy? Not sure if anything will make Kobe happy. Can’t know for sure. Suggests JO – #2, anchor defense. Would that be enough? Kobe seems so far off reservation that may not keep him – his estimation.

Simmons: What would have to be given up for JO? If Odom and Bynum thats ridiculous.

Stein: Indy wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Bucher: Wonder with what Bynum has shown and Indy becoming more and more and rebuild. Not convinced Bynum and expiring Ks couldn’t make it happen. Bucher admits he said bridge is burned and no going back but from what things he’s heard of late it makes him curious whether getting a JO with this team and if both LO and Bynum wouldn’t have to be done. Or Lamar for Marion and adding other new pieces. Gets a sense Kobe would come back. While Kobe still likes to go elsewhere – when he sees Chicago it impacts his thinking. Questions is it will be enough to compete in the East. Believes Kobe having second thoughts.

Stein: East/West difference. Mentions going for Kidd before – would they be better in the West?

Bucher: Kidd makes guys around better in short term more than what LO or Bynum can. Kobe’s issue – trying to win now or in future.

Simmons: Suggests Marion, Barbosa, Atl pick is the best deal for Kobe.

Bucher: well they still can. Deal is sitting there. Phx is thinking when dust settles if LA is pushed to make a deal they will come off the statement that Phx is the last team they’d ever deal with. LA letting emotion getting in way of basketball sense.


    if atlanta is a lottery pick we could get oj mayo with that. barbosa is playing lights out and we all know how effective marion is. if it wasn’t for phoenix being in the pacific the trade would have happened already, but do we want to give phoenix the championship? nash, kobe, bell, boris, stoudimire = multiple rings.

  • daboss1848

    When making trades u cant worry about the other team…you have to worry about yourself (make the best deal you can for your team). This is not that deal.

    Marion is an overpaid malcontent who needs his ego catered to on a daily basis – we are talking about a player who’s unhappy playing on a “team” (his unhappiness stems from lack of touches and not being primary guy, and not the trade talk). Read prior statements by his own coaches – the coaches spend more time and energy on trying to keep him focused and happy than the rest of the team combined.

    Barbosa is good – great role player.

    OJ Mayo – no guarantee on picks.

  • GET JO

    GET JO!!! GET JO!!! GET JO!!! GET JO!!!

  • 24allup inya

    Id rather ship out LO Cook and pick if indy wants more than that then Bird could go suck a dick.JO nop longer wants to play there i watch a game and you can relly see how unhappy he is………It’s gonna be interesting to see how JO will play when they face the Lakers will he slack off or will he put his all into it to show LA what he is worth.

  • 24allup inya

    Hey i did’nt misspell all those words! what gives???

  • gugy

    Bucher is an ass. Give me a break, now he is changing his tune. what an idiot.

    I agree that larry Bird lost his chance. Now we need to get JO giving just LO or maybe Cook, Kwame, Turiaff and Sasha. I not sure if JO will be the player lakers need the most.
    Bring Okafur next season. I think we will be alright this season.

  • xtro

    Get JO. Free agents like Ron-Ron will come to L.A. Championship looming in the horizon, fellas!

  • kiwest

    get JO get JO get JO lamar just doesnt cut it if we want to have a chance at a championship! and id rather give bynum than turriaf because turriaf and kobe are good friends and that helps to keep kobe happy and he also is very energetic.

  • Rpoc

    Bucher is a b****. He sold his reputation to be Kobe’s lap dog. He goes with whatever Kobe says. And you know this issue is an ever-changing one so Bucher looks like an ass when he’s reporting off of Kobe’s emotions. You think Kobe would have given love to Bucher (that hug in the post game interview) if he thought everything he said was BS? No, he would have treated Bucher like Simers.

    Bucher the b**** reflects Kobe’s emotions. It should be taken as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Caleb

    Can Fisher/Farmar-Kobe-Luke-JO-Bynum win a title? Probably not. But some top free agents would want to come to LA this summer to play with JO and Kobe.

  • lakerfan81

    There is no way the Lakers get JO without Bynum. Without Odom, maybe but not without Bynum. Indiana is rebuilding and Bynum and Granger would not be that bad of a starting place.


    DON’T TRADE LAMAR ODOM.He needs to stay because Lakers will not win any title no time soon,he is the key.He knows the triangle as equally as Kobe so why would you trade him?This man’s son passed away not too long ago,his wife,I think moved to New York and he could have easily moved to Indiana just to be closer to her but didn’t.He wanted to stay here because of that Purple/Gold pride.Even came out of his mouth and said there is no other place he’d rather end his career plus he said(along with Walton)he wants to bring the TROPHY BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS,IN LA.I from from Wash.,DC and I know that.I say it again neither Kobe or myself want ODOM gone.GET O’NEAL!!!!!!

  • Rpoc

    Triangle offense knowledge is overrated. Talent trumps it in the end. Let’s not forget how fast the 3-peat started with talent.

    Like Horry said, “it’s just basketball.”

  • Caleb

    how could Odom possible know the triangle as well as Kobe does? Kobe’s been here for 10+ years, Odom’s been here for 3+ years

  • Caleb



    Odom’s the only one,besides DF,Kobe really when he’s on the floor(watch how many times Kobe paases Odom the ball no matter how many times he misses).

  • kgmvp

    If we could get JO without giving up Andrew Bynum i´m down with that but if we have to give up Bynum i say don´t do it. Hope we can get JO i think we would be a better team with JO. JO and Andrew then add up KOBE with guys like fisher, radman, mo evans and j-critt we would have a great team.

  • lakerschamps08

    well yea now lets get jo but keep odom or bynum sure prob.. not gonna happen hope it does buuttttttt… go lakers

  • kobe24mvp

    I’d rather give up Bynum than Odom for JO plus I’m sure Indiana would rather have him because the guy can’t even hit a 15 foot shot and the top big men in the league hit that shot consistently and thats why it opens up their whole game and thats part of what gets you to be an all-star player.Plus if Odom doesn’t play well we could package Odom and cook to phoenix for Marion and filler or to Sacramento for Artest plus filler and we could beat anyone with that big 3.

  • Tim-4-Show

    I’m also on the don’t trade Bynum for JO train. The thing with LO is that he’s inconsistent, injury prone, lacks the proper defense for the 3, isn’t being utilized on offense the right way for his skill set, etc etc. I love LO, but we’re missing something and it *might* be his play.

    JO & Ron Ron, I don’t even know if that’s possible, from a personnel standpoint, (can they even get along?)… but wow. And do this without giving up socks would make us REALLY tough.

    Now, of COURSE Kobe is rethinking things. This is what everyone would expect. He will be rethinking things for a a long time. There will be days when he says “man, I’m better off here” and there will be days when he says “God, I just wish this front office had their act together”

    Long term, everyone has to be on the same page. The players around Kobe have to bring their best effort night in and night out, and the front office has to bring their best effort as well (maybe that means do nothing, maybe it means tweaking the roster here or there).


    I want all Laker fans to understand one thing,Celtics traded one of there best in Al Jefferson and got Garnett(the reason why this site is even up)and there instant contenders.Everyone is so afraid to pull the trigger(FO)on the guy.He really would benefit better from being around guys close to his age and Indiana provides that.

  • gugy

    It is true DCLAKER,

    But JO is not as goo as KG and is injury prone. At this point I think JO is a good alternative, but I would not trade Bynum and LO for him. Maybe LO and cook and kwame, but not Bynum, plus now that Bynum is playing well Jim Buss will never get rid of him. So just give up of losing Bynum.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #17260 Will Be Quoted Here]


    You forget that the Lakers were prepared to trade LO and Bynum and whatever else they had to until Kobe opened his big mouth and bashed the Laker organization and killed any negotiating power the Lakers had. KG even said so when he said, Because of the Kobe situation, L.A. wasn’t an option. Had Kobe kept his mouth shut and not bashed his teammates and the FO, the Lakers would’ve been in the running for KG.

  • Jrich

    Wait til the end of this season when JO is a free agent. Why trade for him right now? We can get him next season without giving up any players. All we have to do is get rid of Kwame to free up 9 million and trade Cook, Sasha and Evans to free up more money.

    We need to keep Lamar and Bynum.

  • dking

    Move LO keep AB get JO. LO is not a head up defender and he and kobe never get that 2 man game going. Seems like when Kobe passes Larmar the ball in the post ,he never gets it back when he makes the cut. Same thing on the pick and roll. O’neal is more of a true big man that will bang a little an can also hit that 15 foot shot from the wing. Plus just how good would kobe and fish be on d with Oneal and Drew watching the backs in the lane. Mitch make this happen.

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #17267 Will Be Quoted Here]


    yeah..I agree with that..Let’s hope JO will go 4 the purple ang gold not for the Future Brooklyn Boys..the Nets…

  • yaLaLap

    we should wait for the off season,we will sign elton brand instead of jo,because he’s an injury prone player,elton is way better than jo…period..

  • Jrich

    Lamar is the man!!!!!!!!! 25 points and 15 boards with 9 offensive boards!!!!!!! Jermaine who?? We don’t need that fool, we got LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DoDoBallz

    Jo is ok but can u say Okafor or Brand Im just saying there are more guyz coming of the books then just that guy.GO Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • domidomdomz

    let’s GO for getting BRAND instead not for another O’neal, unless if he agrees to have the mid exception

  • E-ROC

    Don’t get JO!!!! That would be a mistake.

  • PhxLkrFan

    I’m not even sure if all of what I just read is English.