ESPN: It was the perfect metaphor for the Lakers’ perfect start: a dagger 3-pointer by Kobe Bryant, with James Posey right in his grill, that staved off a New Orleans comeback and gave the Lakers a 93-86 win over the Hornets.

The win pushed the Lakers to 7-0, and with Atlanta’s loss in Boston it made them the league’s sole undefeated team. It’s a status they may hang on to for a while — seven of L.A.’s next eight games are in the friendly confines of Staples Center, starting with Friday’s contest against Detroit.

And although Bryant denied flashing back to the Finals while draining the shot over Posey, it symbolized the motivation for L.A.’s awe-inspiring start. The Lakers were exposed as soft, mentally and physically, in that six-game defeat to Boston last year, and their start has been a response to that discovery. What better way to cap it than by nailing a shot over the former Boston defensive stopper who so frustrated the Lakers in last season’s Finals?

For that matter, an earlier Posey-related episode helped symbolize L.A.’s newfound toughness. It all started when Chris Paul used a first-quarter stoppage in play to take exception to a blow from Pau Gasol underneath; Gasol, notorious as a shrinking violet in such situations, made sure to respond. When Posey — who hadn’t even checked into the game yet — came off the bench to intervene, Gasol would have none of it, and each earned a tech for his troubles. It never got physical, but it showed L.A.’s resolve.

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  • ShortDiezel

    Great Win, but a couple of thoughts:

    1. Why did Jackson keep Vlade in the game during the 3rd quarter? 1 or 2 bad posessions ok, but 4 or 5 CONSECUTIVE bad possessions on both sides of the court? He turned the ball over, couldn’t buy a shot, couldn’t dunk, kept helping off of Peja Stojakovic when he is the single man who could bring them back into the game if he gets hot.. the Lakers have the ability to play man defense all game.. why are you helping Bynum guard Chandler, and then leave Stojakovic open? I know Stojakovic didn’t shoot particularly well but he had a couple of wide open shots.

    2. Why did Phil take out Bynum at the end of the 4th? The reason the Hornets made their big spurt was because Chris Paul was able to drive to the basket, and Bynum is our best inside defender.

    3. Anyone get the feeling that all the Lakers were standing around in the 4th waiting for Kobe to bail them out? This is something they need to fix ASAP because if it comes down to the wire again, the opposition team will know the ball is coming to Kobe. Play with no fear.. take it to the rack every time!!!!!

    I hate being negative after a such a great win, but I want this Laker team to stay undefeated.. Go LAKERS!!

  • Kb_24mvp


  • aggressive expansion

    i’m so glad that 3 by kobe was against posey, i remember i wanted him on this team, but you know what? we’re gonna take down every player that was associated w/ that boston smell-tic team, one down. We’re coming Boston.

  • Lakers 24 7

    “I just wanted to shoot it in his face,” Bryant said of the late 3-pointer. “I knew I was due.”

  • MILO

    fu-ck Lame’ass Poseyr!!!

  • ed

    There’s no one else I would rather have with the ball when the game is on the line, than Kobe. But, it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. Kobe took the team out of rhythm again with too much dribbling and jacking up shots. This team needs him to play with the team. When the whole team is playing bad, then take it over, but we were up by at least 15 points when he started his one-ones, one on three. Pass the ball!!


    Kobe is the most dangerous player in the league…he WILL get 2nd MVP (LBJ is not too far behind,though)…but I’d rather MVP of The Finals,CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  • lakrfan4life

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!

  • Kb_24mvp


  • yellowpurplefever

    IN YOUR FACE POSER!!! this feels pretty good

  • yellowpurplefever