People’s Daily Online: Kobe Bryant, the U.S. basketball superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, is expected to descend on the Philippine capital of Manila on September 5, local media reported Wednesday.

During his one-day visit, Kobe Bryant will take part in a new Nike shoe launch and share his skills with young Filipino basketball players, the Manila-based GMA TV said.

“Kobe Bryant serves as a basketball icon, inspiration and role-model to a lot of our young Filipino athletes and we are proud to bring him closer to his fans,” said Melissa Crucillo, the country marketing manager of Nike Philippines.

After Manila visit, Kobe will fly to Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, as part of the Kobe Bryant’s Supernatural Asia Tour 2007, the report said.

The Filipinos have an undying passion for basketball. Street ball games are played in nearly every district in the urban and rural areas alike. Some roads are dotted with so many make-shift courts that sometimes the traffic is blocked.

Local television also air basketball games on a more than regular basis that NBA superstars become no strangers to average Filipino.

  • Faith


  • nayrb_883

    philippines loves kobe!
    what mall will he be going to again? i can’t wait to see him.

  • Bubanizer

    Wherever he goes, I hope it will not be the Mall of Asia, too far from where I live. ;)

  • nayrb_883

    they say it’s gonna be in glorietta.. yey that’s walking distance from my school.. or was it greenbelt… oh who cares, they’re just like a hundred steps apart.

  • kobe24sadang

    The Nugget,
    y r u posting filipino stuff here too?
    I mean,y the title is whole story is
    about kobe visiting the Philippines not
    like Hong Kong or other cities in Asia
    that Kobe is going too..

  • rompx

    filipinos are awesome street ballers and they play with slippers on lol

  • ILuvPekPek

    maybe kobe wants to eat adobo when he gets there. lol

  • kobe24sadang

    hei TheNugget..
    u look like a filipino..
    for real…

  • nayrb_883

    oh.. it’s in philsports arena (ultra).. rx 93.1 was giving 6 tickets to whoever answers the question.. those were really easy questions like how many times Kobe made the all-star team.. duh! he never missed one. excpet in 1999 (lockout). Order of selection, 13th overall. I wish I joined that contest.. so sad.. :(

  • domidomdomz

    mabuhay kobe bryant