ESPN: A NBA memo obtained by provides specifics of the three-year extension Kobe Bryant signed with the Los Angeles Lakers last week.

The deal, which had been rumored to be worth close to $90 million, will actually pay Bryant $83.5 million. It is a back-loaded deal, with Bryant set to earn $25.2 million in 2011-12, $27.8 million in 2012-13 and $30.4 million in 2013-14, according to the memo.

Bryant’s salary in 2013-14 is significant because it will make him the first player since Michael Jordan in 1996-97 and 1997-98 to be paid more than $30 million in a season. The Bulls paid Jordan $30.1 and $33.1 million for his last two seasons in Chicago.

The contract also includes an unspecified trade bonus should Bryant be dealt to another team, but Bryant would have to approve any trade proposal before it became official. As a carry-over condition from Bryant’s previous contract, he remains the only player in the NBA with a no-trade clause.

  • Joseph

    Given the rampant inflation due to Federal Reserve policies and California's recent hike in the sales tax, his real salary dollars are significantly less to Jordan's as reported. Given the economy as a whole and the downward trend in player's salaries, Kobe still made out like a bandit. 30.4 gGs are still a boatload of dough.

    The question is though, will fans begrudge his higher salary in light of the declining value of their own incomes amid increases in ticket prices come season ticket purchasing time.

  • Nagasawa Masami

    As good as Bryant is, he is not worth 30 mil/ season (no player in any league at anytime is, btw). The Lakers grossly overpaid for 1 player.

  • lostinla

    this should buy how many championships?HOPEFULLY AT LEAST ONE????

    • airkobe

      can you figure out of how much the staple center is earning every time there is a home game..and on the play off? buss doesn't care at first if they win the championship or not as long the lakers plays in the play off with kobe, he got paid off all those millions. you're not the ones paying just watch don't question! you don't own a team in the NBA so you don't know the importance of the likes of kobe! jordan got paid 30 mil in “1997 & 98 ” you think 30 mil now is more higher value than before?

  • yash1


  • dclaker

    3 more rings to go and 3 more to be THE GREATEST!!!

  • dclaker

    As the late great J.Dilla said…”Gotta go and get the money..Gotta go and get the Doe”.Kobe you deserve EVERY bit of it.