All speculation, of course. However, in my honest opinion — In the end, Kobe will be there, it is in his nature to be there.

Kobe wallESPN: It was a simple yes or no question, and Kobe Bryant could have ended much of the speculation over his future simply by answering it.”Do you still want the Lakers to trade you?”

As we walked toward the team bus some 40 minutes after Team USA’s practice ended Saturday, this was his response:

“I’m not going to answer that question. The Lakers know exactly where I stand, and they’ve known exactly where I stand since the beginning of the summer.”


Will Kobe be there when the Lakers report to camp in Hawaii? After looking him in the eye and getting a bit of a fresh mid-August reading of his mood, I’m not so certain he will be.

  • magicbalala245

    come on Kobe let’s go get ur head in da game u know u wanna b a laker 4 lyfe so let go Kobe

  • fatty

    This is a very interesting piece. The writer Chris Sheridan, gives his opinion, based on nothing, that he feels Kobe is sitting out of camp. Even though Kobe said, just a few days ago, to the LA Times, “that would be silly and makes no sense for me to sit out of camp.”

    Chris Sheridan was very familiar with the quote from Kobe, but for some reason ignored to mention it.

    The next day: Several news services carry the ESPN story, with the headline, “Kobe to sit out of Camp?.” So what do I do? I go to the NBA section, and guess what, They have a big box highlighted by this article, some videos, and some articles on Kobe. What a coincidence?

    Sheridan’s piece was nothing more than a promo, add, whatever, to get people to come to ESPN. Kobe sells, and ESPN will do anything, even make up something, to get people to their site.

    Chris Sheridan, normally a respected writer, makes a fool of himself by lowering his normally high standards to get a few people to visit

  • foxxy


  • kisofdeath

    hmm simple yes or no question? simple solution…kobe’s answers all the time? “the lakers know exactly where i stand” “its between me and the lakers management” “we’ve spoken we are handling this inside as in me and the lakers organization blah blah”. so we take the 2 parties: 1)Kobe 2) Lakers. In an interrogation when you cant get something out of a criminal you force it out of the accomplice, in this case the Lakers. why keep asking kobe? ask mitch. ask mr. buss. ask phil.