ESPN: A new and improved U.S. team was too good for Argentina’s B team.

Kobe Bryant scored 27 points — 15 in the first quarter — and the United States cruised into the semifinals of the FIBA Americas tournament as the No. 1 seed by beating Argentina 91-76 Thursday night.

The Americans took control early and were never threatened in the matchup with the defending Olympic gold medalists, who also came in undefeated despite playing this qualifying tournament without the core of their team.

Carmelo Anthony added 18 points and LeBron James had 15 for the Americans, who will face Puerto Rico in one of Saturday’s semifinal games. A victory there gives them a berth in the 2008 Olympics.

That seems likely for a U.S. team (8-0) that had overwhelmed its opponents before playing their toughest foe in the finale of round-robin play.

The Americans averaged 117.6 points while beating their first seven opponents by 42.7 per game, not too far from the 121.2 points and 51.5 victory margin averaged by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the rest of the Dream Team in the Olympics 15 years ago.

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  • kyler_hay

    And Bill Walton said that Argentina will be a tough math for Team USA I dont think he knows anything bout This team he too busy giving us history lesson

  • MILO

    Guy’s this is totaly unrelated, but about five months back Carmelo Anthony and his friends beat up a fan who asked Carmelo for his autograph.After Carmelo ignored him the fan called him a punk.That led to Carmelo and his friends to beating the fan up.Allthou it was said that Carmelo did not participate in the beating i realy dont understand why the NBA/KOBE HATER DAVID STERN did’nt look into it and possibly punish Carmelo.After all, that as far as im concerned! still makes Carmelo an acomplice and makes the league look bad.Why is it that only Kobe is helld to such a high standard?I mean Kobe acidently hits Ginobly in the face and he’s immediatly suspended.It seems like any little thing Kobe does he’s heavily criticized.If you ask me, i think the NBA including the officials have gone after Kobe for the last three year’s.This is not fair, other player’s get away with alot of thing’s without being punished.I think that this is realy a classic case of biting the hand that feed’s.Dont the NBA realize that Kobe is the guy who makes people come out to the game’s.When ever the Lakers are gona be in anyone else’s court, KOBE IS THE ONE WHO SELL”S IT OUT.Kobe is the one who makes the officials paycheck, the entire league benefits form having a superstar like him.It is realy a shame that they dont apreciate THE KING the way they should…

  • MILO


  • MILO

    My theory is that the NBA has been after Kobe ever since Shaq got traded (like if Kobe was the GM) and ever sine that fraudulent lawsuit expert from Colorado pulled that get rich scheme on him.What do you guy’s think ANYONE???

  • MILO

    WOW! What an overwhelming response, ha ha ha! thank’s