Kobe has finally come out and said it – what a complete turnaround from over the summer. Kobe Bryant, thank you. We love and support you as fans. Now go kick their rear end all the way back to Denver!

Yahoo: Kobe Bryant made clear Monday what’s been, at the very least, a bit ambiguous for nearly a year: He wants to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers and is open to finishing his career with them.

“Absolutely,” Bryant said the day after the Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets 128-114 in their playoff series opener. “I’ve always wanted to be here. I just felt like I was in a position where I didn’t really have a choice. They wanted to go in an opposite direction. My legs aren’t as young as they used to be. Just let me know.

“I love the weather. I love my ‘63 drop-top Impala. I love the 405 (freeway). I love my guys.”

Bryant acknowledged he wouldn’t have imagined things would have turned out this way late last May, when he publicly called the Lakers’ front office a mess and demanded a trade, feeling he had been misled when he signed a seven-year, $136.4 million contract in July 2004. The Lakers haven’t won a playoff series since.

“I’ve been sitting on this for four years now,” he said. “After three or four years of not getting anything done, to see it today, it feels pretty damn good. It’s been a hell of a ride.”

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  • ab17

    Wow Beautiful! =]


    Duh! All this guy wanted all along was a team that could be CHAPIONSHIP-CALIBER and HATERZ couldn’t hold their toungues long to let “The Mamba” tell his side of it…..


  • west213

    thats my bitch…

  • west213

    thats my b itch

  • Sako

    Got 1st in the West, favorite to win the MVP, Wester Conference, and Finals. Gee, I wonder if he wants to be traded.

  • e

    thats my boy

  • gugy


    Bring the rings my man!

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    ‘K. Now that’s out of window, I hope Hater Hartman of the Loose Cannons will be finally satisfied. Now, let’s go get the trophy!

  • ab4sure

    Kobe is a great individual player but don’t include him to being a great guy. I think people confuse the two. First of all, the lakers haven’t been doing anything the last 3 or 4 years??? Is he serious??? Kobe look around your team. Did they just get here yesterday??? The last 3-4 years the lakers have had to rebuild and don’t forget as to why we had to rebuild. We did trade a big guy I remember. And don’t forget who knows how to build a team. Its not you. Who wanted to keep bynum and not break the nucleus of this team? Mitch… and to say he went from an F to an A+. When was he an F??? When he drafted Bynum? Sasha? Turiaf? When they brought back PJ? The Mark of a GM is are they building a winner. Has Mitch done his part??? Absolutely.. he even turned a lemon(kwame) to lemonade(Gasol). I was just starting to like your personality this year becuase you displayed some humility. Now saying Mitch was an F doesn’t tell me you’ve matured much in human relations. Better stick with basketball.

    Now you have the opportunity to seize a championship because you have all the tools. It is on you now. Now I give you an F for your personality. Go and earn an A in basketball by leading this contending team to championship.

  • ab4sure

    He believed in the draft picks he made, he had the patience,” Bryant said.

    I just saw this comment from kobe so I have changed my grade for kobe from an F to a D. I will continue to hope Kobe improves in this area.

  • Short Diezel

    purple and gold for life.. this is where you belong kobe

  • xtro

    U bleed purple and gold. U will retire among the greatest in the nba


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    Laker 4 Life baby!! This guy will be with us for years to come! Contract extension after the three peat…

  • laker-nate

    stfu ab4sure hatin on kobe…how can u blame him 4 saying that stuff?? the team WAS rebuilding around youth, and he was and is the best player n the game, he dont wanna re-fuking-build…he wanted 2 win now…and if kobe didnt act like that then none of this ever wud of happened…by kobe acting like that in the offseason, he fueled a fire under players like farmar, sasha, and bynum 2 get better…so quit ur hating on kobe, cuz he turned this thing around!!

  • ab4sure

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    lakersnate u stfu. Who was right about the team? kobe or Mitch… I am glad mitch was the gm and you weren’t. If kobe didn’t act this way nothing would happen??? What planet our you on that you have to rewrite history??? Lakers didn’t do anything kobe wanted. The lakers will building a championship team. Your bogus statement that kobe lit a fire with farmar, sasha, and bynum has been refuted by none other than Phil Jackson himself. Accept the fact that kobe is not god and doesn’t control all things and you will look like your objective.

  • JC

    “To Live & Die in LA. IT’s the place to be… You got ta be there to know it, what everybody wanna see.” – Tupac


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  • laker-nate

    ab4sure, u once again show how little u know about basketball…every time i see ur posts i feel dumb 4 reading them…plz think b4 talking

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #33616 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well i guess this is the best you can do when you have no answers. BTW I am just repeating what Phil Jackson said.

    So all things considered, were Bryant’s harsh words this summer just the catalyst for change the Lakers needed? Not according to his head coach Phil Jackson. When asked if Bryant’s words ended up serving as motivation for his team, Jackson replied: “No. No I don’t.

    So I guess you think Phil doesn’t know basketball either. Please don’t be ignorant and read things before making comments. Even though I can’t teach you anything perhaps Phil Jackson can. Kobe is taught by PJ so since kobe approves of PJ maybe you will listen to him. Don’t you feel stupid now… Again

  • DingleBerry

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    once again you prove to be a kobe hater. we have no idea if kobe didn’t go on that tirade ( do something and do it now) if lakers fo would have made any moves. we might be still be stuck with smoosh who had no interest on being here, cook who couldn’t play d to save his life, and brown who has smaller hands than my 2 year ols son. mitch new he had a 2 year window with kb and made some moves this year. get off kb’s back and off your knees with mitch…

  • ab4sure

    So Dingleberry(i can’t believe u keep that name),

    If kobe didn’t go on his tirade we would still have Smush Parker? We wouldn’t have traded cook or brown? When the tirade happen what did the Lakers do??? The only thing they tried to do was trade kobe at kobe’s request.

    You obviously didn’t have an answer to my post although you reposted it you did not answer any of the points i made because u had no answer. Your just one of the many here who thinks kobe is god and that the lakers do everything he wants them to do even though i just proved to you that is false. Start thinking for yourself instead of worshipping a basketball player and hopefully your son can grow up having a mind of his own instead of having his mind owned by kobe like yours is.

  • DingleBerry

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    I told you already i changed my name for you. all that crap you spew out just dangling around with no purpose

  • ab4sure

    Another Dingleberry response. Just a bunch of dingleberries. You keep running away from facts i think it is time for you to stop running your mouth.

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #33689 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thats why everyone disagrees with you!!!!!! every post you have at least 5 people calling you an idiot…

  • ab4sure

    oh dingleberry you still can’t bring any reasonable argument to my post. You have to call out for help like your a wimpy little boy. Start acting like a man instead of a boy and learn to think for yourself.

  • DingleBerry

    I know the truth hurts

  • ab4sure

    Again, can’t give reasons for your argument. Reminds me of alittle boy saying I’m right, I’m right. You still haven’t responded to my post. What a Dingleberry!!!