Bryant saw this Denver matchup coming

meloL.A. Times: Kobe Bryant knew this would happen. No, really.

After the Denver Nuggets beat the Lakers back in February, he found Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony on the court and offered a prediction.

“I told ‘Melo, ‘I’ll see you in the Western Conference finals,’ ” Bryant said. “I just felt they had all the pieces there, they had the depth, they had the toughness, they had the camaraderie. It’s no surprise to me that they’re here.”

There’s always the chance Bryant said the same thing to Brandon Roy or Tim Duncan, but Denver and Anthony should be thrilled to even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Western finals.

The Nuggets haven’t been this far since 1985, but it’s true, their first game against the Lakers in the best-of-seven conference finals is tonight at Staples Center.

The series hasn’t even started, but the comparisons to the Lakers’ four-game sweep of the Nuggets in last season’s playoffs have already been studied and discarded.

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  • xfellerx

    i did too.

  • as1084

    i didnt

  • berks24

    BRYANT on denver

    “Honestly, when we played them in Denver, the second-to-last time we played them, I told Melo, ‘I’ll see you in the Western Conference finals,’ because I just felt like they had all the pieces there,” Bryant said. “They had the depth, the toughness. They had the camaraderie. It’s no surprise to me that they’re here.”

    he knows what is a complete team just like what he did to the lakers right now by demanding the right player!

  • lakers2000

    Hopefully, he saw a freakin’ championship too. Haa Haa!

  • WifelovesLuke

    He also saw a game winning jump shot over lebrick in game 5 to win the NBA championship. It’s going to be released on DVD in July and will be titled “Doin Lebron”.