Inside The Lakers: In case you missed it, Elliott has an intriguing story on some post-game comments made by one Kobe Bean Bryant.

When asked why the team seemed, in Bryant’s words “edgy” with its recent run of just-good-enough-to-win wins, Bryant said:

“We’ll beat the good teams,” Bryant said. “It’s Boston that’s our barometer. That’s the team that beat us. They’re the standard. They’re the benchmark. That’s the team that beat us, so that’s how it’s going to be.”

Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

Asked if it’s a championship or bust, Bryant said, “I’m cool with that. That’s better than, ‘Damn, I hope we make the playoffs.’ It’s exciting because you have an opportunity to win a championship. Having seen the other side of that, I’d much rather have this situation than the other one.”

The main culprit for the Lakers shaky victories of late has been some rather inconsistent defense. Lately, it tends to come and go on a whim.

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  • LakersLive FromDC

    That’s the problem..STOP THINKIN’ ABOUT BOSTON SO MUCH,trust me,they ain’t thinkin”bout you.

    Y’all need to be focused on defense,period.

  • Franchise98bn

    Celtics = DEFENSE
    Lakers = NO DEFENSE

    I’m prepared for the Celtic beat down on the Lakers on Christmas Day are you?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #56584 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We want revenge on the Boston Suckdics

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Dag,even Magic said we won’t beat Boston…I have faith but Magic knows what he’s talkin” can throw this conversation too.

    Until this team finds it’s INNER HOOD they’ll be squeakin’through victories while gettin’the crap beat out of’em by The East.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Until I see a blow out win (which we havn’t seen in a while from the Lakers), I won’t believe that we have our defense. I want that same fire in the first 7 games.

  • Michael_23

    Hmm still, the Lakers SHOULD go in every game night in and night out and clobber other teams.

  • ab4sure

    The great players don’t play to their competition. They respect all opponents and play with their best effort always. Would Magic ever say this?

  • lakerferlife7

    ha their inner hood….huh sure…cause pau and the rest of the white lakers r black

  • e

    till bynum stops b*tching around and starts playing defense as he was doing in the beginning of the year..and until the offense stops going thru bynum ea and every time and starts going thru kobe and gasol again, then we’ll beat the celtics

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #56633 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what white guys don’t have a mean streak in them? LOL!

    look, gay-gic, i mean magic was, is, and will always be the greatest point guard in history. he was phenomenal when he played for the lakers! his play was poetic man! running the floor, seeing the floor, crazy no-look passes, playing all 5 positions in the finals, the baby sky hook, and ultimately handing boston a thorough ass kickin 2 outta 3 times while getting 5 rings total!

    we all loved magic. having said that, i can’t stand him now. he sounds like a total idiot when he’s talking. he tries to sound intelligent and articulate, but it never comes out that way. even though barkley slurs when he speaks, he’s got way more interesting things to say. we should revere and admire magic for what he’s done as a laker, but abhor and detest what he has to say as a retired laker.

    i’m gonna get a lot a hate mail for this, but i don’t care! i just can’t stand his interviews and when he’s guest analyzing and TNT! i’m sure there’s a lot of you that feel the same way too!


    Wow! every 1 had some good sh!t 2 say! I agree w/ almost every1, majority of ever1.

    Let’s Go Lakers!.. … Let’s Go Lakers!.. …

  • 24

    I know that we have a good record. But still this doesn’t look good. We have a bunch of young players who only care about increasing their own stats.
    We have Bynum who’s being selfish and acting like baby, complaining in the media.

    Worst of all is Kobe Bryant have never seen him like this. It seems like he doesnt have any motivation left. Last season he had a fire in his eyes and looked hungry all the time. Very unproffesional.

  • tbrownla


  • Kobe8>24

    im suprised Kobe said this..

  • lakerman1

    Lets see we’ll play like crap against the subpar teams and raise our efforts against Boston. Biggest bunch of crap i have ever heard. I am starting to lose interest in this team because if they think they can beat Boston then the LOCO WEED Kobe is smoking must be POTENT. I also agree with with Magic & LakersLive FromDC. Boston is taking care of business they Know they can beat us. Heres another guarantee Lakers will lose Xmas day. Keep hawking those $120 shoes Kobe in a time when no one can afford them. Nothing but a bunch of Hollywood babies.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    When I say INNER HOOD,I mea toughness and play with some damn heart..’cause that what you have to have in the INNER CITY,whether WHITE,BLACK(we are the majority there,true?),ASIAN or WHOEVER!I played in the dangerous NIEGHBORHOODS in DC,where if you beat some team in their backyard,you might not leave might lose your life…no,I didn’t see alot of other ethnicities there but I’ve had caucasians friends outside of my HOOD as I got older and the fact I work around other ethnicities right now gives me a better perspective on the world but…THIS IS BASKETBALL and some NBA players are SOFT..and they just so happen to play on THE WORLD’S FAVORITE TEAM…The Lakers.

    Now trades aside,it should unanimous take that DEFENSIVELY,and a few bad plays here and there,that this team is lacking one thing..not heart but how to get DIRTY,NASTY,TRHOW SOME ELBOWS LIKE SHAQ USE TO DO,PUNCH SOMEBODY IN THE FACE FOR COMING IN WIT’ THAT WEAK !@$#!!!
    Knowone disrespects our house type mentality.Sketch and Lakerferlife7 this what THE LAKER NEED to have for opposing teams….

  • lkrs09chmps

    lakers NNNEEEEDDDD to play defense without it they wont win a championship…regardless of anything they need to play SOLID defense not wishful or…”Yeah we have to step it up defensively” defense. Defend Defend Defend….you cant win if you cant stop the other team from scoring…

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #56634 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its not about the offense. It is about the defense. Are you sure you are watching the lakers?


    Geeeeezus, This thread is full of freakin blo-hard rhetoric, without an “iota” of intelligence or rationality, except for maybe tbrownla!
    …Well what can you expect when “” is the leader of the pack!
    …Lemi git outta heer, before I catch this horrible disease! …ROFLLLLOOOOLLLL!