L.A. Times: Kobe Bryant outscored the Washington Wizards all by himself in the first quarter Sunday. Then he let his Lakers teammates in on the fun.

Bryant put up 19 points in the opening period on his way to finishing with 30 on 10-of-15 shooting, and the Lakers had no need for the newly acquired Pau Gasol in a 103-91 victory over the Wizards.

Gasol, the 7-foot Spaniard who came over from the Memphis Grizzlies in a trade Friday, sat on the sideline in a pinstriped suit jacket, listening to tips on the Lakers’ triangle offense from assistant coach Brian Shaw.

The 2002 NBA Rookie of the Year’s new teammates put on quite a clinic, too, repeatedly making the extra pass to find wide-open looks at the basket. The Lakers compiled 27 assists on 41 field goals, with Vladimir Radmanovic scoring 15 points, Lamar Odom 14, and Ronny Turiaf 13.

None, though, provided anything as spectacular as Bryant.

His every move greeted by a mix of boos and cheers from the sellout crowd of 20,173, Bryant mixed baseline drives and finger rolls with midrange jumpers and 3-pointers, including one as he curled around a screen in the fourth quarter.

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  • Ryan

    Kobe had a great game! What happened to TLN’s Post Game Reports??
    Can’t wait for Pau to play on Tuesday

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

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    yeah , why there are no more post game reports???

  • Phant0M

    cuz steves tryna recooperate from the trade still ;D

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Haha can’t you guys just tell that Kobe has a newly lit fire in his eyes now? It’s incredible what he can do when he’s not trying, but watch out when he actually tries! Of all people, Kobe is the last person you want (in opposition) to start playing like he was a kid again. He’s as giddy as a school girl!

  • ab4sure

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    Isn’t today a holiday??? LOL

  • True Lakers Fan

    nice game 2-1 baby ganna make 8-1

  • jay

    should of been 3-0

  • T-Dub

    The whole team, every player (with the execption of FLuke) has new life. They all believe that they can win it all now and they’re playing with a swaggert. They starting to play with an arrogance like the Celtics with Garnett. Can’t wait til the finals.

  • devin

    Way 2 go KOBE!

  • Rpoc

    This has been a great last few days.

    First the Lakers get Gasol in a pipish trade scenario.

    Many people thought it would take at least an Odom + fillers to get it done and still less likely than a JO due to the Grizz being in the same conference. Instead the Lakers capitalized on a salary dump from an owner losing millions and millions of dollars. They didn’t want equal value. They just wanted to blow it all up. So that’s why Chicago didn’t get him with their Noicioni package and combine it with their owner not wanting to pay the luxury tax.

    Propose a Kwame + Critt core of a package with future picks for Gasol on other forums and you would be ridiculed or have it locked for even trying.

    Also factor in Memphis signing Darko and Navarro as attempts to make it work for Gasol. In contrast, the Pacers didn’t use their full MLE and had no intention of doing that. They signed Rush on the cheap and Diener to a silly contract.

    Essentially this stifles those salesmen Trull fans dreams of getting Gasol or Kobe on the cheap. A bonus.

    Then we see a rejuvenated Kobe in Toronto and Washington. Both games were essentially blowouts.

    And finally, the fraking Patriots LOST. 18-1 means absolutely NOTHING! Suck on that ish and go frak yourselves Boston fans.

  • LakersOnFire

    they might a decent run during this road trip.

    im just waiting to see Gasol in uniform.

  • Brett

    It’s been a while since i’ve been able to look at the starting line-up for the Lakers and be able to feel any kind of confidance. – bytheway, look for kobe to continue his spurt until gasol is comfortable and until bynum returns. This is the best line-up we’ve had since the rick fox and horace grant days.

  • brettbutler48

    Can you believe our line up now compared to the end of last year??

    smush < Fish!

    kobe (by himself) < Kobe (with trust)

    Luke < Odom

    Odom < Gasol

    brown < Bynum (Progressed)

    With Kobe, Fish, and Gasol as emotional leaders, we will flourish through the playoffs, kobe and fish have already won 3 championships, and Gasol is going to be rejuvinated with this team, as goes for every freaking player. CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!

  • keep24

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    Haven’t seen Kobe this happy since his rookie year. Watch out It’s on!

  • e

    kobe, gasol an the lakers are gonna be one of the greatest teams in nba history =)

  • lalball81

    Lol, nice name e.

  • ab4sure

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    The lakers offered odom and fillers first. That shows that they valued Critt pretty high and the grizzlies could have taken sasha but chose critt. It was a smart trade by the lakers even though they gave up a player with great potential.

  • kilacrosova

    I’m still can’t imagine a healthy starting five:
    I was just thinking to myself that this line-up, on paper, is hands down better then Boston’s line-up. I really hope that Gasol could learn the offense and that Bynum comes back to his old self. Having said that, this team will be unstoppable in playoffs creating mismatches all over the floor. This is every other teams worst nightmare! GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Thank God for Gasol
    I been waiting for this sence 2002.
    Think about it!!!!
    Line up right now.

    With Bynum back.
    Fisher/Farmer/free agent?
    Bynum/Mihm/Mabenga(just go ahead and sign him)

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    I love this part:

    The game got so far out of the Wizards’ control that a “Let’s go, Lakers” chant began in the third quarter. A series of boos quickly followed it. The chant started again in the fourth quarter, with significantly fewer boos.

    “It’s weird hearing that on the road,” Bryant said. “Derek [Fisher] and I started looking at each other when they started chanting. We didn’t know where we were at.”

  • Rpoc

    There’s a couple of things that makes sense for them to offer Odom: Odom has been knocked as not being as savvy in the triangle as he should be by Tex Winter and Phil has to make adjustments just to help him. He’s having the worst year as a Laker and it’s a question if they will give him an extension later on. This is also less of a luxury tax hit compared to a Kwame based trade. It’s an upgrade over Odom.

    But according to this article, which has some quotes from their owner, this was the starting offer: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/feb/03/owner-feels-the-pain-over-deal-too/

    – Enter the Lakers, with an offer of Kwame Brown and Vladimir Radmanovic. The Grizzlies wanted Brown and his massive expiring contract, but insisted on getting Javaris Crittenton and draft picks as part of the deal.” –

    “We held out,” said Heisley. “They finally sweetened the pot.”

    I’m thinking that would make more sense if the Lakers actually started with this instead of Odom. You don’t make your best offer your first offer in a bid. You start low and then work up.

    I don’t think they would have wanted Sasha as his ceiling isn’t that high. And unlike Critt who’s on his rookie contract (great for a rebuilding team), he’s due for an extension this year and I doubt the Grizz are willing to do that.

    Also the Odom + filler most fans thought was reasonable was a package based on Odom + Farmar or Critt + pick. There were also Bynum + filler centered packages.

    If there’s something that would have made this trade better it would have been not including Marc and swapping it with Sun + making that 2nd rounder a ’08 one instead of ’10 where it’s already guaranteed this year to a be a high one. In ’10, who knows and it’s a few years away.

    If it’s a high second rounder, it should be someone nice like Turiaf which came from the Rush to CHA trade. And not something Sun Yue who’s very raw which came from the Jumaine Jones to CHA trade.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    KOBEEEEEE! finally he is playing like the true KOBE the dominant player who is the only one who can make us win the ring!!!!!!
    Gasol being a very good non-star type of player will fit perfectly w kobe
    we hopefully will win the ring if bynum comes back healthy!
    the roster is scary…and we just have the best coach ever and one of the best player ever!!!!!
    Most important thing: CELDICKS suck this u will lose!!!
    I am so happy we (Giants) fuccin rape the @ss of these green faggots named patriots!!!!! that was an unbelievable game!!!!!
    before the game they already invited the giants player to their winning party!!!!!!!!!
    wht a satisfaction for these losers! and mostly for BRADY which is the most overrated QB of all time!!!!!!!
    people was comparing him to god MONTANA?????????
    Brady u won only because lot of times u knew in advance which games the defense was playing against you!!!!!!!! CHEATER

  • domidomdomz

    HAHAHA..BOAST-ON celDICKS!!!!!!! and BOOBS-TON gi-NUTS!!!!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    “Fuk the Celtics” here we come muthafukers. i hope Gasol shuts Garnett down in the finals

  • MILO

    Vlady showed up in this game big props to that, but what kind of a response was that when he was asked about Gasol???

  • LakersFirst

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    The funny thing is Miami actually could have offered more expiring contracts for Gasol, but this would’ve caused the Miami salary cap to be huge. Miami could’ve offered the Grizzlies Jason Williams (expiring contract of $8.9M) and that of Ricky Davis ($6.8M) for Gasol for a total of almost $16M off the books. Miami could have had D. Wade and Gasol for a few years.

    Good thing Miami didn’t interrupt this trade.

  • Rpoc

    It’s funny you mention Miami because they were ready to pick up Critt after our pick and we did instead preventing that. Critt was projected in from late lottery to low-mids.

    What other prospects does Miami have? I believe Minnesota already has their ’08 pick (lottery protected) from that Davis trade.

  • Michael_23

    I think getting Pau is better than getting JO. Offensively, we are twice as good and once Bynum gets gets back we should have a defensive stopper in the paint.

    We are good to go!

    If Mihm cannot recover we should sign Mbenga to a full contract. We need that defense in the middle especially if we meet the Suns, Spurs, or the Celtics in the playoffs.