After BSPN’s… err… ESPN’s announcement yesterday that Kobe wants West back or “he’ll ask out,” a lot of the media jumped on the opportunity to bash Kobe and question his loyalty. Well one thing ESPN did not provide at the time was quotes from Kobe. However, when we did hear from Kobe last night he made it clear he isn’t asking out – West or no West:

ESPN: “I’m not demanding anything,” Bryant told the Riverside Press-Enterprise on Sunday night. “I’m not making any threats. I didn’t say that. Those words didn’t come out of my mouth about a trade. I’m just making a suggestion. I think Jerry West is one of the greatest to ever do this thing. It’s undeniably so.”

  • jonas joseph

    who in the fuck lied on kobe

  • fredo

    Independent of everything, the best case scenerio came out of the draft, Memphis didn’t get one of the top 2 pics. With a disgruntled Pau Gasol, it would be prefect for the Lakers to offer someone like Bynum and Brown for Gasol. I mean sure, they don’t get Oden, but they still get someone who many think will be one of the great future centers, plus an expiring contract for a solid forward/center who is just entering his prime.

  • bullsgetkobe

    BS, Im A Die Hard Laker Fan And I Still Think Kobe Should Leave. I Know A GM Can’t Change A Whole Team In 1 Year, But
    I Don’t Even Hear About The Lakers Trying To Get A All-Star Player. All I Hear Is Suggestions From Fans. Trade Kobe To Chicago, He Will Have The Oppurtunity To Win A Championship With Better Young Players Than He Has In LA.

    Starting 5

    C – Ben Wallace
    PF – Tyrus Thomas Or Pj Brown ( Depends Who Goes To LA )
    SF – Andres Noicioni Or Luol Deng ( Whoever Goes To LA )
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    PG – Kirk Hinrich
    (Unstoppable Starting 5 Especially In The East )

  • Kobe24Garnett21

    As longas Mitch is GM, i dont expect lakers to get anybody to help kobe, and i dont expect the lakers to ever be at an elite level. Now if you get Jerry West thats a different story. West will get the lakers what kobe wants, aanother All Sat such as Garnett or Jermaine Oneal, & Ron Artest. Lakers Nedd to fire Mitch before its too late, and thins lakers franchise keeps going down the drain, like it has the past 3 years, which most people blame kobe, but in reality its the Lakers Organization’s fault for surrounding kobe with these crappy players besides ronny turiaf. hit me up if yall want

  • darkice18

    BSPN at it again….

  • jonas joseph

    shut the fuck up people kobes not going anywhere this is the team that made kobe phil jaskon is the one who tought kobe how to be star and they luv him so much even when he raped dat white girl they suported him if he leaves now he will loes those players,fans,and laker organation that was loyal 2 him since day 1 lisen Phil Jasckon dident come back for the team in 2005-06 season he came back for kobe cause he knew kobe needed some help in his prime and the same for Jerry West if he comes back he dident for kobe

  • bullsgetkobe

    Watching ESPN Shootaround Right Now And Stephen A. Smith Said He Talked To Baron Davis And Baron Davis Said That He Would’ve Signed With The Lakers For Less Money.. . . . . . . . Shows Why Mitch Isn’t Right For The Lakers.

  • joe

    yeah go lakers

  • evill

    mitch should go to a diffrent team. look at his bad trades.

    shaquille oneal for lamar odom and caron butler that was ok except for brian grant.

    caron butler for kwame brown= rip off look now
    caron is a allstar.

    if caron stayed it would be a sick team.

    butler,kobe,odom and phil jackson coaching.

    get jerry west now. hes the one who got kobe and signed shaq.

  • jonas joseph

    lisen now when jerry west comes back yes i said when hes gonna come back for 1-2 years cause if lakers probly never sought out 2 get him he probly wouldve retired but heel make a good impact for while he his here now kupchack had made some good deals now he drafted luke walton and ronny turiaf and and future star andrew bynum traded for evans but made alot of bad ones like trading a allstar forward caron butler for no acheivment kwame brown,missing out of getting Baron Davis,and many other ones, but the goo ones Jerry could make like getting mike bibby and garold wallace from the freeagency or resighning luke and Ronny,plus geting trades for Ron Artest,and pau gasol and sighning scottie pipen plus letting go player like willaims,odom is good and in that last game aginst the suns when he scored 33points showed he have a allstar season waiting for him but is a very bad injury prone player and those players fuck up the lakers so sorry odom i love ya but u gotta go,mckie needs to retire if he din’t we add him in a trade,vujacic is a tall point gaurd whitch satisfies phil jaskon so hill stay,cook has to go,evans?,farmar need to stay,don’t trade bynum cause if he comes to another team and is a allstar thats gonna be like when they traded future allstar forward caron butler for lowlife Kwame Brown, so keep him and farmar,draft Rodney Stucky and draft a big man and trade for a big man,parker was a fan favorite but now we know we need a leading point guard lke mike bibby,chris mihm? thats what i say…………coment this what u think

  • Be dog

    thats crazy kobes goin to stay. Hell get alittle help, maybe a allstar like mike bibby or j-oneal cause they dont want kobe to leave because were ever he goes hes going to win a championship